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May 30, 2005


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Bad, bad idea...

Husband: "Honey, help! Honey! I've...oh!...oh, god! I've nailed my wrist to the table! Oh, honey, please help!"

Wife: "Sure is mighty quiet around here..."

Sounds like a great idea to me.

they can put me in the box as long as I have a baseball to throw against the side of it!

Sounds good from this husband's point of view; should muffle those calls of "Honey, I need you to go to the store!" quite nicely.

I want one right now! Especially the one with the commode and external lock on the door. My husband just retired and it just might save my sanity.

Would this thing even fit in the average Japanese home? I think not...

relegate dear old dad to a box.
wonder how he'd feel about paying the bills Then.

The 'oubliette' of the 21st century

"Hi Mom, where's Dad?"
"In his Yamaha box."
"Since when?"
"Well, I gave it to him for Fathers Day last year."
"How is he doing?"
"No idea. Would you like some coffee?"

There might be times when the "advantage" of owning this device might depend upon the mood of the moment of the person on either side of the door ... just sayin' ...

[Yes, I'm back, still lamed up in one hand (to mix an adverbial phrase somewhat), but on the mend. Surgery was fine, pain pills are fine, tnx4 asking, and now to the task of playing catchup ... just stopped in to say hello, gotta go deal with 9,347 items of e-mail, seven of which will have meaning in my life ... and return to {limited) work (training new staff) tomorrow ... I'll do my best to see what I've missed ... tnx muchly also, for your get-well messages, even before I disappeared ... talk @ y'all later ... and on a more regular basis ...]

Well, since there's no 24 blog tonight...I feel compelled to still do *something* in honor of it.

Yes, more 24 Haiku!

Hopper: Season 1.
2: Nuke. 3: Nasty Virus.
4: Audrey cries. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

*zips in*

No 24!!!!

No wonder I'm so bored - I just didn't know why!
Thanks tcg!

*zips out to look for entertainment*

"Husband in a Box" - maybe Ronco can get the American patent? It works for me - just give me my books and music and enough to eat and I'm there.

Don't you just hate it when a guy has a noisy, annoying hobby like caligraphy?

What irks me, and I'm sure you all are wondering, is that my inventions are never mentioned in this blog. For instance, my "Spam on a Rope" invention for people who get hungry in the shower, or my "Rope on a Rope" invention for those who would like to commit suicide in the shower. I get no re...oh, look! Something shiny!


That din't take nearly as long as I thot it would (not [not knot] wood) ...

Turns out I had less than a hundred e-mails (not 'e-males, which phraseology could be considered redundant) backed up ... and at least nine of them were really something I care about ... wish I could maintain that average ...

otherwise, little chores like unpacking, food consumption, pain management and such slowed the task a bit ...

now my blogging life can get back to "normal" ... with occasional short breaks for "work" ...

The whole place certainly seems (not seams) to have been fun ... sorry I was LTTG ...

... 10-15 days!?!?!?!

talk @ulater ...

Is it on wheels? I think wheels would be good.

yeah! wheels. then you can just push him out of the way .. if they make one with a motor, maybe drive him over to his mother's so she can listen to him gripe and moan. all in all, an excellent idea.

...sounds a mighty SOUND idea....but whos to absorb the female howlin on the couch..doggies heve their limits...they aren't as 'stationery'..

...sounds a mighty SOUND idea....but whos to absorb the female howlin on the couch..doggies heve their limits...they aren't as 'stationery'..

Those silly Japanese. My family has been using a similar device for years on crazy uncle Sally, who took up the ukelele after that unfortunate Cheez-Whiz incident back in '84.

We rigged up an old Winnebago with the slightly used flux capacitor we stripped off of the delorean that's been propped up on cinder blocks in the front yard for -38 years, because of the eddies in the space-time continuum.

Uncle Sally now seems to have avoided the Cheez-Whiz incident altogether, but he still claims it happened so he can get the Raving Loony discount at IHOP.

Trivia Question: Just who is this so-called "Eddie" and how did he get in the space-time continuum in the first place?

That should read "-38 years," but since the blog has chosen to thwart me, I am sending uncle Sally back to prevent me from typing that last post. When he does, this post won't make much sense, so please diregard it and carry on amongst yourselves.

Yes, but is the door strong?

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