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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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*hides out, studying for tomorrow's test by flashlight*

*stops studying*

*yawns for the 100th consecutive time*

*wonders if she'll be able to remember Kepler & Newton's laws tomorrow night*

*looks around kilt*

Apparently I'm not the only one hiding out.

Know what I’ve discovered? Studying isn’t much use when you’re too sleepy to focus or remember anything.


Bumble, I got an e-mail today about Wexler's anti-aging line. Unfortunately I recently spent a fair amount of money at drugstore.com on an "oxygen" mask thingy. It comes out of the bottle as a dirty pink lotion, you put it on your wet face, and in less than 5 minutes, it foams up like shaving cream - or whipped cream. It's very cool. Then you rinse it off. I think I look 10 years younger. :)

But...but....the shoe polish was on.....

*checks glasses*

*sees black boot polish on the rims*


Hoisted upon my own petard!

And a lovely petard it is, too.

*winks and runs away, fast*

Really?? You think? You're just just saying that??

*twirls and pirouettes and shows off petard*

*then goes to find some way to get boot polish off eye*


That's supposed to be: "You're not just saying that?"

So. Who stole my "not"???

Happy Mardi Gras, Kilties!




(that was a little noisemaker thingie btw!)

Happy b-day, EL!!

Happiest of birthdays to the Masked One!
*Avoids lighting candles in the presence of oxygen*

Happy Mardi Gras to L'Femme Sud! *Shouts* Show your Kilt!!

Sharon, before you ask - no, I don't think that petard makes your tutu look big.

*zips in*

Thanks everyone. So far it's been a great day, except for the toilet plunging thing. Fourth time - so far.

Whew! Thanks, Blue, that's a relief!

El--isn't toilet plunging a traditional birthday celebration in many cultures? I think I read that somewhere...... :)

sharon - i think you may have toilet plunging confused with toilet hugging

Feliz anos cumpli a El.

TCK- either way, the toilet flushes.

Alfred, you can hug a toilet and make it flush? How does that work exactly? :)

He's a man of many talents, El. Best not to ask.

TC--I think you're right! I know I've spent at least ONE b-day that way, myself.

*eats a lemon bar in honor of El's b-day*

*the above comment has NOTHING to do with toilets*

(just in case anyone was wonderin'!)

we were tryin not to think about it...

*smooches sharon*

OO! Smoochies!

My day just got better.

Merely trineta help a bit with the toilet plug/unplug dealie ... sorry if this is not funny ...

An alternative method of clearing a clog (wbagnfarb?) is to fill a pail (or medium-large wastebasket) with water (Five gallons is a good amount, if you can lift it) and pour it into the toilet, from as high as is comfortable to hold the container ... 2-3 feet above the toilet is a suggested height ...

The weight of the water, plus the force it has from being poured out from an elevated point will usually/often clear the clog, when the tradtional terd herder will not ...

The more accuracy accomplished when pouring, directly into the ... um ... "hole"? ... the more force will be transferred ...

(This is where guy-type-gender people may (MAY!) have a bit of an advantage ... some of them/us have been practicin' aiming for most of our lives, and are better at this task ... this sociological/anthropological/psychological note may also provide a bit of an explanation as to why guys like to ... um ... mess around with fire trucks ... and other stuff ... merely ... um ... whut ever ...)

Good luck with your clog clearing, El.


And ... Happy Birthday ...

*snork* at 'turd herder'...

My toilet is unplugged, thanks to my expertise with plungers.

My daughter gave me a digital camera. I am overwhelmed. It took us 20 minutes to put in the batteries, the picture card, set the date and time, and the language. We picked English. And she has one of her own.

We accidentally took a video! *snork* I'm hoping when CG comes over tomorrow, he'll help me out.
It's a wonderful present and she also brought a great lunch!

A good day.

Your daughter has a language of her own? That must be challenging.

Live it up, El!

Yes, Blue. It's difficult to understand her sometimes, but she's pretty good with hand gestures. ;)

I can just imagine the hand gesture that El is aiming towards the New Jersey area right about now....

Happy Birthday, El!

Astronomy class is cool. Tonight I got UC&P with the waxing crescent moon and saw the rings on Saturn!!!


I saw a ring around my bathtub...that's about it.

My alarm clock rings around 5:20. 'Night all; sorry I didn't get ta hang out.

Just over 4 hours of b'day left, El. Make 'em count!

I wear a few rings on my fingers.

And I've listened to Das Ringold.

G'night, Blue!

I saw a ring around my bathtub...that's about it.

