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May 26, 2005


And we know exactly what Dad wants.


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Great for protecting the floor of the garage when doing an oil change . . .

got one...

"Here dad! Thanks for all you've done."



Seems to me, a Manilow Blanket would instill the exact opposite of passion.

Also, Manilow Blanket WBAGNFA(Manilow Cover)B

One last thing, do Manilow Cover bands actually exist, and if so, WHY?

That is all.

...a new form of birth control ...

What revoltin' development!

( ... and when I'm headed for surgery ... talk @y'all later ...)


...the horror.

Just what this dad needs. A blanket with a Manilow Mullet featured.


igloo - let's give one to Ted 'In Denial' Habte-Gabr.

Actually, where I'm from we called him Barely Man-enough. And now you get the chance to sit on his face!

What I really want to use this blanket for is to cover the Persian rug we bought (in an effort to appear tasteful) so that when our Doberman Pooper needs to go, well, I think you get the idea.

Bombs away!!!

*woof* *growl* *grunt*

Aunt Nancy - ROTFL, lady!

Made from a new polymer technolene blend with InstaGay®!

"Now you just sit there under your blanket and I'll turn on the game for you, dad!"

"Thanks. I hope we tie!"

Outstanding Idea. If it wasn't for the hair color, Manilow is a perfect Dopplegänger for Ted Habit-hatbe-hadc-SMITH-

"And we know exactly what Dad wants."

...some gasoline and a lighter.

This thing is $60.00 ?!

I can't imagine paying that much for something that I'd end up walking all over...


Easy on Cher -- Barry, I can understand...

Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking....
At the Copa, the Copa Cabana....

10% off to all Dave Barry bloggers!

p.s. thanks, Mom!

If Manilow fills you with 'Passion'
Then his towel screams out ,"I'm in fashion."
If you would rather discover
You're Bin Laden's lover,
It's something to wrap up the trash in!

walk on it? I'd roll it up and use it to block drafts coming in under the door. if you walk on it there's a danger you'd look down and see it!

Is that a spotlight, or are you just happy to see me?

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