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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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*Starts extensive note-taking*

TC - Regular updates on the progress and ultimate outcome of this scenario will be forthcoming, I take it? I've got a two-daughter interest in this, and I'd like to learn from your mistakes rather than get it right only for my younger daughter after botching my older daughter's early romantic years.

Thank you (and the young lass) in advance.


sure thing blue :)

*pounces on TCK & MtB*

Have I told you lately that I like you? :-)

poor blue...

speaking as a girl of the female-type gender, you are so in trouble.

just sayin ;)

Um....yah. I'm with s-girl on this one.

Man...thinking back on my teenage years, I now understand why my father's hair when so very silver so very early. I must have driven him absolutely nuts.

(stealthily replaces the "when" with the word "went" in above post)

A smile, a pounce, and some sympathy. Not much wrong with that.

Thanks, all.

sharon, i'm sure your dad's silver hair, and my dad's silver hair, had absolutely nothing to do with us, or our behavior. :)

I can remember my father saying to me, You're not really going out in a skirt that short, are you? :)

Yes Daddy, I am, but I promise to be a good girl.

Oooh, I was a good girl, all right. Yep. That's right. Absotively posolutely.

*pats Blue and TC comfortingly on the back*

We all were sharon. Isn't that what "he" meant when he said,
You're good.?

Blue, TCK, take comfort. In the midst of all these pervy, shamming, bawdy nymphs, there do remain actual good girls like Sarah and myself. I'm sure your daughters are of our ilk. ;-)

*polishes halo*

Woo! We're pervy, shamming, bawdy nymphs!


*grins and zips out*

Dang. I'm too late to be a pervy, shamming, bawdy (not body) nymph?

Never, Neo. NEVER too late for that.


mornin, guys...and pervy, shamming, bawdy nymphs. ;)

so...anybody wanna come over today and give me a hand?

no? c'mon, it's warm here! ya wouldn't even have to wear shoes, and i'll provide the alcoholic beverages!

still no takers?


s-girl.....please....go back to bed.

*takes own advice*

maybe i would...if i didn't have to go alone. ;)

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

No cleaning for me today, thank goodness.

S-Girl, I'd gladly trade you. I am now sitting in a two-hour captive horror-show (albeit with the salvation of a wireless 'net connection), i.e., a birthday party for second graders at one of those evil "funplex" monstrosities.

*Eyes bar across the road*

ooooh...sorry, blue

i'd rather be cleaning. ;)

*loves blue a beer, in a kiddie go-cup*

ooooh...sorry, blue

i'd rather be cleaning. ;)

*loves blue a beer, in a kiltie kiddie go-cup*



Just returned from the FunMigraineplex.

Dad and daughter survived bodily intact. Dad's brain considerably less so.

Erm...you're going on the assumption that Dad's brain was intact before the b-day party?


*sigh* back to (mostly supervising) chores. oh, joy supreme;D

Well, it may not have met MENSA specifications, but it was intact. Now the meager bits of it are all scattered like a car windshield that had an unfriendly encounter with a brick.

*loves blue a cold draft (or hot toddy - your choice)*

*adds a "thank peaches" for the supervisory part*
it could worse, yano?

throws a "be" up there.

*Thanks peaches and Cyn*

*Looks under Kilt*
I would be really grinning if there were someone there....

Who's toddy?

You tell me.

I still have no idea. Although she apparently likes staring into sunsets.

Wow. You got more out of that than I did.

hi guys!

Evenin', Flower of the South.

heeheehee...that's a new one!

It fits, right?

Don't got no flowers in my neck of the woods, but I've got a few boxwood shrubs that look like cut glass. I drove home from work in the middle of a rain/sleet/ice storm. I'm really hoping the mall will be closed tomorrow. I am way too worn out supervise a wall move tomorrow night after spending all morning and afternoon studying for my midterm.

*prays for a drop in temperature to turn the whole region into one large patch of black ice*

I've never had cause to pray for that before.

*wonders if she ought to feel guilty*

Please don't do that. I have enough trouble with the weather in my line of work without people wishing for that crap.


Okay, enough workin'. Time for bed.

*checks watch*

*topples over in surprise at how late it is*

*decides to just stay there, hoping some stray Kiltie might have a spare blanket and perhaps a cuddle*

*wakes up cold and alone*

*sigh*....Guess not! Ah well, I'll get the coffee started.

Ooooh, sorreee... that's no way to wake up. Wish I'd have stayed awake late enough to help you out there, Sharon.

I blame FunTortureplex.

i'll have some of that coffee, please.

*wonders if it's too late for a cuddle*

ooooh...a "first-thing in the morning" simul with blue...that works, too! ;)

Sunday mornin' cuddleage - I find that kinda spiritual in its own way.

*zips in*

*puts ad on Kilt wall*

Will cuddle with anyone, anytime. :)

Good morning, Kilties!

Morning, Kilties!

