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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Oops, sorry. Ice pack?

Nah, just cream.

...that was from Harry Potter and the Elixir of Life on sale at all Starbucks....

ice cream?

Coming in July: Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Secretions

*cancels plans to see the newest Harry Potter movie*


I love you guys. Really. In that warm, fuzzy, gawd-I-just-wanna-hug-you-all kinda way.

Of course, I'm running on three hour's sleep and no caffeine, so....that may just be the overwhelming exhaustion talking.


Yay! The Green M&Ms are working!

took long enough!


*SNOOOORK @ insomniac*

Oh good grief! I wasn't even done snorking at Insom when I finished heinzing and snorked again! My snorker is going to give out!

neo, you seem to be in need of some assistance. :)

*is still SNORKing at "Moldyfart"*

*silently tiptoes through sleeeeeeepy Kilt*

*SNORK* @ insom

Oh boy. I needed that. It's been a very long day.

Today I bought fragrance mist (which is essentially watered down [make that alcoholed down] perfume) for the first time in my life. I've never worn perfume or body splash products of any kind before, and I performed very scientific tests (meaning I sprayed every tester in the store on a little square of cardstock) to determine which fragrances were subtle, didn't smell like food, and didn't make me want to urp. I ended up buying three products in the "Breathe" line that I liked. Now I've got to decide which one to take with me to Germany.

So, Blue, if you would be so kind, please go to your local Bath and Body Works and smell the Vanilla Milk, the Tamarind Nectar and the Tranquil Lotus Blossom and report back to me upon the subject of which one most makes you want to sweep the cute foreign girl wearing it off her feet. ;-)

Sharon!! Be careful! We don't want he who must not be smelled to, um .... get wind of us.

And for the record, perfume woes are not the reason I've had a long day. I'm not that pathetic & shallow. I worked 9-6 and had class from 7-9. Me's sleepy.


Simuled as soon as I tried out my Vanilla Milk. Surely not a coincidence. I take it you're voting for that one? ;-)

*note to self (not Self): the kilt doesn't care about perfume.

*installs scratch-n-sniff Kilt (urp)*

Now I've got to decide which one to take with me to Germany.

Merely remindin' you, Bumble ... be sure to take your 1-Quart Ziploc™ bag, and don't have more than four oz. in the container, or some US Customs agent or airline employee will be wearin' your odour du jour ...

Blue...are you trying to con-sinus to an odorless Kilt? As in, nose-mells?

Sharon - don't be scilia! That wouldn't make scents. I'm merely trying to keep the Kilt free from the influence of Dark Magic. In fact, we need to keep an eye on that sneaky Draco Malodor.

Bumble - sorry, but I do in fact have no opinions on perfumes and such, other than to suggest keeping it light.

Uncle O~ I always put such things with the toiletries in my checked bag so I don't have to mess around with a ziplock bag.

Blue~ I will. As I said, I've never used such things before; I'm not going to start off by drenching myself in scent the way some people do. I just put a leetle bit on one wrist, then rub them together. Like mom used to do with her Chanel when I was little.

Taking off tomorrow, right, Bumble? Have a wonderful trip, and think of Der Kilt whenever you get a chance.

Yes, tomorrow. I leave the house at seven, meet up with the group at eight, we drive to Chicago, get Tiffany's passport (don't ask), then fly out of Chicago about four thirty. We're going to Ikea and Sweet Tomatoes before we head to the airport since we've got some extra time. My teacher claims shopping at Ikea will be like a preview for going to Germany. I guess it's very big over there or something. ???

I'm not following the Ike@/Germany comparison, Bumble. The Ike@ shopping I have done in NJ in no way reminded me of Germany, thank the stars! I hate the place (Ike@). I did see a couple of Ike@s over there, but I had no reason (again, thank the stars) to set foot in them.

*Goes to fill his Käffÿÿn thermal coffee mug, after deciphering the hieroglyphic assembly instructions, locating the special assembly tools, and double-counting the special connecting hardware*

BTW, Kiltie fans of Peter Mulv3y - I heard his music on an actual New York radio station this morning! The deejay was raving about how he was a long-time fave of hers, and promoing an appearance in NYC tonight.

This is a very popular public radio station, so maybe PM might get to enjoy a (much deserved) wider level of success.

Oh well. At least I'll know what an Ikea is after this. I've heard people talk about it, but I've never been. What's so awful about it? Most people I've talked to seem to think it's the best place ever, but nobody's told me what's so special about it.

Speaking only about the ones that I have been to:

1) They can get very crowded, and they force all customers to take a meandering path through every section of the entire gigantic store. You cannot go directly to this or that department, and you cannot go directly from there to the cash registers.

