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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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*ducks and hides behind the Couch 'o Fair and Proper Renumeration*

...yeah, who knew we had one of those?

*moves couches to vacuum under them*

This could take a while. This must be the only place in the word with wall to wall couches.

"the only place in the word"......

That little typo just sparked my imagination and made me think of a new book plot possibility. Thanks, neo!!

I knew my typos were good for something! *is proud to be so inept*

Sharon, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but if the idea involves vacuuming under couches, it sucks. ;)

*waits for first chapter*


In other news, I got the DM's voicemail and left her a message. She better call me back.



*trudges off to come up with a new book idea*

What?! Sharon, "sucks" is a good thing if you're a vacuum! Or... um... *pauses for a moment to remember*

In any case, come back here with that chapter!

Bumble, your post made me start thinking of all the OTHER things a DM could be.

DM = Dame Mother. Darling Mary. Dreaded Moron. Demented Maniac. Dirty Monkey. Decadent MoFo. Difficult Malfeasant...

Demonic Multitudes? Depreciating Monies? Deflated Mammories?

How about Deficient Manager? Dummkopf Mädchen?

Blue~ Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. Ist das richtig? Spelled right und grammatically correct and all? My teacher has a birthday on Tuesday, and I plan to go to class early on Wednesday and put that on the board before she gets there. :-)

DM was the abbreviation for one of the buildings at florida international university. it stood for 'deuxieme maison'. each building was named in a different language , one was 'primera casa' one was 'viertes haus' ('cause it was the international thing to do)...at some point after i left the nonsense ended.

Bumble - perfekt!

Good morning, Kiltsters. I will likely only be stopping in here in the evenings today and tomorrow, got a lot of family stuff to do.

Keep the Kilt fresh in my absence.

Digital monarchy?

Dark meat?

Definitely Maybe.

Dark Moment.

Deliberate Mutiny!

Of course, it could also stand for "Dumbass Moment," of which I just had one. I just spent about twenty minutes looking for my bathrobe...I couldn't for the LIFE of me recall where I'd left it...before I remembered I'd put it in the wash.


I thought you were going to say you were wearing it the whole time. :-)

Well, my taxes are done, but the painful process of filing my FAFSA looms in the very near future.


*snork* Okay, that would have been funnier. And dumbassier? Mayhap.

Okay, I'm off to grade some peer reviews. If you don't hear from me in an hour or so, send the rescue team!!

sharon, last weekend i had to go to wallyworld (oh, the humanity...) and when i was leavin, i started lookin for my sunglasses. i must've looked for 5 mintues, till i remembered that i'd pushed them back on top my head when i walked in.

guess what? they were still on top my head.

so, i vote for Dumbass Moment. :)

I've looked for glasses I was wearing and keys I was carrying more times than I care to remember.

What I hate the most is walking to another room and not being about to remember why I went there. Then I walk all the way back, remember, and walk all the way there again. I've been doing it all my life so I can't blame it on age.

Oh, Bumble, thanks for the reminder. I've gotta get cracking on my taxes and Rachael her FAFSA...(groan).

Once, long ago, I needed to make a phone call, so I went looking for my phone (this was before I had eighty bazillion phones in the house). I couldn't find it and couldn't find it...and I didn't have a cell yet, so I couldn't call my own number to figure out where the handset was. Finally I gave up, figuring I'd find it eventually.

I did. When I went to make dinner that night, I found the phone in the freezer. To this day, I have NO idea how it got there.

daisymae... OMG. I do that walking into a room and forgetting why I'm there thing every damn day.

Woo hoo!!! Can I get me a high five for being a member of the Sister-and-Brotherhood of the Dumbass™?




Sharon, just a thought, but aren't freezers to dragons kind of like kryptonite is to Superman? Prolly somethin' like that.

Or maybe you were just being a dumbass. :D

Doofus Magnet?

More like Doofus Magnate, really.......


*High fives KDF. Maybe one of you doofi can remind me why?*

Dirigible Mascot.


*zips in™*

I don't know what everyone's talking about because I haven't been around much today, but I just wanted to say hi!

Sarah, I love that cartoon - VF!