Long time no see. I'm tired of working 6 days a week. No blog time anymore.

I've only seen 24 via TIVO since the new season started. I missed one episode, because it didn't record (caught up the next week). I'm still not real sure what's happening, cause when I fast forward through the commercials, I always miss a little when it returns to the program. I wish Jack would stop quitting.

But, NOW Mondays are free. So, I'll have a leetle more time.

*is also tired of working six days a week*

*and going to school half of them*

*studies for D301 midterm*

daisy~ There's a little button on the Tivo remote below the rewind button; it looks like a loop with a little arrow on one end. If you stop fast-forwarding a little late, hit it once or twice. It just jumps you back a few seconds. That way you don't miss anything. I use it all the time when I miss the end of the commercial break or miss a line of dialogue. Very helpful.

Thanks, bumble. I see it now.

When it comes to new technology...I rely on the kindness of the younger generation. My nephew taught me how to use my new cell phone when my old one died. The guy at the phone store said I didn't need a *User's Manual* because it was self explanatory. Go figure.

Self explanatory or not, the user's manual will be no help; I assure you. I had the same issue when I got my cell phone. Figuring out how to use it was all trial and error, and I still only know how to perform the most basic functions.

The tivo also has three different speeds to fast-forward and rewind, in case you didn't know. The first time you hit the button it's slow, the second time it's medium, and the third time it's super fast. It's easiest to use medium; that goes at the right speed that you can see what's on the screen, and if you hit play a little too slow, it usually knows to stop it at the point where the last commercial ended. And if it doesn't, you can use the little loopy back button. Tivo's a pretty good gadget.

Me too. I still don't know how to retreive messages on my cell phone. Luckily I hardly ever have it on. I even called rhymes with horizon and they walked me through it, but I retained nothing.

Now I'm trying to learn my digital camera that I got for my b-day. I did manage to download the softward, and I've even skimmed the gazillion page manual, but I can't find out how to delete. You'd think it would be a pretty basic function...*sigh*

A) It's never too late for a cuddle.

2) {{DAISY!!}} Wonderful to see you!

iii) there is no iii

*is a technogeek*

I *heart* gizmos and gadgets and things like that.

My daughter taught me to text message. I *love* that! Everything else has been trial and error. I definitely use the alarm when I absolutely have to be on time for something.

Bumble, I knew that the TIVO rewind had 3 speeds, I just never know how many times to hit the button to get it to stop, so I usually hit it 3, 4, 5 times. Thanks for the rewind tip.

It's easier to hit play to make it stop rewinding/fast-forwarding. If you just hit those buttons in multiples, it speeds up and takes you places you don't want to be. :-)

JUst hit play...I can do that!


I'm having to learn how to give my cat subcutaneous fluids with an IV needle, and I'm finding SOOOOOO hard to stick the needle in, even though it's just through the skin on her neck and I know it doesn't really hurt her.

*is a wussy dragon*

*finds an "it"*

*lobs "it" up to above post*

Unfortunately, I also get to learn how to give her subcutaneous fluids because she's going to need that at least once a week for the rest of her little kitty life, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Posted by: sharon share-alike | 12:12 PM on February 23, 2007

Gonna hold you to that, dragon. Don't make me have to call you "Puff".


No fear of that, Blue...I did it. And I was the one who winced and flinched...Abby did just fine!

And I haven't "puffed" in over six years, theng-kew-veddy-much!

Is it terrible that seeing my sister puts me in a foul mood? It's not anything she does to bother me, it's just my reaction to being around her. I always come home in a snit and don't feel like being polite to anyone. It's like the feeling I got when I recieved an email from a friend who recently moved to the east coast. In response to an earlier message she told me she was happy and hoped that I was happy too, and I tried to remember the last time I was truly happy and couldn't. For the rest of the day I tried not to wallow and was rude and snippy with everyone.

... um ... there's an old (motivational type) story about PMA, Sarah ... too long for here ... merely gonna suggest that your emotional state is not new, and is widespread, but y'all can overcome ... it'll take some werk ... best wishes for your success ...

... um ... PMA = Positive Mental Attitude ... not PMS ... merely sayin' ...

♫puff, the magic draaagon....♫

morning kilties

is it friday yet?

it is friday - i've decided

not only is it friday, but i've decided it's a friday where everything closes at noon

and, not only is it a friday where everything closes at noon, but it's also the friday before a 3 day weekend

so, everyone go home at noon today, and dont go back to work or school (as the case may be) till the 4th day

if anyone gives ya any crap, tell em i said it was OK :)

*copies tc's orders to print out for the boss*

psst...tc...since it's friday, should we also be pantsless?

i think probably yes :)

Hmmm... today was supposed to be Monday, so I was down about that. Then I noticed a bunch of snow outside that seemed more than was predicted, and it turns out that my kids had a snow day because of it, which led me to reconsider whether I was going to work or not. The "not" won out, easily. So, today turns out to be like a second Sunday, except without the spiritual obligations.