2) Their merchandise is cheap, but it's often because it's not the most solid or durable stuff.

3) It's also cheap because you have to assemble it yourself using instructions that contain only pictograms designed by aliens from the planet Xoid. The connecting hardware often is specialized such that only the materials and tools that come with the package can be used. If you're missing, say, a certain bolt or screw or allen wrench you have to get another parts package from their store since the &*#$ing things are non-standard.

4) There was indeed a 3). Hah!

5) However, there have been times when there was no part no. 3 despite its depiction on the interplanetary assembly instructions!

6) Other than that, I love the place.

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

Bumble, one word. Cheap crap.

oooh, it's going to be a good day. The bot didn't stop me with the word I said that I won't take a chance and repeat.

Yay me!

Right-O then. I won't share your opinions with my teacher since she seems to love the place. :-)

*dashes off to school to write stuff on the blackboard before the teacher gets there*

Bis bald!

Blue, go to the NPR website when you can, and search for interviews with PM -- the one in the Boston subway station (conducted when he was there recording his "Ten Thousand Morning" CD) is particularly good.

He enjoys a boatload of critical acclaim and legions of devoted fans, but has made it clear in interviews that while he has played some larger rooms (notably the Kennedy Center) he loves life in the small club lane, as the settings are so intimate. He has a very strong following in Ireland, and plays there regularly. I can't imagine a life on the road as he leads it, but it seems to work for him. Sharon might know more.

Last week, I told my brother (who works in NYC) about Peter's club appearance there, but unfortunately he can't make it tonight. Wish I could!

KDF - I asked him about his impressions of life on the road when I met him briefly in NJ, and he said he found it to be actually pretty cool. He usually travels with his family, and they have learned to make the most of it and enjoy it.

By becoming more successful, I wasn't really thinking he would vault up to bigger venues if he became more popular. I can't picture that either. But I can't imagine him objecting to selling more CDs and getting royalty income from airplay.

Absotively agreed. And sidenote: I think Sharon went to school with his wife, too.

Was it here?

Ooooooh, I wish it were!

Yes, I did go to school with Meredith, but I never really knew her that well...certainly not as well as I knew Pete.

Okay, that came out wrong. I never actually knew Pete in that biblical, carnal way or anything. Though not for lack of wishing, mind you.


I have a new favorite song that unfortunately isn't available to own, but I wanted to share it anyway. It's the one titled "Tears and Laughter."

El got posted! YAY!

*skips off to take midterms, Yuck!*

Travel safely, Bumble ... enjoy!

*luvs Sarah some good-luck vibes and positive exam-takin' mojo!*

Uncle O~ Thanks. :-)

*starts packing*

Yes, I am a procrastinator. How'd you guess? ;-)


Safe journey, Bumble, and I hope you have a FABULOUS time!

Thanks. I hope so, too! :-)

Gute Reise, viel Spaß. Denke an uns.

I will.

(How do you say "I will" auf Deutsch? I always want to say "Ich will," but I know wollen is a whole other verb.)

Well, I'm done. It took me a relatively short time to pack. Now I'm paranoid that I've forgotten something.

Cash, check. Camera, check. Passport, check. Traveler's checks, check. Underwear, check. Less than three oz. tube of C.O. Bigelow Lemon Hand Treatment (the best hand cream in the world, ladies and gentlemen) in a quart sized ziplock baggie along with eyedrops and tube of Mentha Lip Shine, check. German pen pal's cell phone number, check. Was habe ich vergessen?

Stay safe, Bumble, and have a good time!

I'm so keyed up I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep, but I'd better try anyway. G'night everybody!

Have fun, Bumble!

Howdy, Strangers!

I feel safe that not enough has changed around here that I can make this assumption.

Have a great trip, Bumble!

are you sayin we're strange?

you are?




have a safe trip and a wonderful time, Bumble!

*slips extra halo into carry on*

Bye guys! See you in ten days!

*tries kilt door*

*finds it locked*

ahhh...that must be the problem...

*unlocks door and hangs sign*

there. that oughta do it.

*waits on the couch for kilties*

*decides that rather than take any chances, she'll add a little incentive*

*feels strange yet strong motivation to visit the Kilt*

OO! There's a bar exam going on here today...I'd better sneak out so I don't disturb anyone.


*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

s'girl, I followed the blinking neon sign. Thanks.

Oooh, bar exam. Horrible memories but fun at night, stayed in a hotel near the bar exam place with a couple of friends...:)

el, we're waiting for details. ;)

the word neon always makes me do a double take.

As does the word Bar; that's my kind of incentive!

