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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Actually, I tried to pick the shreds up and reassemble them, but so far I am only able to manage:

Kit Denigrate Floe
Kin Derogate Filet
Kite Dateline Frog
Keno Digerati Felt
Kitten Dogear File
Kin Dotage Fertile
Kite Denial Forget
Kite Delta Foreign
Krone Digital Fete
Knee Digital Forte
Kitten Dialog Free

... and so on, but I can't get the pieces all back together the way they were.

Still working on it, though.....

I'm a bit partial to Kiltie Degenerate Fete, but that's just me.


kentucky dried flounder? (worst restaurant ever!!!-comic book store guy)


Ew, you *snork*ed on the flounder!

kay, that just adds flavor. ;)

*crams for astronomy exam*

No rest for the weary traveler.


Oh, that's okay, KDF....you know I don't eat fish anyway!


Man, I'm not having a very good pet month...first Abby is diagnosed with kidney and pancreas problems, and today my darling pup Kumquat (I HEAR YOU LAUGHING OUT THERE SO STOP IT!) had to have surgery. He's fine, though...he had a tumor on his side (benign, so they just did a biopsy and then left it) and a tumor in his mouth (they had to surgically remove that one). Plus they cleaned his teeth while he was under. Poor baby, he's all tuckered out and sore. But I'm glad he'll be okay now.

*cries and wravels*

What...didn't you also know that there's no rest for the teary wraveler??


... and I said 'Leave her? I just flounder!' HAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, how's it goin guys? Nice to meet you clover.

Now who is knbtc? Someone else new, or what?

Good lord, I heinz and I still don't know what's going on. At least, no matter how many noobs show, I have a gold plated Kilt-Pass so I can come here anytime without being bothered about who I am. That can not be said for the MB. I've been hassled a couple times when I showed up there and acted like I was an old hand.

Oh, and most importantly, a belated HAPPY KILTAVERSARY to everyone, whether or not you were there for the start of this thing.

ado, "knbtc" is "know nothing bozo the clown", which i guess was too much to type. ;)

Got that from the email. So that was you?

... I've been hassled a couple times when I showed up there and acted like I was an old hand ...

hmmmmmmmm ... nope ... I got somethin' (non-contagious) ... but it's not fittin' fer offerin' ...

I know, I will always be a junior member of the MB, no matter how long I hang there. It's cool UO.

So how's everything in the weed elimination biz?

i think if ado gets hassled on the MB, he should come over here and round up the posse. :)

Sweet. Actually, the worst time it happened, Bumble stuck up for me. She told the person to shut up and that I had much more seniority than they did.

But I don't hang there so much anyway. It's kind of strange to think that a place so familiar seems so strange. So many new faces, kind of makes me feel old. (If that's possible for a 22-year-old) Just an overall weird experience for me. And to think, I was prolific there at one time. The scourge of the cyber age, if you will.

But thanks for the strongarm invitation.

Vegetation Management is on hiatus, as of about 1545 hours MDT today ... I'm headed home fer a week of R&R ... plane ride in the early a.m. ... week went perty OK, tho, considerin' all the railroad trains out there, zippin' past me about eight feet away, @ 70 mph ...

But that's why they employ you, uncle. 'Cause you gots brass b***s. Did they let you go parttime then?

Well, I gotta go. TTYL.

Actually, the worst time it happened, Bumble stuck up for me. She told the person to shut up and that I had much more seniority than they did.

Posted by: Adonis | 08:40 PM on March 20, 2007

Huh. I don't remember that.

But I'd do it again, darn it! And if Ado were still around, I'd give him a pouncing like he never had before.

*sends out love waves (but not this kind) to all kilties*

Ado' - when y'all get back ...

yup ... that's the plan ... June 1 becomes "onset of retirement" fer moi ownself ... prolly be about 25 percent werk and the rest of the time will be ... werk ...

Honey Do lists, restoration/repairs/remodelin' and that ilk ... with enuf time fer fishin' 'n' huntin' 'n' readin' 'n' writin' 'n' photographin' between stages actual employment ...

Dunno if I can stand that pace ... may hafta go back to werk to feel like it's a vacation ...

Awwww....thanks, Bumble!


*waves to Adonis*

Greetings, ALL Kilties, old and new.

We're here to stay, while folks at the Main Blog will come and go. Nobody deserves hostility when playing there, but neither should anyone expect to necessarily be remembered if they've been gone a long time. Memories are fleeting, and groups tend to bond with the folks who are consistently there with them.

Just the way it is.

Good Morning! I hate spring and I wish everything would go back to being dead


hi guys...anybody hungry?

Oh GAWD, s-girl...that's the most obscene sandwich I've ever seen. I mean....are those crab cakes on there???

....I'll split it with you. :p


I like the way they put the penny at the bottom on its edge to give you a size perspective, because no one could figure out how big it is otherwise!

I think if you just took out one slice of bread it would be fine. ;)

*misses German bakeries and Schokocremecroissants for breakfast*


Main blog cautionary tail tale.