Posted by: sharon share-alike | 11:46 PM on February 20, 2007

Speaking of bathtubs, I fell in the shower a few nights ago. People, whatever you do, try not to fall in the shower. It's painful. I was facing the shower head and slipped sideways. I went down with my back towards the edge of the tub, facing the wall. My rear hit the side first (it's quite sore), then my back hit. I tore the shower curtain. I wasn't hurt badly, but it scared the living daylights out of me. I've never fallen in the shower before. I blame the slip on the fact that I'd used this for the first time the night before, because my feet were slicker than snot on a china doorknob. Damn shea butter.

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

I'm suffering from a birthday hangover headache today. Way too much activity yesterday for a virtual shut-in. But very very fun.
And now I have to get it up (so to speak) for a second b-day day, because CG is oming over to take us out to lunch because his b-day is Saturday. This will be our third year of this tradition and he pays for lunch, so I think this has worked out quite nicely.

Bumble, I put some handles in my shower (like they have in hotels) after I fell once, because it's the most frightening thing. Way too many really hard surfaces to hit your head/back/other body part on.


I just had to put my cat Abby in the animal hospital. She'd been feeling punky for a few days, so I took her to her vet this morning. Some blood tests showed that her kidneys are failing. The vet wants to keep her for at least 48 hours on IV fluids and meds to try to kick some function back into them. She thinks we can maybe control the problem for a while with diet and fluids, but in my heart I know that Abby is quite an old kitty and most likely that "for a while" won't be nearly as long as I would wish.

I need a hug.

{{{sharon}}} Sorry to hear that. Poor kitty.

I've got a sprightly little gray cat named Frau Mewller that you can have, if you'd like. I'm feeling less than affectionate towards her now because I stepped in cat poo in the dark the other night, and I ended up tracking it in the house because I didn't realize it until it was too late.

Blue~ It's official! Ich fliege nach Deutschland am 8. März mit meiner Professorin und zwei anderen Studenten. Yay!

{{{sharon and abby}}}

sorry to hear that sharon...hope everything works out in the least painful way for both of you.

{{{{Sharon}}}} Poor kitty. It is so hard when they get old. One of mine had kidney failure last year. Hopefully your vet's treatment will help her!

((((((Sharon)))))) My kitty's been having kidney problems too.

Alfred- which NZ mission are your grandparents going to?

*still sniffing*

Thanks, guys. I know I have two other cats and a doggie named Kumquat, but the house just isn't the same without my tabby Abby in it.

The vet says she's comfortable (despite the IV in her widdle paw!) and is doing well. She thinks the kidney failure is in the very first stages, and that with proper care Abby can be happy and comfortable for a while longer, just so long as there are no dramatic turns for the worse.

And congrats, Bumble! (um...about the trip to Germany, not about stepping in cat poo). That sounds wonderful.

Good lord, haven't you guys ever seen a sniffling dragon before?? You didn't all have to run away, ya know! It's not like I'll be blowing red-hot magma-snot over everyone.

*wanders around Kilt, wondering where everyone is hiding*

*pounces on sharon*

I was just wondering the same thing myself.

aw, sharon.. i'm so sorry about Abby. having lost a darlin kitty who was like family for 17 years, i know how close you can feel to them. even if there are other pets which come and go, that special one is almost like a SO. hope she gets better for a long time.

{{{snuffly dragon}}}

*Tosses pebble over to northeast corner of the Kilt*
*Dashes behind Couch o' Silly Pranks while everyone's head is turned*

*dashes over to the northeast corner of the Kilt*


nothin here but a pebble! and it's not even shiny!

*Bounces flashlight beam off of sparkly crystal in Kilt window*

*Puts rubber spider in S-Girl's mojito while no one is looking*

*lifts mojito to take a sip*

*sees spider*

*jumps and spills drink on blue*

oops. sorry, blue!

*innocent look*

*Slips on floor wetted by spilled drink*
*Clutches desperately at S-Girl's arm to keep from falling*
*S-Girl joins me in wet heap on the floor*

*Satisfied look*

*lands on blue*

*smooches him on the cheek*

(he knows which one)


Blue~ Hast du meine 11.40 Anmerkung gesehen?

(what is the proper German word for "post" or "comment?" "remark" was the closest I could find.)

My, someone's pranky today.

*hands Neo's binoculars to Blue*

Fancy a bit of bird-watching, Blue??

Here's a bird for you to watch, Blue. Go ahead and use those binoculars so you can get a closer look.

*Wakes up from truly disorienting, yet stimulating, avian dreams. There were these large birds with stripes, wearing beads and talking with a Southern drawl. They kept saying weird things like "The heck with "halfway", let's..... er, nevermind*

Greetings, Kilties.

