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May 31, 2005


There are always other parliamentary maneuvers.

Update: They have found the culprit.


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What is that smell?

"They must call the dog unit in to come and explain what happened here."

Really? I think the whole mess was left in a tidy little package. Some pranks don't really need explaining.
Now, if it was FLAMING, that would be a different matter.

Ok, I admit it, my one yorkie ran away last week. She has this "thing" about going poo when someone is watching so she hides. I just didn't think she'd go THAT far for a little privacy.

Holiest of holies?
Well I never.
What the hell is that smell?

Isn't the answer just a little obvious?

The dog unit was in there LAST week already, and left a little unit...um...behind.

WHEW! I'm glad they got to the bottom of that!

I think Turd Probe is a GNFARRB.

Yeah right.

"Sir, why did you crap under your chair?"

"What? I...erm, that is...you see....a dog did it! This is an outrage. Call security!"

"Okay. You might want to pull up your pants, though."

I bet this security guard was the seeing-eye dog handler at the Pistons-Magic game earlier this year.

Buthelezi started a spat,
Over the chair at which he sat,
Triumph the dog,
Left him a log,
Now his shoes are covered in shat.

Are we sure this didn't happen in a place in France?

"I'm just astounded that it should come to this in this holiest of holies,"

That's either REALLY Holy, or he was refering to the Outhouse Holey. (single or double?)

oh puleeeeez. build a bridge and get over it. can you imagine a pile o poop under dick cheney's chair in the congress? that's giving me a rollicking good laugh already.
whooopps, I wet em...

lucky they didn't use the search horses...

"It is not certain whether there was any malicious intent behind the incident."

Hmmm- not sure, but it sure isn't a sign of love or respect

"Business Day reports that placing dog faeces under the bench of a Zulu prince would be seen as a grievous insult"

Here we just call it Halloween.

"I don't know what to make of it — I'm neither hot nor cold. I'm just astounded that it should come to this in this holiest of holies," . . . .

uh . . . could something have been lost in that translation?

"I second the ah, 'motion'."
"Hehe-I turd it."

"I four it."
"I five it."
"I ate it"


Business Day reports that placing dog faeces under the bench of a Zulu prince would be seen as a grievous insult

Well, I've got news for you. You don't have to be a Zulu prince for that to be a grevious inslut.


A grevious inslut is not tipping your "date" at the Chicken Ranch.

so ends the Zulu Doo-doo To-do...

How much shit can a sniffer dog fit in a parlimentary chamber?

I do not agree with you at all!

I do not agree with you at all!

Reading old threads on a slow-posting day and came across this one. I'd just like to say that the "Lisa" above is not me and I have no idea what she's talking about.

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