(Judi is remarkably consistent, no?)

*SNORK!!!* @ "flashing their bits"!!!

Man...that made me laugh so loud people here are looking at me strangely.

Not that this is different from any other day, mind you...

at least they didn't say "dangly" bits.

and sharon, those did appear to me to be crab cakes, and yes, we can split it. there's plenty!


*grips a knife in one hand and a fork in the other in gleeful anticipation*


*chucks knife and fork over shoulder and dives in!*

I think mebbe that's a Canadian nickel beside the sandwich ... which nickel, BTW, is really only worth about one penny, US ... merely sayin' ... it looks like the Queen on the coin ...

*hasn't got NE Canadian specie available for comparison ... might even be a quarter ...*


It was just a freaking coin to give some dumass the perspective on the size of the sammich!!!!

Sorry I mentioned it.

*zips out*

geez, this place is dead

nobody here but me an the crickets

noisy little bastards

but as long as i got the place to myself...


*drinks straight from the beer tap, no glass*

*pees off the balcony*

*carves "TC was here" in the wall with handy swiss army knife*

oooh, that was excellent aim, darlin!

wanna carve SG was here, too?


i wrote "SG was here" when i peed off the balcony :)

well, geez, i'm just so flattered now


and impressed?

you should be impressed

it aint as easy as it looks you know

yeah, well.. practice makes perfect, tiggerpoo.

n it looks like a phucking G.W. quarter to me!

(see?! it's Much Nicer when we keep our negative shite to ourselves!)

So that's what it says! Looks more like it says "SG wash eye", which was kind of scary, frankly....

*slips some Chille-drin(tm thingie)™ into the Kiltie water cooler*


*takes a loooooooooooooooong drink of water*


*senses structural strife*

TC, that balcony is not easily p'd off... what did you do??

*Tosses another straw into the pitcher of Chill-ade®™©, and starts sucking making the level go down drop.*

that balcony is not easily p'd off


*distributes straws*

*also biscotti, 'cause I have some and it's reeeeally gooooood*

tee hee, Blue said "tosses"

How nice it is to come here in the morning and see everyone being ticked off at me.

Maybe I'm not fit to be a Kiltie since y'all are so perfect.

I'll pass on the "chill pills".

See ya around, but not here.

*zips out*

*Leaves light on and mints on pillow for the return of always-welcome Kilties*

*adds KDF's biscotti to mint on pillow*

YUM!! Now all I need is my high-maintenance-chick-drink to go along with it!

*heads off to class dreaming of iced decaf mochas*


Okay, upon re-reading this, I fear my purpose and seniment may be misconstrued...I in NO WAY meant to imply that anyone but myself was a high-maintenance chick with a comparable high-maintenance chick drink. The image in my head when I wrote that was of me munching my sistah's biscotti (oh, stop it with the euphemisms you pervs!) and feeling a yen for my favorite coffee concoction.

Sorry for any confusion there! And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

(while hoping that the tornado warnings going around all over town will actually amount to nothing...keep your fingers crossed for me)

A bit to the left, if you would, Sharon.



My pleasure.

Wait....actually that was your pleasure! I still want my iced mocha!


That....that was...was.....



Then again, Blue...you should know better than to tease a dragon.......

*starts stoking the fires*

*wanders through, sees nobody is looking, eats sandwich, pockets coin*

*wonders if she should mention to knbtc that we have an angry security dragon on the premises*


*pops popcorn and settles in to watch*


*sees a weeeeeeeeeee little clown picking teeth with coin*

*readies flames.......*


*rears back, startled, as steam from dragon-nostrils causes major hair catastrophe*


*sprints with most un-dragonlike haste and exits stage right in search of smoothing hair-care products*

Bright side: somehow, somewhere, there is now a grilled crabcake sandwich.

*loves Sharon some de-*FOOF*ing creme*


Rain today. I'm still *FOOF*ed.

*hangs *FOOF*ed head in shame*

Sharon - dare I suggest a specialist for your, um, unique needs?

Oh. My. GAWD!!

There are bigger, worthier geeks out there than I. How DO you find these things, Blue??

*can't stop *snork*ing*

G'monirng moonring mnornig Hi, there!

Sharon, to address your question:

- anything you can think of, no matter how absurd, weird or bizarre, is already out there (cocktail mice, anyone?) in this creative and chaotic world
- today's electronic tools enable anyone to describe and post their absurd/weird/bizarre concepts for anyone to see on a website, unfiltered by editors, publishers, censors or anyone else
- these same tools allow anyone with a desire to find something that relates to whatever they might imagine at any given moment to identify and retrieve at least one description or image of that very thing
- thus, when inspired by something said here, all it takes is entry of the right search terms into G00gle. "Dragon care", for instance. If you are not able to find something suitably related to what you are thinking, it is highly likely that you are just not using the right search terms. Because, like I said, the stuff is out there (in more ways than one). Further, it is likely that something way more absurd/weird/bizarre than what you had hoped for will be found.

