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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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sharon, i thought of you when i typed that, cuz i knew you'd be willin to share. :)

and blue, you can share anything ya want, except for your germs, tyvm. ;)

You're immune by now, aren't you, SG?




immune to germs, probably.

immune to your charms, never! ;)

*nictitates at blue*

sg - OK ... "moderation in moderation" sounds better than sayin'

I do everthin' in moderation ... and I'm a fanatic about it ...

It's valentimes day on wednsday. I sort of hate that day.

Posted by: Alfred | 08:07 PM on February 12, 2007

Yeah, I hate it too. But in fairness to all the lovey-dovey people, I only hate it because I'm bitter about my lack of a valentine to share it with.

In happier news, I had my first managerial accounting exam (*gasp* *choke*) today, and not only did I survive it, I think I did pretty well. Plus the training for my new job is going great. I catch the two managers who are training me talking about me all the time. In a good way. :-)

*snuggles into bed to watch a re-run of some sitcom or other*

*but checks to see if test grades are posted yet first*



*heads to the nearest non vacant couch*

*grabs the nearest blanket, and the nearest kiltie, and hopes she's left alone to sleep*

(less and except for the nearest kiltie who might wanna snuggle whilst we sleep*

and blue? if you're feelin better in the morning, we'll be expecting at least a hot pot o' coffee. :)

'nite kilties.

Just don't hog the covers, s-girl.


I would totally vote for my own commercial as well Blue. I would really hope it would win.

Bumble- I was at a dance today. We had crayons and stuff for valentines. So I made a couple.

A picture of one H. Potter with the words, "Best friend stole your Hermione?" Flip side says, "Good time to curse."

My friend Brandon wrote, "Why Her?" Brandon is happily dating someone though.

Some stuff about ions I learned about today. Not too interesting.

A picture of a puppy. The words say, "See the puppy?" Flip side says, "It thinks your edible"

"If you want stupid, Put this on a T-Shirt"

This one is a foldout. "We hand out little cards telling people we note there existence." Next side,"St. Valentino had multiple wives." Last side, "See the connection?"

First side, "Jade is a beautiful stone sought by jewelers around the world." Flip side," I guess that makes me beautiful."

I will very likely make some better pictures of it all. But for the moment, this is what I got.

When I get the pictures finished I will post them.

Honestly I wish most people the best of luck on Valentines day. For me it is usually a bad day. But that doesn't mean other people have bad days on it. So best of luck to them.

Valentine's Day. Ahhh, Valentine's Day. I've never liked the thought of somebody being FORCED to do something, especially something romantic; obligatory gift giving galls me. It bothers me to see how so many men sweat, knowing that no matter what they do, they aren't going to get it "right." If they HATE the holiday, then there is something wrong with having to try to struggle through it.

That being said, I still like Valentine's Day. Not for the romantic aspect of it. But I get the chance to buy my kids stuffed animals. AND candy. And I can get all mushy with them (the kids, not the stuffed animals) and not only is it OK, but they WANT me to! :) :) :)

*sleepily opens eyes and sees sharon curled up next to her*


*doesn't smell coffee brewing*

*wonders where blue is*


*snuggles closer and closes eyes again*

SNOW DAY!!! Hooray! (Been posted before; I know.)

*celebrates by shopping for cheap DVDs at Best Buy*

Where's Blue? In bed. Or the bathroom. This is not shaping up to be a good day.

*puts on containment suit*

*hugs poor Blue*

Feel better!


We got snow....and we got a day.....but the geniuses at my university for whatever reason decided not to put the two things together. So here I am.

It was a close thing, though...if I didn't have all-wheel drive, I never would have made it out of my driveway. As it was, I had to shift the transmission into first and floor it to get out.

*would MUCH rather be snuggled up with cuddly Kilties than traversing the skating rink that used to be campus*

*would also much rather be snuggled up with cuddly kilties*

*or drinkin beer*

what? it's after 12 here!

Bumble ... tnx (again) for the Calvin Snow Art gallery ... I always feel better after the chucklefest (not upchuckfest) ...