Now I learn here that it's Friday, which is cool, except that after Friday is supposed to come Saturday, but tomorrow, I'm afraid, is in fact Tuesday.

*counts blessings, goes out to shovel*

*thinks she needs more coffee in order to follow blue*

*zips in*

I'd take off my pants but I don't have any on yet - I hate when that happens. ;)

Good morning Kilties! Color me crabby. Among the ridiculous things I have to do today is have a little b-day party tonight for someone whose b-day was Saturday and already got presents.

*wonders whose bright idea this was*

oooh, never mind

Sarah, it can be hard not to get down more when one is worried about being down in the first place. That kind of spiral is awful.

But once you're out of range, you don't have to think anymore about your sister or any other trigger that starts the cycle. And if an underlying depression is the root cause and doesn't allow its grip to loosen once triggered, get some professional help, as we know you have before.

We're here if you need us.

*advances on TC with a roll of duct tape*

Yeah, bud...keep singin. I dare ya.


However, I think your other idea was MOST excellent, so I'll be following your advice to the letter.

Oooooh, wait. I NEVER work on Mondays. HA!


psst...sharon...every friday is a "get off at noon" friday, for me. :)

no, not that way, you pervs...

what? i'll admit i shouldn't give up my day job, but i didnt think my singin voice was that bad

psst...sharon...every friday is a "get off at noon" friday, for me. :)

no, not that way, you pervs...

Posted by: southerngirl | 01:46 PM on February 26, 2007

Oh. Rats. *puts away spy cam*

And speaking of werk, Friday is my Saturday. So I always have a three day weekend. In fact, I only work a half day when I DO work. But before anybody gets jealous, let me remind you that the downside comes on payday!

neo, it's not for lack of wishful thinkin! ;)

Now I learn here that it's Friday, which is cool, except that after Friday is supposed to come Saturday, but tomorrow, I'm afraid, is in fact Tuesday.

*counts blessings, goes out to shovel*

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 12:29 PM on February 26, 2007

So, Blue ... does Friday the 13th arrive on a Tuesday this month?

(Obscure literary allusion there, for Geezers, mostly ...)

Dang, s-girl...I was gonna say that I wish I had YOUR job, but....

It's not your voice I was objecting to, TC darlin'...I just thought you were calling me a Puff Dragon (as opposed to a Puff Daddy??).

And I wouldn't call Pogo obscure or outdated...most people I know have all the Pogo books.

nah, sharon...it's not that exciting...


well, i may have implied that you were a puff dragon (much to my regret, given that i cant get that damn song out of my head now), but you just told everyone you're a geezer

oooh...i saw that too, but at least i had the sense not to go there...;)

Yer older than I am, darlin' (BOTH you darlins!)....that's all I'm saying.


that was cold. ;P

and yet, you knew the source of the obscure geezer reference, whereas i did not

That's 'cuz it's my job to know stuff.

And I'm good at my job. :)

Yeah, SSA ... but your "most people" are a literate bunch ... merely sayin' ... and NOT sayin' that those who don't know of Pogo and friends are NOT literate ... merely sayin' that they're younger ... & din't have the joy of experiencin' Mr. Kelly's Critters when they were a regular/daily item ...

BTW, sharon ... didja know about this?

(Now I merely gotta find out WHERE to buy 'em ...)


Not @ B&N, Amazon or Powell's ... must still be perty new ... no connection from the blurb to which I linked ...


Well, *I* know Pogo. And I love him. I never EVER saw him in the paper, though I admit to being a geezer. My parents had scads of Pogo books and I read them until I wore them out.

Technically, I din't either (see him in the papers) ... my mom's sisters always clipped it out, and sent it to us ... we'd get about a month at a time ... really neat-o to enjoy in a bunch like that ...

Al Capp's L'il Abner is another of the great ones, for couching social commtary and satire into a comic strip ...

I'm scheduled to work every single day from now until the day I leave for Germany. When am I supposed to pack?!? I'm a girl, people! It takes time.

1) Yes, you are a girl people.
2) Being a girl people (poeple? pepole? why is that ridiculous "o" in there, anyway?) doesn't HAVE to mean packing for an army or for nineteen different scenarios on a ten day trip.
3) Yes, there is one, there always has been one, and there always will be one, unless a list is two items or less.
4) It will be cold there. Pack accordingly, don't pack for the beach too.
5) All-purpose shoes. Two or three pair, not twenty six pairs.
6) Yes, I speak from first-hand knowledge of how certain females tend to pack.
7) Lather, rinse, repeat.

Going to Europe requires at least EIGHT pair of shoes Blue - for a girl, a chick or a women. In other words, a person of the female gender.

Bumble, do you have somewhere you can lay out all the things you're thinking about bringing? If so, do that, you'll probably think that's not enough, and then you can add more stuff! But you can put some out every night when you get home from work.

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