I just watched a movie called The Matador with Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear, a fave of mine. I'd taped it and earlier this afternoon I watched if for about a half hour, and didn't think much of it. So I went to the NYTimes and Ebert and they said it was close to excellent. So I went and took a nap, because I had a headache, woke up and just finished watching - really good. :)

I'm such a follower. *sigh*

*high-fives KDF*

*doesn't remember why, (sorry, blue), so does it "just cuz"*

ok, how bout this...

anybody else ever get in the car whilst talkin on a cell phone, and then checkin to see if ya have everything ya need, including said cell phone, and sittin there searchin everywhere till ya finally realize you don't see the phone, cuz it's on your ear, cuz you're talkin into it, and you feel like a complete maroon, and...um...

look! somethin shiny!

*sneaks off, hopin nobody's payin any attention to her*

*grabs a mojito and *gropes* the nearest kiltie on the way out*

Today we had cleaning checks, but I had a midterm (and two more next week, yuck) and my roommates did my jobs for me! YAY! I'd already washed the towels and rags and swept and mopped the floor last week and always wash the pots and pans every night, so they felt I'd done enough lately and had a lot on my plate and did it for me.
*does a happy "my apartment's clean and I didn't have to clean it all myself" dance*

Sarah - that's great. Seems like only a little while back you were thinking those roommates didn't know you existed. You must leave more of an impression than you realize. ;)

Well, I did have a complete and total breakdown last Sunday night, witnessed by two of them, which might have something to do with it.


Um...that was me, s-girl. Don't you think....

....Oooooo! Shiny!


*high-fives KDF*

*also just 'cuz*

*thinks that she should do something involving some number, but can't remember what*

*puzzles some more*

Maybe #2?

Um.....ew. Not here, please.

Jeez, I always show up to the party an hour late.

Anybody still here?


Oh well. Hey sarah, good to see you.

That last comment is NOT to say that sarah is a nobody. That was just to say hi in a respectful manner.

*rolls eyes*

Jeez, I trip over my tongue even when I'm just typing. Idiot.

They did that to me too Bumble! (My employer, not yours) I was about to raise cain too, but then I found out the HR lady had broken her arm and couldn't function very well. About the time I was ready to scream at her she was (gingerly) licking the envelopes with my back-pay. If I hadn't stepped lightly, it would have been pretty embarassing, what with yelling at a gimp and all. Actually, I just got another raise and it should be active (with back-pay to the first of the year) this Friday. Sweet.

I hope it goes as well with you, but please to remember one thing: If you treat them with a business-like attitude despite their admittedly retarted mistake, you will score major points and possibly a wage or position increase. SCORE!

*strolls into the kilt*


hey, what's with the tongue? ;)

neo: the answer is always 42.

um, ado?

are ya off your meds or somethin? ;)

Yes, always 42.

Not much, but it's hard to talk suavely when you lack the necessary brain cells to make it work appropriately.

No, on meds. And a head cold.


BTW, you've got mail.

Weeeeeel, I gotsa go. Fine talkin wit ya, ya fine girl.

Peace my peeps.

(high fives...somebody)

Very good with the cellphone s'girl. Sounds like a me move.

(had to scroll up to remember what I was going to type )

One morning I sprinkled my spoonful of instant coffee on my cereal instead of into the cup of hot water sitting next to the bowl. Coffee flavored cereal. It was...okay.

I'm watching reruns of 24. Two episodes from Day Two that I haven't seen.

*high fives everybody*

Why were we doing that, again?

*brews 42 cups of coffee*

*gives Cain a raise*

KDF, does this mean you've brought lunch?

*grabs a cup of coffee and heads for the swing*

chicken got fingers?

And clams got knees!

*wonders why KDF is playing poker with Cain*

*SNORKS @ daisy's coffee cereal*

I poured orange juice over my cereal once...it did NOT taste particularly good.

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

I think it was Oprah who said when she was a little girl they were so poor she had to put water on her cereal.

Is almost done with FAFSA.

When it's complete, I get to reward myself with a hearty helping of Tuna Helper. :-)

Taxes are done, FAFSA is done, lunch is done. Homework is not done. Now I gotta go to work. :-(

I've had orange juice cereal before. It wasn't so bad.

Taxes are not done, FAFSA is not done, going out to dinner with my son and paying for it...priceless!

*Tries really hard to remember what he wandered into Kilt for*

blue - does it really matter?

*wanders into Kilt*

*tries really hard to remember why Blue is here*

Oh yeah!

*puns Blue*

Maybe that'll jog yer memory.

Only in the sense that fulfillment is an important element, and when one fails to achieve that, one is left with a certain ..... wow, talk about shiny!

