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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Yes, TC, the Kilt has been uncovered before by at least one enterprising explorer. (Name withheld to protect the innocent modest).

Welcome to the madness, Bozo! Happy to have you here.

Don't mojitos have like, maybe two or three things mixed together? And vegetation of some sort? That seems a bit on the complex side.

They're especially complicated when you add the rubber band. Right, KDF?


*wonders if neo had a certain dragon in mind whilst pondering who her worst enemy might be*

*hides lipstick and permanent ink pen guiltily behind back*

And I KNOW that gas station! The one with the ice cream and the scrambled eggs! Yah, that's a good one, that is.

Howdy, KNBK--nice to see you here. I don't think anyone's ever found us before, and if you really and truly want to stay EVEN AFTER seeing what we're like, well then....I say welcome!


Don't worry, I do that a lot....you'll get used to it. Maybe. Well, some do, anyway. I think.

OH! And...

*luvs El and Neo some chicken soup and hot Toddies*

The Toddies are there to serve the soup, but feel free to use them however you want to make yourselves feel better.

i was just kiddin about the mojito thing - i dont actually drink em myself - i generally try to stick to somethin i can actually mix after i've had a few

like rum n coke - there's only 2 ingrediants, both of which i can remember and easily identify even after having drank several rum and cokes :)

Except when ASK is around, at which point the rum is usually gone.

Just sayin'.

I tried to make a hurricane once. Recipe said light rum, dark rum...well, I never really got past that part. But the bright side is, I never run out of juices.

If a know-nothing can find us, than that know-nothing knows something, which would make him? her? a know-something, wouldn't it?

And is Know-Nothing related to Dr. Dolittle?

(BTW, we just have to welcome another Douglas Adams fan. It's in the rules).

But the bright side is, I never run out of juices.

*feels all Kiltie eyes swing towards Missouri*

.....What?? You all expecting a pervie comment or sumpfin?

Dunno why you'd expect that from sweet, innocent, l'il ol' me.

*polishes Bumble's stolen halo with leftover pan-galactic gargle-blaster*

*Swipes pan-galactic gargle blaster from Sharon's blasphemous hands*

One does NOT waste a pan-galactic gargle blaster on halos!

*Collapses in blissful heap*

*examines hands*

Well, I'll be dipped...! They are blasphemous.

*sneaks a straw into pan-galactic gargle blaster*

*refrains from mentioning the next step*

Hey, for all I know, Bozo (may I call you Bozo?) has delicate sensibilities!

Watch it, Sharon, that stuff will take the gold-plating right off of that brass...maybe I'd better wait and find out who Bumble is?

Nice to meet you all, I think, but I had better get some work done at some point today, or they'll take this fancy new toy away from me.


OK, if you're gonna work, well, i think we might need to re-think this whole thing right now....


*blasts scrambled gas station gargle swipe*


*gets no work done*

*dreams of neo*

welcome, bozo!

i'll have a shot, thanks!

preferably tequila, if you've got it.

Hiya, s-girl!

*clinks, drinks*

Hey there Bozo! Welcome.

*takes a double shot of something*

*feels like her brains were smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick*

Uh-oh. I'd better be more careful where I pick up my shots; that was a close shave!

A close shave?! A close shave?!
*runs to look in the mirror*

Oh frabjous day! Calloo! calay!
My 'stache and patch are gone!!!

Now, If I can only get rid of this red nose....
*eyes Bozo speculatively*

*snorks* at neo

*clinks and drinks with KDF*

*thinks for a bit*

KNBC sounds like a radio station.

Bozo, I've sent you an email for our Y group.

*snatches halo back*

I've been looking for that. And there's no brass under there, thankyouverymuch. It's the genuine article.

Sheesh. A girl goes to work from 9-5, and suddenly kilties are sick, halos are resurfacing, and new kilties are popping out of the woodwork. A hearty howdy to our new Bozo, whenever he gets back.

My karaoke song for the day:

♪♫♪ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ♪♫♪

And please allow me to explain my joy in the snow before you start winging snowballs at my head. I was supposed to work 9-5 today and then have a class from 7-9:45. I was also supposed to have a test in said class. But the snow flew fast and furious all afternoon, and classes after five PM were cancelled for tonight. I've been reprieved!

*does happy dance*

*wings snowballs anyway, just for fun*




*goes on the defensive*

*preps for offensive action*

*takes aim*




Hey, wait!!

consults text*
... innocent victim... blah blah blah arm self... if the mummmble mumble yada yada yada... then...

OHHH! I see where I always go wrong! It is supposed to be UNpleasant for the victim!


I don't think I'm ever going to get the hang of this evil villain stuff.
And since I lost the 'stache, I haven't got the right look anyway.

*retires evil villain hat*
*but keeps the laugh*

Ah, but that menacing glower still betrays what lies within, Neo.

And an innocent appearance is no true indicator anyhow.

Right, Bumble?


Hey! You people need to wake up and start kilting, or I'm going to start belting out show tunes at full volume until you do.

