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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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*zips in*

Morning Kilties!

Well, it still is here. :)

Always glad to know it's still there, El. Please let us know if it leaves.

sharon, actually the red cheeks come from just gettin hit in the face with a football at a mardi gras parade.

but i am drinkin a beer. ;)


geez i could use a beer just now

not fair


geez i could use a beer just now

not fair

see? im so thirsty i had ta say it twice

*loves TC 2 beers*

see? im so thirsty i had ta say it twice

Two beers, or not two beers ...

That is the question ...

*trashes Unk's artistic licence*

JK! *smooch*

We get it Toto! Really!

We pay attention to you. No need to keep repeating yourself.

*doesn't trash Unk's artistic licence*

*snorks instead*

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to accept a mere Lager,

Or that one should seek none but the Guinness ...


We bear the slings and arrows of outrageous cheap swill,

and seek aught but what is best ... a Single Malt ...


Nah ... I got nothin' ... (I drank it all ...)

that wuz excellent! lmaf!

n O also

n O also

new orleans also?

does this mean you're comin down to party with me for mardi gras?

or did you mean "O" as in...

oh...um, never mind!

*Checks in before turning in early*

Oh, sorry for intruding....


*snork* Blue blushes BEFORE he peeks. How cute!

And...um...I like the second definition better. Just sayin'.

*snuggles under Kiltie blanket while yet another load of snow piles up outside*

Big ol' YAY!
To our Sarah J
Got posted on
The main blog today!

*zips in*

morning Kilties...:)

*peeks out window*

*sees blowing snow and below-zero winds*

(yes, I can TOO see the wind!)

*decides to stay inside and grade papers today*

If you can see the wind, Sharon, then I think you need to adjust your diet. Just sayin'.

Not my wind, Blue...there is no way on this green earth that my neck and spine can rotate that far.

(Which makes driving backwards REALLY exciting)

I agree about the diet, though...I've been neglecting a major food group lately.

I see.

Just 'cuz I can't see you behind me doesn't mean I don't know yer there!!

*rereads post*


I didn't even think about the pervie potential when I wrote that.

What do you call a ghost at a rock concert?
Boos on the rocks.

My 11 year old told me that one. Come to think of it, how does my kid know enough about the subject to know what "on the rocks" means?

Okay, enough grading. When I find I'm clutching my pen until my knuckles are white and consciously trying not to write comments that sound like, "My GAWD you're an idiot for writing this incredibly banal and meaningless tripe", I know it's time to stop.

Though to be fair, this batch of students is really giving it a go. They're making mistakes and not hitting all the necessary marks, but I can at least see that they are trying. Which is more than I can say for some of my previous classes. So kudos to them for trying and just imagine how much better they'll be once they have some practice and experience under their kilts...I mean belts!

But even so, I still need to de-whiten my knuckles. I think it's time for a little nip & tipple*.

*and those are DRINKING terms for you pervie-minded folks out there!

....but if you say "nip & tipple" five times really fast, you can end up with some rather hilarious variations.

just got here, and can't stay, but i just read this:

I didn't even think about the pervie potential when I wrote that.

is anybody actually buyin that?!? ;)

and if the 'net hadn't just messed with me, i would've seen those last 2 comments, which i swear weren't there before, even tho i reloaded the page like 3 times, so now i have to say "nip and tipple" a few times, just to see what happens...

nip and tipple nip and tipple nip and tipple


Well....I bought it, s-girl!

*waves to southern sistah as she flits into the Kilt and tosses her a cold on on her way out*

Sharon, are you suggesting you'd prefer it if your students wrote moderately banal, meaningful tripe?


Holy ****.

I'm on the phone with my sister. It seems my ex has asked my sister to marry him.

Oh. My. GAWD!!


Call me iffn you wanna talk.




Dunno...haven't heard from her.

{{NEO!}} Hope you're okay, sweetie.

In the meantime, we'll keep the Kilt warm for you!

Banter. We really, really need some banter here. Some chatter.