*blows in*
We're having a blizzard. Nobody's going much of anywhere. I'm probably the only person in the world who WANTS to be at work right now. Oh well; it's not all bad! *curls up to take a nap*

gettin stuck in the driveway seems like a really good excuse to not go to work

just sayin

neo, why do you want to be at work, when you can be takin a nap instead? ;)

sg - not to preach or somethin' ... but I've heard it said that the person whose job is such that they enjoy it more than bein' NEwhere else, is one of the luckiest people alive ... a variation of that is when they admit to thinkin' that their "job" is not actual "work" 'cuz they enjoy it so much ...

Two thots on those concepts:

Whut, exactly, does neo' do, that is such a great job?

Where can I get a job like that?

Well, gosh, UO. I really DO like my job, a lot. I have mostly fun work, in a nice environment, with a great boss. Everybody should be so lucky!

But I'm afraid my motives are rather more mercenary at the moment. Due to my kids' repeated illnesses, I've only made it to work 50% of the time since Jan. 1. If I don't show up, I don't get paid; it's starting to hurt! Besides, one of these days my boss is going to figure out he'd be better off without me and fire me.

neo, i hope you took that in the spirit in which it was intended. altho i'd much rather stay home and take a nap, my finances don't allow for such leisurely pursuits either.

that's ok, tho, cuz i'm gonna hit the lottery one day, and i'll share with all my kiltie friends. :)

I know whereof y'all speak, neo' ... same fer me, mostly ... good boss, decent pay, he's very supportive (when I had a funeral to attend, 1,500 miles away, he said, "I'll leave it up to you ..." as to whether I decided to make the flight ... of course I only took two days of personal time, and I got back to werk and even had some overtime that week, so he got some production, despite my brief absence) ...

HOWever, I'm explorin' my options on "partial" retirement (bein' older than most of y'all here on the Kilt/Blog threads) and I'll be cuttin' back on the actual werk time ... he still wants me to werk fer him, even @ part-time, and I like the job (most parts of it, NEway) ... so, I guess it's perty much a good one ...

*looks out window*

Yup. Still snowing.

*checks university web site*

Nope. Still not closed.

*wonders if she'll have to sleep in her office tonight with no cuddly Kilties to help keep warm*

*begins plannin kiltie Road Trip™ to missouri*

*packs blankies, jammies, and fuzzy crawfish slippers for all*

*also packs alcoholic beverages of all types*

*adds non-alcoholic beverages for those kilties so inclined*

whoo hoo! kiltie snow party!

*Packs NASA-issue diapers absorbent garments*

Hey .... wait up!....

Yikes. Poor Blue.

*shovels a path to Hallmark to buy a copy of this for the local Meanie who's not so very mean*

Hee hee....I love that book, Bumble. I actually corresponded a little with Bradley Trevor Grieve a while back, and he told me really funny stories about being bitten by penguins and swimming with dolphins. He's very cool.

Okay...I have good news and bad news. The good news is: I'm pretty sure I'm not nearly as miserable as Blue is right now.

(Okay, so, that's good news for ME, not necessarily for Blue)

The bad news is, I cracked my collarbone on the ice. The GOOD news is, I didn't break my neck. The BAD news is, cracked collarbones are really, really painful.

But the BEST news is, I have gooooooooooooood drugs for that kinda thing.

Plus I'm not sleeping in my office. That's a plus.

Definitely. I've been in many many teachers' offices, and I wouldn't wish sleeping in one on anybody.

You cracked your collarbone??
Dang. I knew you cracked ME up, but I didn't know you cracked yourself up, too.

(HeeHee, I said crack)
("HeeHee" sounds funny. I'm used to saying "heh heh"; it sounds more lecherous.)

I'd love you some hugs, but I think that'd hurt. So... *loves you some sympathy instead*

OK, is it now officially Valentine's Day, Blog time? I've set out cards and candy for my three little sweeties to find in the morning.

But enough mush. I just love this site!

Ouchie. Yes, and the drugs have worn off.

Hee hee....I crack me up.....funny!

Okay, so maybe the drugs haven't completely worn off.

(Heehee...that DOES sound funny!)

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Anti-Valentine's Day! Whichever floats yer boat.


Kiltie hugs don't hurt....remember?

