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May 24, 2005



(Thanks to Okiecub from the message board)


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Gonads in the lightning!
Gonads in the lightning!


That was painful.

Think I'll fire up my Manilow CD's for relief.

Gonads and Strife WBAGNFARB?

Let me be the first to say:


That's all.

Move over South Park.

just remember, speaking of strife, neil diamond is ON tour.

This always happens when you marinate pot in squirrel pee.

Gonads and Strife!? That is SO 1999. I was in college when I first saw that and let me tell you, after about 3 months of every person you see saying "WHEEEEEE!!" all the time.... it still doesn't get old. It truly is a boon to mankind.


Oy vey.

Yellow for caution?

"Yeah, Chris, as soon as you're done with Gonads and Strife could you come in and make a report to the shareholders regarding third quarter projections of capitalized real term depreciated net losses in our Whizzinator Line?"

"I'll try, chief."

Assistant Deputy Undersecretary to the Administrator of Finance and Yo-Yo's: So you see ladies and gentlemen, if we refinance our deduciaries into accrued fiscal debentures, making sure to utilize our paradigms while restructuring our stratagem, we can aggregate the short term rate of reduction into a...

Chris: *streaks through the room* Wheeeeeeeeeee!

VP of Flatulance Promulgation: What the hell was that?

Chief Pork Loin Nebulizer: Hell if I know, but I think he left some strife behind. Geeze, can we crack a window up here?

CEO of Combustible Marmots: Did you say, "Chief Pork Loin Nebulizer?"

Chief Pork Loin Nebulizer: Of course. You can't promulate flatulance in this cross-strata paradigm without the efficient nebulization of pork loins.

Irritable Bowel Director: I say, old chap. My gonads are feeling some strife. Perhaps I've promulgated too much flatulance?

Chris: No, it's just your predilection for Cambodian goats. Which wbagnfarb.

Chris: Oh, and by the way:


this would not have been a problem if there had only been proper anal fumigation

You know, I was in the mood for high art today.

Still am.

(I think that little fellow is stealing seeds from my bird feeder. Now I understand the sunglasses.)

Dave, I want that minute of my life back, please.

markhh --

simplesolution for the radiation problem ... sell them some aluminum siding ... and shingles, shutters ...

Of course weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anagrams to
Nuff said.

Don't you people know art when you see it? Geeeez, I'm hangin out with a bunch of Visigoths here.

Don't you people know D'Art when you see him?

would somebody please shoot the "little fellow"
in the thigh.

D'Art? Is that you??

I guess you answered the question!

This is very old, but very funny.
And, i like the fact that they say that
Cause they do.
Thank you.

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