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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Interesting. The pattern and color of it remind me of something (probably something from the greenhouse), but I can't bring it to mind just now.

*needs sleep*

*Needs coffee*

blue, are you sure?

S-girl!! how could you??

*tears house apart searching for hidden camera*


I'm sure, S-Girl.

ok, blue - ya definitely need caffeine. :)

so how are all you kilties doin today?


I'b sick. I'b so sick I had to cadcel by classes today.

And this is no ordinary cypher in my proboscus, either.

(Get it?? GET IT?? A code in my nose???......Ah, fergit it.)

*goes back to bed*

*Sprays disinfectant under and around Kilt*

Fer Sharon's engimatic probuscus.

Cadacelling classses is never fun.

enigmatic, even

Tanks, Blue. Iffn I need a doctor, it was nice of you to get me a cute one.

And since I seem to have become a big snot factory, I think I'll need those tissues.

(Tissue? Tissue?? I barely even KNOW you!!)


...................*hears crickets*

*crawls back to bed*

I love brocciflower! I wish it wasn't so hard to find

Sharon? I'm needing your services again, please, IYKWIM, and I need you bad! Please?

And if THAT doesn't rouse her full of flame, I don't know what will.

Not for the pervy aspect, but the grammatical one.
Sometimes I really am evil.

AAAHHH! Not bad grammar!! *puts hands over ears eyes*

Well, neo, maybe evilly ungrammaticalish, but still, you can get away with it 'cause you're so darn cute. :)

*curtsies* Thank you. I think it's the red nose; it accents my bloodshot eyes. ;)


Would you guys stop typing so loudly please?? My head is killing me.

Neo, I can't get to my email at the moment...I had to come in to work at the writing lab because another tutor called in sick and no one could take my appointments. But I'm finished here at five, so I'll take a look when I get home. I know I'm desirable as all get-out, but think you can wait that long??

psst...and it's "I need you badly :p

pssst....neo....the eagle has landed and the moustache is groomed! Repeat...the moustache is groomed!


Since I'm just talking to myself here, there's no one around to hear me say what a dumba$$ I am! Neo's ungrammatical bait worked even better than she'd planned, since I didn't even SEE that she'd set it out as bait, and then proceeded to correct her when she'd made it wrong on purpose.

Sheesh. When English profs get sick...it's a whole lotta ugly.

*apologetically offers neo a kleenex for her lipsticked nose*

Psst, darlin', I knew that. *grins* I DO need you badly, but I also need you to be bad. ;) And besides, I did it to be diabolical.

*checks mustache for eagles*

Ahh. That explains why I was feeling peckish this afternoon.

Hey! Did you guys know that snot can be all colors of the rainbow??

...See, this is what happens when you leave me alone for too long.

*smooches the tip of Sharon's nose* *tries not to grimace*

Um... I love you, darlin', but remind me to wait until you're well next time.

*goes to rinse mouth out with bleach*

*casually wipes the bright red lipstick off her mouth, noting that it transfers quite easily*


*wanders off, singing*

You can sneeze a rainbow,
Sneeze a rainbow,
Sneeze a rainbow, too!

*curls up on couch with sweet, purry kitty and most favorite-est ice cream ever*

Sick people get ice cream guilt-free, right?

What....? What's that? My nose is red?

Of course it's red! I've been blowing it all day.

(Tee hee, I said....oh, you know).

Sharon, do you mean sick people or SICK people. 'Cuz we're always at least one of those.

Wrong: .
Right: ?



i just got back from gettin stuck, (or pricked, if you prefer), so i'm hopin the sniffin and sneezin will be over by tomorrow.

*curls up on the couch with tissues and the latest stephen king*

*Ups the Kilt dosage*

Does anybody here know who the band Mudhoney was? apparently my English teacher was the drummer for it.

So right now, I am watching all sorts of videos on it.

Can't say I've ever heard of them, Alfred. Don't go embarassing your English teacher, though. You know how sensitive and vulnerable (and vengeful) they are.


