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May 26, 2005


Too much stress. It's a sad story, really; the thing was probably this close to getting its own reality-TV show, partying with Paris Hilton, etc.

(Thanks to many people)


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Maybe it would have lived longer if the guy hadn't carried it all the way there in his arms...

"When you have a fish this old, this heavy, that has lived in zero gravity its whole life..."

Hey, I thought the guy caught the fish in the Mississippi, not outer space...?

Kind of reminds me of the final Seinfeld episodes, in a way. So close to getting his own show, yet something stupid happens on the way there, and it never happens.

"When you have a fish this old, this heavy, that has lived in zero gravity its whole life, it just won't tolerate a lot of handling."

The exact same reason my wife won't give me sex.


Marvin - my thoughts exactly. When you're in the water, you're still affected by gravity.

I bet it's the etc. he ends up missing the most.

... he's sucking up scum with Bubba the Lobster now...

No sh*t? Died, huh? I mean, it would have been insane to actually release the fish instead of taking him on a world tour, right? Who could have seen this coming?


I guess the only thing left to say is, pass the tartar sauce. With boiled baby possum on the side.

soon to be a movie of the week. available really soon on DVD, with clever outtakes.

This sounds fishy to me.

Excerpts from Katie Couric interview:

Katie: So, were you AWARE that your fish hadn't yet finished the sixth grade?

Fisherman-Guy: Neither did I, it's a bond I will always treasure.

Its death was a sad footnote to a great story."

And the guy said that with a straight face!!!

RIP, very old catfish......

First I thought, man, that's too bad. Then I thought, it's just a CATFISH, fer' cryin' out loud . . .

Fish are friends. Eat chicken and beef.

Ew, gross!!!!!

I went to that site, hosted by msn, and it installed XP service pack 2 on my system.

Service packs and fish smell after three days.

when some brainer finds an Ol' Fella like
Tiny the catfish or Bubba THE Lobster...why can't they just take a picture and throw
them (gently)back.

Hmm. Stress? They also might have tried not chilling with it up on the dock for all the pictures and stuff. You know. For the breathing thing. And stuff.

Someone needs to stuff fisher-boy in the water...without a tank. Let's see how he handles stress.

In a sidenote, I weighed 60 lbs in sixth grade (I was 5'1"). I weighed 127 lbs--just three more than this fish--when I was in *high school* (and 5'7"). My question is, just how frickin big ARE sixth graders now? What are they eating? Other sixth graders?

I thank the heavens above that I found Dave Barry's blog.

I can now die happy.

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