Blue came in here to jog?
Looks like we're gonna have to move some couches.

Yes! Of course, puns! Puns will jog..... ...... ...... will jog....... er,...it.

I thought that might...might...um...

Wait a minute....what am I doing here again? Not jogging, that's for sure...

Hmmm....Oooooo! That IS shiny!

for blue, just cuz

Awwww, good ol' ...*^^checks^^*...S-Girl!

(Dang stupid Remember personal info? box is worthless!)

You know, there's a name for the lack of ability to remember things. It's called....um....called.....

Ooo! A shiny gold star!

Ambrosia! That's the word for what's been happening to our brains.

Yup. Armenia.

Tonight, for the first time in my entire life...


It was neck-in-neck, but I did it!

Then I called mom to brag. It was sweet. :-)

*continues with the happy dance*

Ah yes! Argentina!

But why were we talking about that again again?

Neck in neck sounds painful. But congrats on the horse race!

Ironically, the question I answered to win had to do with racehorses. Sports and Leisure is both my worst category and dad's, so we always give each other that one when we're in the middle.


Congrats, Bumble! I remember the first time I beat my mother at Scrabble...that was a heck of an accomplishment.

And I rarely get the S&L questions either.

And I THINK you meant anemia there, Blue...or was it anemone...?

I forget.

That reminds me, Sharon. I'm curious about Kiltie tastes. Does everyone prefer plain or peanut anemones?

green peanut anemones are the best. :)

mornin kilties!

does everybody remember who they are and why they're here today?

I'm Bumble, and the things I must do today (the main things, anyway) are threefold:

1) Go to the bank and get traveler's checks

2) Go to school and do a whole bunch of school-related stuff

3) Meet the citrus truck to pick up a box of oranges

*dashes off to brush hair and put on a shirt*

Yes, of course I remember who I am. D@mn straight I do! That's almost insulting to suggest otherwise. Just because a few people have occasional trouble remembering who they are doesn't mean all of us are victims of such craziness.

I am, undoubtedly, and shall continue to be....


psst...has anybody seen this guy?

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

I'm pretty sure I know who I am, although sometimes I'd like to be someone else.

And I like the green plain anemones. They're an aphrodisiac, ya know. ;)

Psssttt - have you checked Pepperland?

My sophomore year high school science fair project was...and ISIANMTU....DO GREEN M&MS REALLY MAKE PEOPLE HORNY?

I won second place. It was a very scientific study.

*snork* @ sharon

I'll bet you did. How many judges did you include in the study? ;-)

Sharon: Well??????

*wonders just how sharon went about "studying"*

We're all waiting for the details, sharon....;)

anybody want to join me on the Aphrodesiac Couch™ whilst waiting?

Hee hee heeeeee

I think I'll just let you all do your OWN studies to find out.

Much more fun that way, anyway.

Um...anyone want a green M&M??


*hops on couch with s'girl*

Sharon, don't be a tease....;)

I'm a bit torn.

But if intensive research is what it takes, then I'm up for it.

Knew you'd rise to the occassion, Blue!

El...I'm not a tease. I just believe in independant, empirical research!

*tosses green M&Ms around the kilt*

*waits for the fun to begin*


quit tossing us around!

Did someone say a round?

whoo hoo!

do i know how to time my entrance, or what?

Yes, you do Green S'Girl.


apparently i'm not very good at bein sneaky. ;)

*eats a peanut butter patty & balances her checkbook*

Mmm. Girl Scout cookies.


And all along, I thot green M&Ms™ were merely Leprechaun seeds ...

duh ... show's whut I know ...

show' ...

sorry ...

well that din't werk!

*Hits power button on Kilt remote*

*springs to life*

*dials caffeine-o-meter™ waaaay up*

*Holds supersize mug out to receive the elixir of life*

*Arm grows tired, mug crashes to floor*

"Harry Potter felt horrible. Not only did he have final exams to study for, but he'd been up all night looking for dragon droppings for a spell to combat Voldemort. Hermione jogged his arm.
"You look like the all the Bludgers in the world have dropped on you. Arabica!" she chanted.
Suddenly a pot of steaming brown liquid appeared.
"What's this?" Harry asked as he greedily slurped it down.
"Coffee, you moron." she said, "Now about your plan to ridicule The Dark Lord by calling him "Moldyfart" "
"It's had an effect. He turned all the first-years into gerbils."

FIRST to *snork* at insom!

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