*runs away, sobbing*

*starts planning revenge*

*blows kisses at the teacher-dragon*

We love you, even if you do singe us occasionally. :-)

*scampers off to bed*

*doesn't scamper, but shuffles slowly off to bed*

*loves "get well" vibes to all sick kilties*

*smooches all, from a distance*

g'nite all. :)

You might recognize a band that some of the members joined after. My teacher was once again the drummer.

well now, that's one even i recognise. pretty cool, Alfred

Hmmmmm ... SG said i just got back from gettin stuck, (or pricked, if you prefer) ... um ... nevermind about whut I prefer ... merely ... nevermind ...

Nirvana, yes, a bit more recognizable. Way cool. I will have to review their songs for grammatical foe paxes fox paws fax pages errors.

O. the U, unfortunately, as good as that may sound in another context, all i meant was that i was sick and i got a shot.



Feel better, all you sick Kilties.

Yeah. The funniest thing is the running start kids. These are highschoolers coming to the college to get credit here. The State pays for the bill.
They haven't a clue. But they do smell like Teen Spirit.

anyway, it may turn out that the teacher is pulling a joke. Hacia una broma

Well....okay, I'll try, KDF, but just 'cuz you told me to.


...and do it PDQ!

Psh. Like I'd listen to you, Blue.

I mean....unless you brought something like booooooooooooze to strengthen your argument.

*strengthens argument*

I S-Girl rests my case.

Choices, choices.....

*nictitates at blue*

i choose the JD.

I'm with ya, S-Girl. A fine choice. Rocks or no? (I like mine chilled).

And pour one for Sharon, please. I'm sure she'll accept.

ooOOOOOOoooo! Booooooooze! Thanks, guys.

And in an exceptionally fine glass, I must say.

*decides not to say anything about Blue's rocks*

umm......Blue's chilled rocks, no less.

What do you do about....um....the shrinkage?

.....okay, okay, so I changed my mind about not saying anything.

Then again, I like them warmed up sometimes too.

*reads last several comments*

*decides she needs more coffee*

Comin' right up!

(Yeah, Sharon, I know...)

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties! How is everyone this fine (but cold) Saturday morning?

Let's all tell what we have planned for today. I'll go first.

Me: nothing.


me: staying home with a sick 10 yr. old daughter, and cooking.


Racing to Houston in a diaper to confront my secret lover's rival.


Razing the countryside, flaming a few villages, and adding to my treasure hoard.

And then perhaps a nice spot of tea.


*realizes that her life could use a little more excitement*

carry on...


Posting "Beware of Dragon Flames" signs, hiding treasure, inhaling, exhaling.


I took a shower and got dressed.

That's not nothing, is it?

You're hiding the treasure??? Oooo, this could be kinda fun...like hide and seek, only with sparklies!

*looks in pudding pit*

Nope...not there.

taking a textiles test, going grocery shopping, laundry



*looks under bouncy floor*

Nope, not there either.

....then I might follow with fighting for truth, justice and the American way.


*joins in hunt for sparklies*

*checks mojito dispenser*

not there, either!

*goes back to tending sick kids*

yep, it's plural now.


*looks under all the couches*

Nope...dang. Not there, either.

{{s-girl!!}} Sorry about your l'il sick southerns. I have to admit that I'm still pretty miserable what with the sneezing and the sore throat and the earache and the achy muscles. I hope they get better soon, and that you don't catch it.

*looks in hammocks*



i'm not feelin terrific myself, but they've got the worst of it. and my daughter just told me that if i get sick, too, then "we'll all be sick, but not in a good way"

i'm not quite sure what to make of that...;)

*continues searchin for...*

hey, KDF...what's that you've got hidin behind your back? looks kinda sparkly to me...


She's obviously her mother's daughter, s-girl. And yes...in the good way!


*pounces on KDF and looks behind her back*

False alarm, s-girl...it's just her cell phone.

*looks in doghouse*

TC!! What are YOU doing in there??

Got homesick, didja?


My roommates don't seem to care that I exist, or at least that I live here.


you can always hang out here, cuz we care. :)

Yup....yes we do. You can help us hunt for sparklies if you want.

*searches cabana boy*


*searches cabana boy again*

You know...just in case I missed something.

Or you can just sit back, have an Izze ('cuz we ALWAYS stock your favorite drink in the Kiltie fridge) and just hang out with us. 'Cuz we like you.