Well, we all had separate rooms, but we ate breakfast together all 3 mornings in the hotel restaurant, and then when we got back to the hotel around 4 every day, we gathered in one room and discussed the exam until someone screamed I can't talk about this anymore. Let's go to Wild Bill's, which was the dive bar across the street where our law school pals hung out after class. We went in acting like wounded warriors and got a lot of attention. Then we drank for an hour or so, then someone would say NO,NO, we have to do this again tomorrow, can't get drunk. Then we all went back to the hotel.

That's about it, s'girl. ;)

*Sets a higher lower bar*

ok, el, if that's your story, you just stick to it.

*wink wink*

*plays "limbo" with Blue's bar*


So... who around here is in charge of good fortune?

Oh crap, I guess that's me.

*bars bad luck*

Ooo, you are the luckiest bar none!

*plucks cloverleaf*


hm, when something green blushes, does that make it... brown?


♫ I'm looking over, a four leaf clover, that I overlooked befoooore... ♫

El, you can take my bar exam anytime!

Toughest bar exam I ever took was seeing if I could still catch the peanuts in my mouth after a few shots.


Mine was tying a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue after three or four martinis.

And yes...I passed.

Try tying one around a tongue ring. Then try tying it around your own tongue ring.

have a safe trip and a wonderful time, Bumble!

*slips extra halo into carry on*

Posted by: cyn | 04:00 AM on March 8, 2007

Geez, cyn...don't you want her to have a good time???


Bozo: Excuse me, doctor, but I've got this ringing in my tongue. Can you help me?

McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a piano tuner!

Have you guys downloaded any good new ringtongues of late?

*FIRST to toss her pants into the kilt*

mornin guys!

blue - no ;)

Good morning Kilties!

oooops, *zips in retroactively* or nunc pro tunc as we atty types say. ;)

*SNORKs* proactively @ El, or non compos mentis, as we Meanie types say.

El TOPPED us all with a pro tung. So to speak. In this case, that's a very good thing! *jiggles her junc in trunc.*

Good morning people of Kiltland!

Don't know about y'all, but I needc more coffeec.

*vogues off to Kilt kitchen sinc to retrieve empty coffee pot*

*snorkcs* at Neo

neo, I can also ab initio!

I love Latin legal phrases, and wishes there were more uses for them.

*drops "es" from above post, hopefully before the English prof sees it*

El, so now it would read:

I love Latin legal phras, and wish there were more us for them.

Is that really what you meant?

Sorry for no appearance for a while. Last week of college was stretched to a month. Kind of tiring really.

Still working on pictures of getting giant robotic animals in kilts.
Speaking of which. The new Sentai is based on animals so it has several robotic animals running around. Working on getting the proper picture.

"Spanish is not an English in a secret code" Says my spanish teacher.

My english teacher was talking about one of my highschool teachers. It seems that this teacher thinks so highly of a certain group that he promoted it over others. This effected me because he was a judge in a writing contest. I was told from other teachers that I would win. And then this other guy gets it. Been sort of gnawing at me for years, and then to hear that the teacher really was doing what I feared. Sort of angers me.

Anyway, how is everyone.

See something? See what....? I don't see anything.

*nictitates @ El*

pssst....we sistahs stick together, yah?


As for me...perhaps tonight I'll find some in vino veritas, after which I may veni, vidi, vici and post hoc ergo propter hoc my way to a good birthday time!

Oh yeah...it's my b-day tomrrow. YAYYY!!!

Blue, I'm pretty sure that the prof knew what I meant, that I was mixing my tenses and that "es" is correct!

Per lucem potentia That was carved into the front of the boarding school I went to. It means, perhaps, in light there is power, or vice versa, in power there is light.

El - Goes off to Zipso facto?

El - Goes off to Zipso facto?

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 02:47 PM on March 9, 2007

El - Zipso facto?

per is 'through' and it takes the accusative case, in this case lucem, so 'through light ,(there is) power'...

i had an accusative case once, but the doc gave me some pills for it

*Ding dong*

Someone here call in for service?

*snork* insom beat me to it.

I had an accusative case once, too, but the judge threw it out of court.

*posts a "cave canem" sign over the Kilt*

*examines sign, head tilted to one side.....*

*changes it to "cave blog monstrum"*

MUCH better!

What really burns me is that I have to check my accusative case, even though it fits under the seat in front of me, because someone has the gaul to tell me that I travel with too many liquids and gels that won't fit (no matter how much I try to squish 'em) into a one-quart resealable plastic bag with a ziploc top.


*cases the joint*

*makes her case*

*buys a case of Kiltaritas in preparation for our upcoming 1st Kiltiversary*

*seals all garnishes in quart-sized ziplocs, just 'cause*

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