Sharon, did you want those binocs back? They're really rather not as useful as they might have been, what with the rubber spider inside the lenses and all....

BTW, sorry to be so frivolous and oblivious while you were anxious over Abby. We had a pair of sweet cats who succumbed to kidney failure and tumors when they got old, and it was just heartbreaking, but I hope she's got a few good years left to share with you.

Bumble, that's really exciting, and congratulations. What's your itinerary? (Also - dress warm!) Sorry, I don't really know the answer to the post/comment translation question. I've not done any German blogging (bloggen? Bloggenheit? Bloggerismus? Bloggerung? Verbloggenlichkeitigungschaft?)

*Looks at watch*

El is late. Must have a flat zipper.

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties! I'm late because I was looking for just the right shoes. :)

El, I know that's a cartoon, but there are real shoes that look something like that.

You'd have to be dead to be comfortable in a pair of those.

i've gotta ask...if you wear shoes like that, what are you supposed to do with yout toes?!?

I think you keep them in your purse in that case, don't you?

Pointy toes shoes were killers. But when they were in style you couldn't find anything else. So you just scrunched your toes in and hoped you didn't have to stand up or walk very far.

Ah, footbinding...a tradition that is alive and well in Western culture.

Thanks for the commiseration, Blue...it is really hard when our wee darlings get sick and start failing. But I will make sure that the rest of her life is good and comfortable and that she has the best quality of life ever.

Um....I LOVE your eye makeup, btw.

*ducks and hides behind Neo*

*Is insulted that no one noticed how the purse matches the shoes* Hmmmph!

whoa, blue...

lookin good!

behind NEO?! Yah, sure, let me run interference why don't ya? But that's ok; it gives me a better view of Blue's interesting new look.

Um....would that be this look?

*Steps back*
Ok, now I'm scared.
*runs around to cower behind Sharon*

I've had a very strange day.

Today was my fourth day working as a sales lead at my new store. An hour or two after we opened, a woman from loss prevention came in. She said she'd been doing an audit the week before and was there to wrap things up. A little while later, the district manager came in. She went in the back and started talking with the other woman. My boss (the store manager) was supposed to start work at one, and I hadn't met her until today. She came in, and they all were having a meeting in the back. An hour or so later, she came out on the floor to relieve me, and I went to lunch. When I came back, she was crying, but she wiped her eyes and talked to me about work like nothing was wrong. I went to the bathroom before I clocked back in, and then a few minutes later, I was helping a customer and the manager left without a word. Then the DM came over and told me the store manager was no longer working for the company and asked me if I had any questions for her before she left. I asked her to fix my pay rate (I never got my sales lead raise), she said she would, and then she left. So now I'm going to have my hours bumped up because the other two sales leads and I will have to cover the manager's hours until she's replaced.

One of the other sales leads told me that a deposit got lost or misplaced somehow this month on the manager's watch. That was the reason for the audit, so I assume it was the reason she got fired. Like I said, it's been a weird day.

Blue~ We're leaving the 8th and returning the 18th. We're going to start in Berlin and work our way south. We'll be stopping over in Munich, Mainz (my teacher's hometown), and possibly Düsseldorf, then we'll be flying back out of Frankfort. We'll be stopping in other places as well, but we haven't quite worked out all the details yet.

mornin kilties

where is everybody?

maybe they moved the kilt, and didnt tell ya ;)


that would mean they moved the kilt, and didnt tell me either...

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties (if anyone is here beside Toto and s'girl).

They didn't tell me either.

Group hug??? ;)

whew...signs of life!

i was gettin worried for a minute.

*hugs tc and el*

We didn't move (unless no one told me either) But since everyone seems to think I'm in charge of that I say we didn't move! And everyone must just be super busy/asleep

Good morning kilties!

ooOOOOOoooo! Krispy Kremes! Thanks, Sarah.

I'm here, albeit briefly. I get to pick my kitty up from the hospital today! Unfortunately, I also get to learn how to give her subcutaneous fluids because she's going to need that at least once a week for the rest of her little kitty life, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

*snarfs a doughnut, downs a cup of coffee, hugs all and sundry Kilties, and dashes out*

It's OK, guys. No one moved the Kilt. But it did need to be brought to the dry cleaners after so long.

All kinds of stains and whatnot, you know.

well, stains, sure, that's to be expected...

but whatnot?

OK, who got the whatnot on the kilt?

So that's what happened to my whatnot!!!


Sorry, I am super busy as Sarah guessed.
Been working on Spanish Essay, English Essays, And all sorts of other side projects.
On the other hand, I think my math has improved greatly from the review I have been doing for it.