♪♫♪ Is this home? Is this where I should learn to be happy? Never dreamed that a home could be dark and cold. I was taught everyday in my childhood, even when we grow old, home will be where the heart is. Never were words so true. My heart’s far, far away. Home is, too. ♪♫♪

make it stop - make it stop - make it stop

*cranks freebird up to ear-bleedin volume*

You taking requests, Bumble?

As long as they're from 1776, Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady, Annie, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Westside Story or Les Mis.

I've got most of those memorized. :-)

And a prize to the one who can tell me which one the bit I sang up above was from.

The Secret Garden too, but only "Winter's on the Wing" or "Come to my Garden." My CD quit working before I managed to memorize the rest of it. My sister's supposed to burn buy me a new copy at some point.

Not seen most of them, but I'd wager it's Les Mis

Nope. :-)

It's Beauty and the Beast!

Yay! for Sarah J!

It is indeed. :-)

*dashes off to school to learn more German*

*seconds vote for FREEBIRD!*

*zips in*
I'm still sick, but a little better.

What's FREEBIRD????

I could handle hearing anything from West Side Story, my all-time fave Broadway show.

*Snaps fingers rhythmically on way out*

And this is why I don't gamble.

what's FREEBIRD!?!

only the greatest southern rock song ever recorded, bar none

Reasonable men can disagree, TCK. Us too.

Freebird is great but there are several Allman Brothers tunes and at least one Outlaws song I'd put ahead of it in the pantheon of Southern rock.

For El's (nee Cookie) benefit.


OK, i can't agree with ya on the greatest southern rock song, but i will say that both the outlaws and the allman brothers ROCK!

Thank you Blue, that was very informative. I've probably heard it a million times and heard people yell FREEBIRD and just never paid attention. :)

*drags wretched body out of bed*

*glowers evilly and with great villainy around the Kilt*

Okay....who's the one that shared this nasty little bug with me? You know...the one that has turned my head and throat into a phlegm factory and makes my body ache so much that even my hair hurts? HMMMMM????

*glances suspiciously at El*

n here i thought that what happens in vegas stays in vegas? hmmmm? ;D (n hugs from a safe distance)

Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you'll never change.

ty, tc. tyvm!

any time darlin :)

blue, i saw the allman brothers last year in new orleans, and yes...they do in fact ROCK!

i also saw lynyrd skynrd for my b'day this past year, making it the fourth time i'd seen them.

and as always, they were awesome. :)

It's been a while since I've seen either of them, S-Girl. Allmans were my band when I was ostensibly growing up, and I've seen them dozens of times. I've seen Skynyrd twice.

*Loves some Blue Sky to Sharon*

*loves Sharon some soup*
Yeah, this bug's a b****. Hopefully it won't last long for you.

*coughs and hacks in Blue's general direction*

That was an affectionate cough and hack, really. Blue Sky is always appreciated.

I was a Moody Blues/Rush/Crosby, Stills and Nash gal myself...I've seen those bands multple times.

*loves the one she's with*

Oh wait....I'm not with anyone.

*loves herself someone to be with*

Can you "love" something to yourself? We'll see....

*wiggles fuzzy bunny slippers o' doom (tm thingie)™ at neo*

These help too!

Oh....and btw....that lipstick is SO your shade! Looks lovely!

and this bird you'll never cha aaaaa aa aaa a ange


oo, oo, SG! i had real honest ta cajun craWfish last week!!!! we found an oriental/seafood buffet with a wondermous lunch feast! i just have to call to make sure they have `em that day! YUMMY!! (it's been Years)

uh oh. ♪love the one you're with

aaaaagggggghhhhh *runs*

*loves everyone who is sickly some "get well soons"*

we're all down (n home) with a tummy virus. seems to be short-lived. i was down yesterday - more up today.


cyn, was that at Todai? In Mission Valley, if I have the name wrong?

El, it wasn't Todai, it was last week.


*gets some rock education*

*dashes off to attempt to get some managerial accounting education*

*is not hopeful about the prospect*

*has a lousy teacher*

You are certainly a curious lot (Sharon may interpret that in any way she desires). Based on things said here and sent to my e-mail, I just thought I'd tell you all a bit about me - but I am not really used to sharing much information online, forgive if I am a bit on the vague side.

In no particular order:

Appearance: a person I worked with once described me as Ronald McDonald on steroids. Keep in mind, I was not wearing a wig or a fake nose at the time.

Marital status: I was married once, she's alive.

Job: paper pusher - and my in-tray has definitely gotten ahead of my out-tray over the past 24 hours.

Miscellaneous: 1) yes, I do like Douglas Adams, but basically, Bozo the Clown was already taken so I had to come up with something. I do know what a pan-galactic gargle blaster is, but am not ready for a Hitchhikers' trivia challenge. Stephen King is my favorite author. Millions of people can be wrong, but it's best not to argue with them. 2) Why yes, I do like rum and tequila, but I also like Guiness and Shiner and whiskey and...you get the idea. 3) Um, yes, I guess pudding is okay. 4) And, yes, Sharon, doesn't everyone?

Hope that clears everything up.

4) And, yes, Sharon, doesn't everyone?

*has completely forgotten the question*

*decides to fake it*

Um....YES! YES, EVERYONE does it! For certain, indeed.