Are you sure??? Good!
*squeezes the stuffin' out of Sharon*

Happy VD, everybody! :)


*is squoze*

But it didn't hurt!

<>psst...neo's got VD!!

Oops. My italics didn't work.

I blame my shoulder.

Happy Single Awareness Day!

♬ From the halls of Montezuma
Come revenge aggressively
Microbes blight our country's bowels
On the can's where I will be ♪

Actually, *looks left, right and, um, behind* the worst is over, and I am at work today (within striking distance of the plumbing) despite nasty weather conditions.

Sharon, jeez..... very sorry to hear about your collarbone. Next time, try breathing on those icy surfaces before venturing across them.

Thanks all, especially Bumble the Bookseeker, for your concern.

Preach it, Sister Sarah!

Blue~ You're welcome. Glad you're feeling better.

Here in Peru Indiana, the snow drifts from yesterday's blizzard are waist-high in some places, and the one in front of my car is about as high off the ground as my windshield wipers, so I'm very glad we've got another snow day.

Right now I'm trying to put together a little Valentines Day Singles Awareness Day cheer for my mom and my elderly next-door neighbor. But I didn't get to shop, so I've got to improvise. I made them each a paper daisy, and I'm going to make them each a card on the computer now. Plus mom gets two Toblerone Bites from what's left of my not-so-secret candy stash, and my neighbor gets one of the chocolate strawberry hearts that mom bought last week. Best I've got to offer in this weather. I've never seen snow this deep in my area.

I made matching cards for my parents. Check it out:


So what if we had a blizzard
with snow and wind a-blowing?
Who cares that because of snow drifts,
nowhere is where we're going?

The heat is on, the fridge is stocked,
the hot water's still running,
and you're inside with your daughter
who's oh so sweet and cunning.


Happy Valentine's Day!

What do you guys think?

They had better be charmed, is all I can say, Bumble.

Mom gave me "The Look" and then chuckled, ate her chocolate, and thanked me. Dad's expression never changed from his standard look of bored disgruntlement, not that I expected it to.

The neighbor was most appreciative of the three.


*watches TV and munches the remaining Toblerone bites*

*Grabs a Toblerone and heads home, office is closing (a bit!) early*

*applauds wildly*

*sticks a gold star on Bumbles nose*


And I just have to say...even if I don't have a sweetie for valentine's day this year, I have the BEST guy friends ever. One took me out to lunch today, and another gave me a box of fancy-schmancy chocolate truffles and a card that made me cry, it was so wonderful and sweet.

So no moaning about VD from me this year!

*rereads....snorks....decides to let it stand*


I was just going to give you Tea and Sympathy for your cracked collarbone and now you say you went out to lunch - hooray!

And you still get sympathy becuase my daughter broke her collarbone falling off an ATV and she was in a lot of pain, and I'm sure *cracked* isn't all that much fun either. Are you in a sling?


Thanks for the tea and sympathy (though could you make that coffee, maybe....? I'm not a big fan of boiled weeds).

They GAVE me a sling, and I probably ought to be using it, though I'm not. I have no patience for such things, and I really, really detest visual cues that make people look at me as a broken person. Plus I like using my arm. But I'll be okay, really...the bone is badly bruised, and there MAY be a TINY hairline fracture there, but they said it was really nothing to worry about so long as I don't fall again.

*looks out window, sees lots and lots 'o ice*

Hmmmm........don't worry. I'll be careful. I'll just stay inside and eat my chocolate truffles.

Last post at 4:33?

*sits on the sofa of solitude*


Neo, you sat on me!

Or was that just your way of saying "Happy Valentine's day?


Every single comment that I could make crosses some kind of line.
*shakes head ruefully*
*decides it is better to stay silent, just this once*

Aw man...and here I thought I was giving you a golden pervie opportunity.



Pervie? Me?! Hey, I'm not the one who brought poultry into this! ;)

I now think I know why the chicken crossed the road. Some critters have all the pluck.


mornin kilties!

' afternoon, SG.

Since I missed the opportunity to offer breakfast, how about....?

*checks clock*

i have 12 minutes to go...

sounds good to me!