In other news, my friend Chris showed up. He is in the Navy and I only see him once a year. So it is a big catch up fest with us. Luckily we live fairly borking lives.
Borking is a very important word.... Going to English now.


to attack (a candidate or public figure) systematically, esp. in the media;

to seek to obstruct a political appointment or selection; also, to attack a political opponent viciously.

Are we playing Balderdash?


senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing;


a jumbled mix of liquors (milk and beer, beer and wine, etc.)




a remark that does not cut.

i like the second "balderdash" definition best. :)

couldja leave the milk out of mine?

mine, too, cyn!

oh, whew. thot i'z gunna haveta drag out the bucket. (ralph)


it occurred to me that my previous comment could be misconstrued as a characterization of sarah's comment, i.e. that i was saying she or her comment are senseless or stupid

that wasn't my intent at all - just a cut and paste from dictionary.com without thinking

but, if you did take it that way sarah, i'm very sorry

Speakin' of mixin' beer/spirits with milk and other stuff, I once put beer on my cornflakes ...

Once wuz enuf ...

i would think so. ;)

Yeah, that's whut MB(RH?) said, too ...

My kitty-cat is home again...and she's very happy to be here. I think we'll both sleep better tonight!


glad to hear it. :)

so here's my dilemma

i'm genetically predisposed to disliking the guys my daughter goes out with - it's what dads do

she, on the other hand, chooses which guys she will go out with by observing a time-honored tradition. if a guy asks her out, she carefully considers several important factors:

1) is he currently or has he ever dated one of my freinds?
2) does he have a cool car?
3) will my dad really not like him?

an affirmative answer to factor number 1 will knock most guys out of the running, but if he's got great eyes and/or a nice butt, affirmative answers to factors two and three can override an affirmative answer to factor number 1

so, back to my dilemma - i dont like the guys my daughter dates, which is why she dates them - the guy she's currently dating was no exception - long, shaggy hair - scruffy beard - just more of the same

but when he picked her up for the winter formal (which was the first time i met him in person), he had cut his hair off, and trimmed the scruffy beard. he was also very polite, complimented my daughter on her appearance, called me "sir", opened the car door for her, etc.

i've since learned that he gets good grades, bought that really cool truck he drives with money he earned himself, and that he dated the same girl from 7th grade thru the end of his sophomore year, when she moved away, so my daughter is only his second girlfreind

i'm really startin to like this guy

now he's asked her to be exclusive - they wont date anyone else - this would be a first for my daughter, and she said yes

so, here's my dilemma - do i let on that i like this guy, and risk her almost certain genetically required response of breakin up with him?

or do i pretend that i think he's the worst of the lot - cant stand him, her datin him drives me nuts - in hopes that factor number 3 and that really nice truck will result in happily ever after

what say you?

Ooooooo, that's a tough one.

I'd go for noncommittal...not too much one way, not too much the other.

1. She's way too young for happily ever after, but it's good that she has someone who cleaned up well sound familiar?.

2. I think you should maintain a neutral position and if asked, just say, I guess he's OK.
4. Under NO circumstances should you say You're too young to get serious.
5. Start planning for her to go away for college.

OK, so far it looks like nuetral/non-commital is the way to go

and El - point taken on the cleans up well thing

and i can't say "you're too young to get serious" - she's about 3 months younger than her mother was when she started dating me - dont even want to go there

but she doesnt go away to college for another year and a half (and if i had my druthers, she'd go here in town)

T' ... not that it werked especially well -- or badly -- for us, but the "non-committal" would prolly be my suggestion ... and ... you might consider lettin' him know the extent of your firearms collection, and sharin' some of your huntin' stories with him ,,, include the tales of your "10 Best Shots Ever" and other such stuff ...

Whut this may do is to either:

A. - Allow the two of you to become somewhut friendly, and perhaps to share some interests.


B. - Indicate to him the folly of any course of action that might p!ss you off.

Oh, there could be another part to A. -- He might let you use his truck for huntin' season ... merely sayin' ...

(I'm not necessarily kiddin' around with this suggestion/idea ... really ...)

all the guys my daughter runs around with are already scared of me, so no worries there

but i really would like to drive that truck...


What's missing?


Only the other way.

Coincidence? I think not. :-)

bumble - *snork!*

hey, it's a really nice truck

early 70's chevy - deep, dark blue with dual exhaust, chrome pipes, chrome running boards, and chrome rims

it's also got bucket seats, and if you've ever had a truck with bucket seats, you'll know the difficulties that presents in a dating situation

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