Lets talk about Kilts or drinking or robotic cows or anything light and fluffy? Please?

*gropes neo*

So is that a robotic cow in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


Is that a robotic nip & tipple in your ... um ... pocket?

Or are you merely ... um ... tippin' ... um ... nevermind ...

(Wowser, Neo' ... I've got a comment, but even I think it's inappropriate, so ... I'm not gonna say it ... hopin' you're OK ...)

*rubs black shoe polish on eyepieces of bird-watching binoculars*

*sneaks binoculars onto neo's bedside table*

HEY, NEO!! Look, it's an ash-breasted tit-tyrant! A very rare bird in these parts, I'm tellin' ya!

*waits with bated breath*

Neo - check the main blog. Dave has officially declared his '08 presidential candidacy, and is looking for submissions from bloggers for the definitive bumper sticker.

Lots of chatter there.

*zips in*

(stern voice) Yes, there is Blue, isn't there?

Was that stern, or Sterno®? Because sharon's supposed to be the only one 'round here spitting fire. ;-)

In other news, I officially begin my new job in the new location (B&BW trained me to be a sales lead in a different store than the one I worked in over the holidays) in one hour and fifteen minutes. Everybody wish me luck and/or say a little prayer for me. I'm a little apprehensive.

You'll be great, Bumble!

Darn' tootin' Bumble (re: fire spitting). I am a licensed and certified dragon, so my flame is Kilt-safe and friendly.

And why are you being stern at Blue, El?? He was just trying to help out a friend in need.

pssst....Blue....you had some darned funny slogans on that thread, too!

Good luck, Bumble! I'm sure your new job will be MUCH more fulfilling and fun than the old one, and that you'll be wonderful. Here...take these...

*sneaks a handful of gold stars into Bumble's pocket*

Never know when those might come in handy.


*luvs good vibes to bumble*

give 'em hell, B!

sharon...i haven't finished reading all the slogans (i'll probably never be able to read them all) but yours was darn good, too. :)

1) Bumble - you got the stuff. Go forth and succeed.
2) I know the reason for El's stern look, but I did stop short of outright untraceable fraud, didn't I, El?.
3) Damn right there's a 3!
4) Thank you, Sharon.

Hee hee hee......thanks, southern sistah!

Oh, Blue....did you steal one of El's slogans?

Tsk tsk....for shame.

My bad, El....go ahead and stern 'im.


hard to keep abreast of a good sternum joke...


Insom is ribbing me again.

Please. Spare me.

Yes you did Blue, but I still felt I had to rib you. :)

What...you trying to establish a pec-ing order here??

oops, just woke up from a nap, didn't see I stole sharon's line.

But they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or something like that, don't they? :)


And MY comment was directed at Blue, because I didn't see YOUR comment, El.

Maybe this Kilt is getting a bit wobbly on its pins, eh? Perhaps it needs something from the medicine chest.

hee hee hee...

insom said "hard" and a "breast"

ya mean like this?

or maybe it's time for a move?

there are only a few comments and no spam here.

you guys decide!

I wasn't seeing a need to move, i.e., not a slow thread yet (except for some of its habituants), but I'll go with the flow.

I'll check it out, and be back in a minute torso.

Blue...do ya think aorta move? I'll go a-lung with whatever the others want to do.

*brushes off warrior punstress outfit and puts it on*

I don't really wish to shoulder the burden of decision here, but in my opinion, I see abs-olutely no reason to move yet.


*wanders away, humming ♬He'd fly through the air with the greatest of eeeeeeease...

That daring young man on the flying trapezius.....♪♫*

I'm too sick to care. How can I be sick again?

Please just let me know where we are.

This seems to load really quickly, though.

pssst....El...we're staying put. s-girl took my pun about the Kilt needing a medicine chest a leeeeeeeetle too literally


*nictitates @ s-girl*

southerngirl's link came to mind (hee-hee , i said "mind") when i read about this site.

before you call your m.d. (though i did take the quiz, just to be sure) you might want to read this article...


I took the quiz, too. Apparently I'm on the brink! I think I should talk to my doctor about this......

