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May 31, 2005


In China, it's Mongolian Cow Sour Sour Yogurt Super Girl!

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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i prefer the sweet-and-sour yogurt myself.

"... catapulted through numerous costume changes."
Rumour has it that Superstar Cher will begin phase II of her goodbye tour.
"This remains a country where people can't elect their leaders. But they can vote for their favorite singers."

Yogurt - the other culture.

Quite frankly, I think our singers are more influential than our leaders anyway. So we should take up this system and begin by officially voting Brittany Spears out of office.

"polluted industrial backwater known for its spicy food"

No difficulty in determing what Spices up the food. Sorta like a "Love Canal Cafe".

I can only hope for your sake that D'Artagnan doesn't see your post! He's the President of the Britney Spears Fan Club, doncha know!

Moo! ... or is that mao?

Yogurt! I hate Yogurt! Even with strawberries...

Dark Helmet,
yogurt is the perfect sauce for boiled squirrel.
serve with a side of masticated rutabega...yum.

he's too cute not to post that pic everywhere

I can hear all the teenaged "aw"s from here.

figured you'd comment on the knbtc thread - not sure exactly what you'd say, but you seemed pretty intense about that yesterday, which I guess would be why you'd not comment

there you are!

I can hear all the teenaged "aw"s from here.

The net's moving slowly for me today -- no reason for me not to comment -- I just that usually I've already said whatever I would say there, so seems silly to repeat it.

And I'm sure that I will. Just haven't in the group context since we've covered it all privately recently.


makes sense

Are you getting the slow refresh times too, or is that just me? Was like this yesterday, too.

this is pretty slow for me, as well - but faster than e-mail

Going back to find the latest podcast which I still haven't watched.

So, you never told me what to get you for your birthday

I noticed a mistake in it today - I can't decide whether to redo the soundtrack or not.

I did not notice a mistake. And I like "acclimatized," which is how the Brits say it.

Birthday, hm... sorry, my needs are simple. And you already know 'em.

you are not being much help

and no, you wouldn't have noticed the mistake, but any physics teacher would

Maybe instead of rerecording the whole thing, you can address it as an addendum/correction within the blog post.

and not sure what you mean by acclimatize

Didn't get whether you are saying I pronounced it the British way (which, if so, is also the correct way), or if you like it better in the British way - which I do not know what is, obviously.

Guess you have gone to pick up kids - if I am remembering the times correctly.

Just meant that Americans tend to use "acclimated" and the Brits use "acclimatized," exactly the way that you said it, which yes, I like better, for no good reason other than the fact that I do.

Got usurped on that job, which is fine by me. A little person just offered me popcorn from a popcorn hand, though.

ah, okay - I don't know that I actually have ever used either one


WWIII is erupting here already, and it's about to get worse. I'll check back here and in email if and when I can, but it's bound to be insane today.

I love you!

about to get worse since they will all be home?

I love you!

Rubber gloves are good for more than just labs, ya know.

She had it sticking out from her sleeve, and said, "Want some?"

And yes, because all will be home. Also, pre-trick-or-treat Interminable Waiting Syndrome.

Really going now.


hello, love

Hello, sweetheart!

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