*searches Sarah for sparklies*

Oops, sorry, didn't mean to tickle. :)

*hops in the shower, hoping to scrub off the many many layers of B&BW junk using more B&BW junk*

Between the oil burners, lotion demos & leaky cologne and perfume bottles, I get very icky considering I sell soap.

Anyone wanna give me a massage when I'm done? Please? It's been a long week. I'll reciprocate (and I'm good at massages), plus I'll provide the oil.

MEssage to Bumble-
"Hi Bumble how are you?
I really don't know what kind of oil you are going to use. But seeing as its the kilt. I would say crude.
Please have a nice day.
I was just in the bath and body wash nearby."

Alfred~ It was Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint massage oil. And it can be crude or non-crude. Depends on what you want to do with it. Personally, I don't ask my customers that. ;-)

A rare sighting of the Kiltie Robot Whale

Took me all of 30 minutes to do that. :)

SG -- Got sick, and then a shot?

I recall times when I had a shot (or six, or 16 ...) and then got sick ...

somehow I'm thinkin' that's not whut y'all meant ... mebbe if y'all'd've had a shot and a beer?

In case you didn't read this at the main blog, where I mistakenly posted it (curse you, Al Gore!):

Sarah, the roommate situation is temporary, don't be too discouraged.

Come on in here when you need to (or more often), we've got couches and hammocks and coffeemakers and fridges full of Izzes and people who exist, just like you.

mornin kilties

comment ca va?

*snork* at alfred's kiltie whale.

and O. the U, your way sounds like lots more fun. except for the gettin sick aftewards part. ;)

sg ... so, to avoid that part, merely remember the guiding principle of W.C. Fields ...

*Using best nasal twang of WCF imitation*

Moderation in all things, M'dear ... Moderation ...

SG- I am working on getting as many robotic kilt animals as possible.

Awesome. That is all I have to say about that. Maybe I'll gimp some robotic animals and kilts together myself. How do you post it though? I don't have a blog or other way to put things up online. Would the kylt work if I posted pictures there?

Slap them sarah. Hard and often. Then they will recognise the power you hold. They may start coup, but that can be quelled with more slapping. If you want, I can send a robotic Tyrannosaur to you. No one is ignored who has a robotic carnosaur. At least not for long ...

Seriously I am sorry. I hope everything gets better.

I use a great site called Imageshack. And Gimp 2.2 is pretty amazing when it comes to this stuff. Suddenly I can use the Gimp program. I am quite impressed.

The whale is from a show called GranSazer. Because it isn't really followed amongst english speaking folks, I had to play an episode and do a screen capture using VLC. But with that I was able to place my picture. And then use it to make the Kilt Whale.

For Tigers I would recomend Sentai Zyuranger.

I have yet to find a good robotic cow.

The kilts yahoo site would work great.

Sarah- The tyranisaur needs better slapping power. Get the stego instead.

You guys could wind up in a Super Bowl commercial.

'Mornin' from the sick end of the Kilt. Yeah, it's Stomach Bug vs. Meanie The Blue.

Poor Blue and his sick end. Maybe this will help.

hello kilties!

O. the U, how bout if i adopt as my motto: moderation in moderation - (with all due credit to c'bol)

*loves "get well" vibes to blue*

*Collects medicine and vibes from concerned Kilties, restocks "bathroom tissue" supply*

Hmmmm...seems like we're all still sick.

*hangs new banner over the Kilt doorway*

*lays out provisions.*


It's valentimes day on wednsday. I sort of hate that day.
Yeah, that would be an awesome thing. Making a Super Bowl commercial based on robotic animals in kilts.

Thanks, Sharon, that has been my main provision for two days now.

Alfred, I was referring to the slap-happiness as the basis for a Super Bowl commercial (which it was), but I would vote as many times as needed for a commercial with robotic animals in kilts to be the numero uno Super Bowl ad. It would kill the competition even without chicanery.

*lays out cuddly snugglie warmth on all the kilt couches*


oops...almost forgot...

we can share, can't we?

I'm a sharing kinda guy, definitely.

Um......take-a look at my name here, southern sistah!

I ALWAYS share.

(okay, there MAY be one or two things I don't share, but a Kiltie pillow is not one of them)

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