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May 26, 2005


Here's a class action.


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So is it safe to say that the class action lawsuit is GROWING?


Your family will be so proud of you if you were a member (heh) of this suit.

"Wow, $2,000 for the Penis Enlargement case, $1,500 for the Baldness Cure suit, $600 for the Cellulite Cream judgement. If you can get some money from that nosehair trimming mishap, you could afford the Pectoral Implants!"

... a substantial number of men ...

yeah. i got yer class action right here...

"The plaintiff may have a difficult time rounding up a substantial number of men willing to step forward and join the suit, she said."
Perhaps the group Limp Bizkit may wish to be the first to join.

"Leading Edge refunded $600,000 in 2004, or 5 percent of total sales, Freeman said."

Using my Super-Secret Ninja Hypermath, that equals, roughly, $12 million total.

I've gotta get out of the armadillo bronzing industry. Thar's gold in them thar flaccid penii!

"And we'd like this little winky admitted as evidence, too."

"About how many more of these does the court have to look at?"

You mean these don't work??
Now I feel really bad for my ex's girlfriend.

Wait, no I don't.

Will it official become part of the penal code.

Brain - Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky - I think so, Brain, but it's a miracle this one grew back.

from TV or not TV

Ah, you see - it is all a misunderstanding. We Canadians like to pull the occasional practical joke with our dear cousins across the border.

It was probably a Canadian who put the plastic penis under the overpass too...

Defence Attorny:And, Your Honor, I'd like to present, for the Defendant, the following group of men that have ONLY good experiences with our products. You may want to avert your eyes because the positive effect has not, erm, how do I say .... diminished the 'swelling' effect - Yet.

*large crowd shuffels in stiff legged*

*nears Plaintiff's Attorny's seat*

Plaintiff's Attorny:Pssst. That getting a little difficult to bare? I can represent you.

This is like the "McDonald's made me fat" suit, only worse. The company already offered a refund, and the delivery service named had nothing to do with the ads. Not much of a case, if you ask me.

I'd like to know what FCDA thinks.

And I'm still trying to figure out what a McDonald's Made Me fat suit looks like. A giant double quarter-pounder costume, perhaps? One that weighs ¼ lb.?

i've run out of funny things to say...

and them pills didn't work neither.

Alex -

Depends on how big the "deep pocket" is!

*thinks she made a triple pun*

SM...lol...be Careful with your bad self!

Looks like a classless action.

If the lawyers stand (!) to get a share of the outcome, does it come off the end or would it be a slice out of the middle?

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