My short treatise on searching the net is now conlcuded cocnudled cnolduced over.

*flashes all Kilties' Senior Advanced G00gling credentials toward New Jersey*

Well... um... duh!!!

I know, I said "flashes"

*juggles cocktail mouse, Dragon *FOOF* Hair Creme™, and Persephone's treasure chest in impressive fashion*

*drops hair creme on Kilt carpet as frozen mouse thaws and runs away with the treasure*


I HATE it when that happens.

Is there any coffee left?

But of course!

Well, if that's how you feel about it:

And, duh!
And, while we're at it, duh!
And, the duh! of all duh!s....

*quadruple *SNORK* @ Blue*

And, *sniff*, Bumble... that may be the most magnificently beautiful picture I have ever seen.

*collapses into a deliciously dark, rich, flavorful, caffeinated, dizzy Homer Simpson-like stupor*

mmmmmmm, coffffffeeeeeeeeee...


Okay, Professor Blue, I'll let you off the hook for answering a purely rhetorical question THIS time, but only because you gave me multiples.

Multiple *SNORKS*, I mean! Multiple *SNORKS!!!*


*snags a cuppa from KDF*

*satisfies the inner woman*

Tee heeee......



*rolls eyes*



Hmph. That's better.

*ducks and gooses KDF*

Oh no, just when I thought my Tourette's had subsided.


Glad it was satisfying for you, Sharon. ;-)

I knew your question was rhetorical, but I enjoy expounding on the things it is possible to do and discover today that were not possible a mere couple of years ago. The world is being changed profoundly just by having access to all this stuff!

Think of it. Within minutes, I can reach out and grab funny stuff from anywhere in the world and use it to make friends I've never met who are hundreds or thousands of miles away laugh. How great is that?


*stretches arms out wide to both sides*

THIS great!!


Okay...I just can't hold this pose any longer. My arms are too damn tired.

*lowers arms and heads to the Couch 'o Pantsless Fridays*

Just how many heads has a dragon got, anyway? ;-)

Pantsless Fridays are my favorite Fridays.

*SNORK* @ Blue.

*waves to Adonis*

*Turns on 'It's Friday and I have the weekend off' music*
*Starts margarita machine*
*Puts on some fiesta music on the kilt hi-fi*
*Dons the 'coffee-fairy' outfit that went over so well last time*
*Shakes morracas and booty*

Heeeeeey!!! It's party time!

I know I have two sets of music on, but they're in separate rooms and they compliment each other.

*sits on the Couch 'O Waitin' for the party to show up*

Come on people, what more do you need than a coffee-fairie costume?

There are FAAAAR too many answers to that (and yes, most of them outRAGEously pervie). So does the coffee-fairy have any Kahlua?

*tries to "get down" to one tune and "tango" to the other*

*accidentally ties self into a pretzel-like knot*

Hmmm. Which pervie remark shall I use?

a. Now it's time to eat pretzels!
b. Now, where's someone who can untie a knot with his tongue?
c. Sharon gets down on Tango.
d. I'm out of pervie remarks already, but I just really wanted to say Tango again.
e. Along with the Coffee Fairy costume, we need Adonis, plus a Dragon pretzel. That's plenty right there. :)

oooh...a Tango party!

hey Ado, could ya shake your morracas again? i missed it the first time. ;)

Ohmigawd....Neo, have I mentioned recently how much I adore you? (I adore you, too, s-girl, but neo just made me *SNORK* until my face nearly turned inside-out!)


........*eagerly waits for answers for neo's questions*

ya know, since i've met you pervy wonderful people, i tend to view things around me with an entirely different perspective.

and now i won't be able to look at pretzels anymore without *snork*ing.

thanks, guys!

triple snork @ Blue's duh's (couldn't open the fourth)

and snork @ Tango man

That's all. Carry on.

When I saw eagerly, I read eaglely. I can picture a dragon floating, scanning the ground for prey (like an eagle.) So I'm a leeeetle bit afraid to come out from under this couch right now. Especially since I think dragons snork fire.




*pats out wee curling flame on Neo's head*

Um...sorry 'bout that. I forgot to switch from draconic mode to human mode. But it's all better now!

Daisy, you just gotta open the fourth. If all else fails, copy the url and paste it directly into your browser address box, and then hit "Go" or Enter.

(I so dislike not being able to finish things).

*Adores all things Kiltie*

*Makes note to beware of low-fooming dragons*

... tried that, 'Blue ... din't werk fer me, either ...

OK ... werked now ...


(You'd think, bein' a lawyer, he'd figger out a way to change his name ... eh?)

Su-weeet! I always wanted curls and flame red hair!! *looks in mirror*
I'm smokin'!!

Hee hee hee.....you always were, darlin'!

*Rescues Neo from fiery catastrophe*

Came across this link while searching for the above. Too weird not to post.

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