Neo, I had the exact same thought, but you beat me to it.

*high-fives neo*

*wonders why cyn hasn't answered her question yet*

*goes back to bed*

OK, I see that the preliminary inquiries have been mostly completed. Now, has anyone mentioned the membership fee and scheduled the physical and the hazing initiation ceremonies?

BLUE!! HUSH!! "The Moment" has not yet arrived, the thrush does not sing at midnight, and the pollywog only wears fuzzy bunny slippers!

And you know what that means.

cyn - did ya pinch the tails and suck the heads?

(and for those of you pervs who have not heinzed, take that any way ya want)

When I was in France, we had languostine. Are those the same things, s'girl?

I'd google, but I'm still sick.

Okay, normally I'd say "EEWWWWWWWWWW!!" s-girl, but...

This past weekend while I was not in Denver, I went to a really fancy-schmancy restaurant, and one of the appetizers they served was shrimp. The WHOLE shrimp. Heads, tails, legs, everything.

As the waiter put them down on the table, he informed us that these shrimp were to be eaten in their entirety. Don't remove the head, don't peel off the shell....just bite, crunch, and swallow.

So, being an adventurous dragon, I did. So I can now say that I've eaten shrimp heads.

They actually were pretty good....nice and crunchy.

Roger, Sharon (or is it Sharon, Roger?).

Neo has a long moustache. Repeat, Neo has a long moustache.

Gah! There's a reason you don't eat the heads and tails. Blech!

I'm not an adventurous eater. The most exotic thing my tongue has ever done was to trigger my gag reflex to react violently to a sushi roll covered in soy and wasabi.

Dad and I were discussing weird eatables just last night, because we were watching an old ep of The Andy Griffith Show where his date tries to get him to eat escargot. Dad's more adventurous than I (meaning he's eaten squid and oysters on the half shell), but he'll wrinkle his nose with the best of us pickys if you mention eating snails. We sided with Andy.

el, i've never heard of languostine, so i have no idea what that is. i do know that in french, "crawfish" is "ecrevisse" (sp?) but otherwise, i'm clueless.

sharon, i've never eaten shrimp heads *eewww* but i have eaten fried softshell crabs, and in that case you also eat the whole thing...shell, legs, everything. it tastes most delicious. :)

oh, and el...hope you're feelin a little better!


*tries to decided whether to comment about the most exotic thing Bumble's tongue has ever done, OR the raw meat that it gagged on*

Relax, Neo! It's just code. It doesn't really mean that your moustache is long.

sg, pinched n sucked with gusto! (gitcher minds outta the gutter)

"crustacean family Nephrops norvegicus - usually known as the Dublin Bay prawn, or scampi, or the Norwegian lobster or - most often - the langoustine."
crawfish are freshwater crustations.

*twirls Neo's `stach*

heh. i wuz testing tricks on an ancient thread.

please edit the above to read
crawfish are freshwater crustaceans

no, really!

Can we edit your name to one that we are familiar with, or is that not appropriate?

Are you from the Ed Sullivan show?

#%&*!#% bot

ooooh, Eddieeeee!

*Sends Topo a good night kiss*
*Waits for Señor Wences*

I know, I'm dating myself. But that's legal in my state.

I know. I know, Blue. I'm sorry to yell. *sniff* It's just... I'm still rather traumatized from the whole 'stache and patch ordeal.

And don't worry about "dating" yourself. It's perfectly normal and a great many people do it.

señor wences was nothing without me!

s'girl, I've eaten fried soft-shell crabs too. I ordered them at a restaurant in Hawaii. I'd only eaten soft shell crab in a sushi roll before so I didn't know they cooked the whole thing, and was a *little* surprised when they served it. But I toughed it out and ate it all. Not bad. Actually good, once I got past the shock. :)

I'm going to guess that Bumble has never eaten one of these, then.

Me neither, until I took my trip recently.

OK. I just found out to hilarious things. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare. The press conference that had the ones arrested in it.
And the Bear Suit is being sold.

I have to say. Reality is hilarious.

In other news. I was reading an assigned book for English 102. And the author actually describes my future job perfectly. He even describes is as "Modeling". I have been trying to contact him. He might be able to help me to figure out what to do with my college education. Oh yeah, I will get my AA after the fall quarter. I was hoping for sooner. But fall will do.

Ees nice to see you, Johnny. Everything 's'alright with you?

ees niz to see you too, señor. everythin s'alright in the entire western hemisphere. except for a couple teenagers i know n heart;

Blue~ Ummm... No.

*wonders what that was*

Now you know.

*prefers not to click to display enlargement*

That looked like a pagoda. Makes me hungry. -I guess I have a little Godzilla in me... must be why I am over 6 feet tall-

The bad accents are reminding me of a character in Casablanca. I was watching that yesterday. We had food to eat. And everybody kept making comments and noises during the film.
Then we watched a cartoon version of it. Daffy played Sam.
When ever they got up or did something, the cartoon was paused. The movie never was, but the cartoon had to be paused.

Tweety did the wild eyed character with the passports.

By they, I meant friends.

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