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May 27, 2005


Lobster stress.

Key Quote: Following centrifugation (10 min, 15,000 g), aliquots of the resulting supernatants were taken for protein assay (Bio-Rad DC protein assay) and also combined (equal volumes) with 2 SDS sample buffer for SDS-PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) (Laemmli, 1970). SDS-PAGE samples were heated for 5 min at 100C, and loaded onto 18-well, 12.5% pre-cast polyacrylamide gels (Bio-Rad Criterion).

That's exactly how we always do it.


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Don't you just love Science Articles in the morning while you enjoy your bowl of aliquots.

from the American lobster (Homarus americanus...Had no idea that the Simpsons had Lobsters in their family tree.

Where was this article at 2:00 this morning when I had trouble sleeping?

The best way to cure a lobster from stress, in my opinion, is to simply drop him into a nice boiling pot of water. Yum.

hope somebody writes a paper soon about how lobsters fear butter.

The lobsters are loose! There on the loose! Quick! Everybody cover yourself with lemon and melted butter!

I meant "They're on the loose!"

I meant "They're on the loose!"

We care about lobster stress because . . . ?

(I'll take mine baked stuffed, si vous plait.)

way down in the article:

In another experiment, lobsters were sacrificed at different stages of the molt cycle and their abdominal and claw muscles were extracted...

I think these guys got tired of eating lab rats.

Teach Miami ...

"They're vengeful!"

Mmmm.. lobster. I plan on having mine tonight done with garlic butter on the bbq. How much stress does that cause the lobster?

and Stressed-Out Lobsters wbagnfarb

"Say, Larry, I can sense elevated levels of CHH coming off you ."

"Yeah, my eyestalk-X-gland is working overtime. It's like the water's always too cold or too hot, or too salty, and then I was emersed."


"Taken out of the water, dumbass."

"Well, look Larry, females can smell desperation, so take what my guys are giving me. Claw-zac, it'll mellow you out in no time. Now I can face a brief lifetime in an overcrowded tank followed by being boiled alive in a Pyrex tub over a Bunsen burner with complete calm."

"Great!, anyway, I'd still be a lab-ster than a grad. student."

"Amen to that!"

What the hell?

Dave, this isn't funny...

This article was way over my head, so I didn't read it so I wouldn't feel bad about not being smart enough, so - thanks Dave for the "Key Quote" - Makes perfect sense to me!!!!

True story about lobster stress (I am NOT making this up...)

While vacationing in Maine, we stopped at a roadside lobster cooker where you pick out your own fresh live lobster. The cook held up a couple of 1 1/2-pound beauties and asked if they were okay. Both of the poor little guys seemed to know exactly what was going to happen next, because they were both wriggling furiously in the cooks hands. Their claws were motioning back and forth like they were either waving goodbye, or pleading not to be cooked. I felt so bad that I decided to change my order. I added some corn on the cob.

Man, those fresh lobsters taste great!

If all of that were done to me, I'd be stressed-out, too.

Red Nova? Are you kidding me?

Eeek! I understand the key quote. My college analytical science class got some use today. My parents thank you, Dave.

Dave would you like to arrange for a tutoring session on lobster stress? We could hold it at Red Lobster.

What's sad about being a bio major is that I actually understood most of that.

My only comment on the article is OMGWTFBBQ!

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