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May 26, 2005


Reuters officially joins the Headline of the Day club.

(Thanks to many alert readers)


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What's next? Taxing prostitution?!

There's goes my 500 kronar a day....

Damn penny pinchers...

would that be an incum tax?

Tax collecting has always been a pretty crappy job, but man!

It would be a sin tax, of course.

it's not that taxing an occupation...

shouldn't these guys get an exemption ? they're helping to create new taxpayers, aren't they?

What is next? Will they have to track them down for child support?

Will they be metering out the flow? And if they meter is, will they use a Peter Meter?

Cryos receives between 30-60 donors a day

30-60 men slappin' the salami per day? I do not want to see that bathroom!

Well, insomniac I guess that would depend on which country the new taxpayer ends up in!
They can waste taxpayers money tracking the new ones.

Cool! I emailed that article to Dave Barry yesterday, twice!

What's sperm doing in a bank anyways, collecting interest?

What is the penalty for early withdrawl?

Average 45 donors per day x 365 days per year = 16,425 possible pregnancies. Only 1,000 average pregnancies per year = 6% success rate. Is that good? Sounds like they are doing more than looking at girlie mags when they're donating.

I don't know Lou Bricant, I'll ask my big brother since he has an account.

Forget about early withdrawal...it's the PREMATURE DEPOSITS that frustrate ME.

Young Danes who are wanting a buyer
For their output from 'twanging the wire'
Are taxed per deposit
It'll raise funds, because it
Is something of which they'll never tire!

What if I have a resale license?

do these banks have tellers?
do they sit behind glass windows?
what abt ATM services?

*imagines women taking out er...stuff...from ATM machines*

Premature deposits add up after a while, so my big brother must have a big account! I wonder what he's gona buy with it after he withdrawls it all?

This is undoubtedly a sticky situation.

Denmark, with the world's highest income tax levels...

Good grief, these guys are really getting shafted!

world's biggest sperm bank may soon run dry

I hate it when that happens! *snork*

Good one, insom :)

Bangi_Sizzles: of COURSE they sit behind glass windows. Wouldn't YOU?

But do they give you a lollipop after you've made a deposit?

Maybe a cigarette instead.

To help with the process, the bank might offer you an adjustable ARM at a very low rate.

I wonder if the sperm banks give loans, but what do they do with it when they get it back?

Didn't Monty Python address this with their (not there) song, "Every Sperm is Taxable?"

Maybe not.

"sperm bank donor" = "damn pork boners"

I bet they have high interest rates.

When police donate they are "lone officers."

Imagine the president of the bank: "Mom, I'm a bank president!"

"Oh really, what bank?"

"Uhm...how's dad?"

Hello! I am Prince Buto!

I am having heard that under new laws you may be taxed for your sacred seed which is in the purpose for making children! This outrageous act of government is in direct conflict to God's Holy Law and may be avoid only by sending your sperm directly to offshore tax-free accounts in Liberia.

My government allows up to twelve donations per annual year to be sheltered in completely tax-free sperm savings account. No hidden fees! No minimum balance! Just send in your holy sperm sample in double zip-lock plastic bag (freezer bag is best), along with major credit card number for verification to Prince Buto at the address I shall send by Email. In return, you will receive two small Liberian children and patented fishwhistle!

Please take advantage of limited-time offer now!

Nice try, Sabu... ;-)

"sperm bank donors" = "spank boner rods"

lol at the Onion report.
hadda be in Ark.

Every time you masturbate, God takes away one of your stuffed animals in Heaven.

"Sperm Danish" comes to mind.

*inadvertent use of the word "come"*

I'm really more interested in the sidebar, "Viagra patients experience blindness."

Maybe it's an indirect result of donating to THE BANK...

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