Sharon ... sorry about the disruption of your clavicular integrity ... that's mostly more painful than real serious damage, tho it can also be perty nasty if nerve damage is potentially available on the etiology menu ... hope y'all take care on the ice, until everythin' is back to bein' finest kind ...

OTOH, (y'all) ... yesterday was one from about 300 yards away from He!! ...

Up @ 4 am (PST) ... to the airport ... get thru security without buzzin' the buzzer (second time in a row without a "wand search" ... I'm beginnin' to think that they don't love me any more ...) sit around ... get on the plane ... take off ... land in Denver (with slightly over 2 hours to make the change, unusual -- it's mostly about 47 minutes, and the plane left late so run like you're a lot younger ... merely sayin' ...)

We entered the airport @ about gate 60 (B Concourse) and our new site wuz on the A, down about # 27 or so ... OK, NBD ... ride the train and walk a bit, stop for munchies, continue on to the gate ... to wait ...

(Those of y'all who've been thru Denver will p'haps recognize some of the geography/topography in this narrative)

Almost time to board (1245 pm departure, on a little twin-fan puddle jumper ...)

Gassin' it up, and then they say ... um ... CANCELLED!!!

Stand around, wait for their "adjustments" ... we've got four of us travelin' together, so we get the answer we're hopin' for ... "Bismarck is the best we can do, and we'll pay transportation to Dickinson, if you need it -- that's 100 miles, more or less, and NONE OF US WANTED TO GO TO DICKINSON IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! -- BISMARCK!!! YAY!!!

We also get vouchers for ... whutever ... marked (remember this fact) ANY VENDOR ...

And, we go to Gate 56, B Concourse ... ABOUT FOUR DOORS AWAY FROM WHERE WE LANDED ... OK ... NBD ... 'cuz our outbound flight doesn't leave until 6:30 pm MST ... that's about six hours away ...

Go to the train, ride back to the B ... go to the gate, get a seat, some take naps on the floor, some do crossword puzzles or other stuff ...

A couple of hours later, someone checks the Departures ... our flight has been moved! Pick up the carry-on (not Carrion, tho some of it IS gettin' kinda old ...) and lug down the hall to Gate 52 ... settle in ...

About 55 minutes before (supposed) departure, check the TV screens again ...


Tote the stuff back up to Gate 57 ... waitin' ... BOARDING!!! YAY!!!

The little plane (a Canadair jet, this time) is less than half full ... coupla rookie pilots, quite cheerful, the "flight attendants" are very pleasant and lotsa fun to talk with, exchanging pleasantries, mild insults, bon mots, et cetera ...

Our gang is in row 7, seats A-B-C-D ... HOWever, plenty of MT seats, so we split up so everyone has two seats for elbow room ...

De-ice ... take off only five minutes or so behind sked ... land in Bismarck where it is 9 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT BELOW ZERO ... but no wind is blowing, which, compared to Denver, is almost like summer, to Nodak natives ...

All things considered, we'd've rather been home sooner (17-hour day for moi ownself, from alarm to walkin' in the door @ home in Beulahla, ND ...) but it's WAAAAY better than havin' the plane puke out on you when you're @ 35,000 feet ...

WORST PART OF THE WHOLE DEAL? (Aside from the six hours of my life I'll never get back ... which wuz not all bad, since I finally had time to call an old elementary-school classmate in Denver, to renew old ties ... merely sayin' ...)

The popcorn vendor refused to take my "ANY VENDOR" voucher ...

All together ... not a totally bad day ... merely long ...

and ... as I'm walkin' out to the car in Bismarck, I finally think that ... DANG! I fergot to check if WriterDude wuz around the Denver airport!

WD - if y'all see this, I'll be flyin' back thru Denver -- with about 3.5 hours to change planes -- on Feb. 21 ...

Tnx, gang, for lettin' me unwind here ... stay warm, fly safely, travel safely, don't slip on the ice ...

OtU - the Writer Dude is not a Kiltie Dude. Just sayin'.

MtB ... I'm sorry ... I should've remembered that ... I will NOT reveal our "private" area of the blog to those who are not already privy to that info ... (see my post on MB about my "airline adventures" ... I did NOT tell NEbuddy where to find it ...

I'll attempt behavior that is more in keeping with our high standards of moral rectitude in the future.

