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May 31, 2005


Octopus porn


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yes, a top-level probe is essential.

"I'll be true to those lips of blue and those eight loving arms around me . . . "

is she working her way down the evolutionary scale? SpongeBob get ready!

This has been around for a while . . .

yeah. i'd like to be/under the sea/ in an octopusses garden, in the shade..... hokey smoke.

This has been around for a while . . .

Mind if I borrow your octopus?

category: Before & After

A: Octopus porno shot by Robert Ballard

Q: I Am Curious Yellow Submarine.

Some may claim it was the octopus who started it, but of course they are lying.

Tired of being rejected at the local pub? Add an octopus to your repetoire!

How could that work?

Are you tired of men with no spine?
Try an Octo-Pal you'll get along fine!
Going out on your date
With someone non-chordate
Is a flexible, sexible time!

(sorry about the non-rhyme)

"So I was telling Sally about the llamas in the felt garden, when... HOLY CRAPMATIC FUDGEMONKEYS!!"

"Don't look so surprised. This is perfectly natural and, as far as I know, which is about 12 meters centigrade, protected under the Americans with Strange Carnal Persuasions Act."

"Ok, I'll ask. What the farking fardwarks are you doing?"

"Adding an octopus to my repertoire."

"Are you sure there's an "r" in repertoire?"

"Yes, I had Captain Octogon and the Eight-Legged Thrashers of Justice look it up."

"Would that bagnfarb?"

"Of course. Can I get back to adding to my repertoire now?"

"Ok, but what's the ukelele for?"

"It relaxes the mongoose."

"I need to go now."

I like the subtitle, Ford Calamari.

I thought there was another "r" in there.

By the way, I think "Octopus Porn" should be shortened to Octoporn.

I am reminded of that joke where there was an octopus that could play any musical instrument presented: piano, guitar, trombone, et cetera.

However, when faced with a set of bagpipes, it just sat there.

His owner said, "Aren't you going to play it?"

The octupus replied, "Play it? As soon as I figure out how to take off its pajamas, I'm going to make love to it."

now that's just nasty.

...but funny.

If you're into octopus porn-y
Which (quite frankly) sounds really corny
Then you'd flip your lid
Over leather bound squid
If you find stuff like that makes you horny

P.S. Leather Bound Squid WBAGNFA Punk RB

golfwidow — Thanks a lot! You will soon receive a bill for my expenses to clean spewage (not sewage) from my keyboard and monitor screen.

golfwidow — Thanks a lot! You will soon receive a bill for my expenses to clean spewage (not sewage) from my keyboard and monitor screen.

For some reason, I'm reminded of the scene from Galaxy Quest where the "engineer" and the alien lady start making out...and she loses control of her ability to maintain the shape of a human, or something like that.

"Oh, that's not right!"

#%@&* double-posting gremlins!

Suddenly the title of that James Bond flick from 1983 takes on a whole new meaning.

You know what they say -- 8 tentacles are better than 1.

We've all missed the most important part! Ford is not making cars! This is very good news in spite of the very small point about well paid union workers who are actually still employed for the company that no longer makes cars who spend their well paid days looking at porn on the internet.

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