*SNORK*@ the quiz and the article.

*Goes to lie down*

Back from my first shift at the Logansport B&BW. The CSL who worked with me tonight was really nice and helped me learn all the differences between the two stores that I needed to know. Overall it went well. We didn't make all our segments (they set us sales goals for every two hour period in a shift) but we made the middle one, and I sole Wexler tonight!

Wexler is a high-end line of face care products developed by a dermatologist named Patricia Wexler, and it's expensive. Selling your first Wexler kit is a rite of passage at B&BW. Selling more of them is a feather in your cap. I sold my first one in Kokomo, but I took selling my second one on my first shift at the new store as a good omen. :-)

*wanders off to research Vietnamese culture, society, and international trade and investment policies*

Bumble, you've been taking Alfred lessons, haven't you? ;-)


YAY Bumble. It's always nice to get off to a good start. :)

correction: I sold Wexler tonight.


Blue~ My International Environment of Business class does a group project where you have to present a country and tell the pros and cons of investing in it, then later in the semester we pick an industry in that country to analyze for a second presentation, and wrap it all up with a 15-20 page paper. My group overruled my vote for Germany and picked Vietnam.


It's OK to be a little excited about a successful day, Bumble ...

Now ... p'haps y'all should ask your doctor for some of that Havidol™ ... merely ... um ... bein' helpful?

Always nice to have permission to get excited, isn't it Bumble?


Congrats on your successful first day! C'mon, admit it....the gold stars helped, didn't they??

......naaaaaaaaaah. It was ALL you, girl!

Seems to be a common trait in men, sharon. I was having a hot and heavy (or as much as you can do that in e-mail) "thing" by e-mail with someone and at one point, after I disagreed with something he said, he wrote and said, and I quote,
"You have permission to break up with me anytime".
I wrote back and said Thanks for permission - and did.

You have my permission to stop generalizing.

(And to smile)


*ducks and hides under the Couch 'o Umbrage*

*thinks maybe this isn't the best place to be hiding at the moment....*

Hey, quit pushing!

Blue, I'm smiling while I'm giving you a time out and sending you to your room.
*grins* see!

*zips out*

*boots blue out from under couch*

See? El gave you permission to go to your room.

*also grins*

*Sneaks out window, climbs down drainpipe, sneaks in lower floor window, joins Sharon again*

*grins too*

(heh, heh, I said "drainpipe")

That's very nimble of you Blue.

One question...why the heck are we still hiding under the couch?

'Cuz I'm still on time out.

i have a better question...what are y'all doin under there? ;)

oh. didn't see ya there, blue.

Ooooh, right. Time out. Forgot about that.

*boots Blue again*

Nothing personal, Blue....I just like saying "boot".


See? Fun!

*pokes a broom handle around underneath the couch*


*boots Bumble*

Just found out some cool news. My Grandparents are going on a mission. They will be serving in New Zealand. Pretty cool. Before they retired and began going on missions, they had never been outside the 48 states.
So now they are going to New Zealand and have already served in Canada.
I am jealous because the mission is where they film Power Rangers.

In other news, booger.

*zips in*

Good Morning Kilties!

Blue, I got a report that you didn't take your time out seriously and may have even *smiled* during it, which is totally unacceptable, but since today is a holiday let's start fresh and with a clean slate.

Time out if over. Enjoy the day! ;)

Please change if to is.

Thank you.

*emerges from under couch*


Man, it's REALLY hard to see through this GREAT BIG SHINER I seem to have!

Anyone seen Bumble...??? I...um....have something for her.

*readies dragon-flame*

*changes if to is*

you're welcome. :)

psst...bumble...there's still room under my bed if ya need to lay low for awhile...;)

*loves sharon a nice, cold raw steak for the shiner*
*n an icy draft just cuz it should go with*

*nictitates @ southerngirl*

Sharon, I think if you'll check, you'll find it isn't really a shiner. It's shoe polish.

sharon's got a Shriner under the couch? well, whatever turns a dragon on...

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