Moral Rectitude wbagnfa ... um ... Contemporary Christian band?

O - it's not that WD wouldn't be welcome here, it's just that he won't see your message about flying back thru Denver cuz of his non-Kiltieshiphoodnessitudeocity.

you can say that again.

Not without supervision.

but, seriously.. i'm reasonably sure WD dropped in here back around/before the holidays?


Non-Kiltieshiphoodnessitudeocity wbagnfa ... um ... Polka Band?

i know! we can play a drinkin game, and everytime somebody mispronounces or misspells that word, they have to take a drink.

i'll attempt it first:

ah hell, just pass me the bottle...;)

*passes bottle*

Is it just me, or....did that sound extraordinarily painful to anyone else??

......Just me? Gotcha.

no, sharon, i didn't feel a thing! ;)

well, that sounds rather depressing...

Well, I know I gt depressed when I'm unable to feel "things".

I think we need another beer. Or maybe a margarita. What say you?

And apparently I can't spell either.

*rolls eyes at self (not Self)*

i'm ready, willing, and able.

bring it on, sistah!

Fer whut?


Or Feeling?

(Merely curious ...)

*swipes Uncle Omar's hat*
*plants a kiss onna toppa his `skeeter landing pad*

(merely feelin' mushy)

well, uncle O, i am a pretty excellent speller, ('cept for that "k" word up there), but i was referring to "bringin on" drinks.

however, "bringin on" feeling sounds a lot more interesting.

let me give you an example...

*feels cyn*

yup. not at all mushy, and lots more fun. ;)

His unkiltlimentalicaleryageism then?


cyn ... who's this "mushy" y'all refer to ... I don't know that Kiltie/bloglit ... and ... whut does he/she feel like ???

(Ya better warn them skeeters that the landin' pad is perty slippery ... not much up there to slow 'em down ... merely ... thin on top ...)

(and ... MtB ... yeah, *Glug*. Definite *Glug* ...)

*tries to pronounce blue's new word*

*is unsuccessful*

and if at first you don't succeed, then ya just give up.

*reaches for the bottle again*

*thinks that if bozo wants some booze, he better not wait too long to make an appearance*

Know Nothing Bozo The Clown = Booz Kilt Wench Thong On Now


i think not, and i want pictures!

*wheehoo!* oo, gf!
(cold hands, warm heart;)

n U.O n Blue .. could ya pass whutever yer glugging over thisa way?


Glad to see all is right with the Kilt.

It's seven degrees here in lovely mid-missouri. Imma thinkin' that that's not enough degrees.

I NEVER thought I'd be the one saying I don't have enough degrees. Sheesh.

*smooches cyn and s-girl so as not to feel (HAR!) left out*

*Passes jug o' glug to the West Coast*

*watches the glugging o'the jug, while sipping idly on mein stein o'fine wine*

oops...sorry bout the cold hands!

maybe somebody has a suggestion on how i could warm them up?

*warms hands in front of the heater, till she gets a better offer*

*intercepts the jug 'o glug and takes a swallow*

*passes it on to the west coast for cyn*

oh, um, sorry...there might be only a litle bit left now. ;)

*gropes sharon, so she can feel...um...be felt...too* ;

hey neo, didn't see ya there!

want some glug?

if not, how bout a *grope*?

Heh heh heh...s-girl's hands are warm now!


*unplugs the jug and glugs while snug as a bug in a rug*


why yes...yes they are...



Want some grub?

Struggles to juggle while chuggling glug.
Snuggles and huggles and slugs looking smug.

Ooops. I forgot to tuck in my verbs with asterkisses.


*takes an early mark and turns in*


Mark was early and you're asterkissing him?

Lucky you!



Ugh. *Grabs large coffee mug*

Man, this Kilt is getting heavy. Wouldn't mind a little help here.

blue, are you askin for someone to help you lift your kilt? ;)

You never disappoint, SG. That's why we love ya.

aw shucks...


S-girl's blushing??

I don't believe it for a moment.

*peers at southern sistah's cheeks*

a-HA! I knew it...you've been hittin' the sauce just a weeeeee bit early, haven't you??

....Tabasco sauce, that is. Makes your face all red.

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