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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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*zips out happy*

Ooooo, slow Kilt night.

G'night, Kilties!

Man, I need to check in more often. Is cloverleaf new or is this another cookie thing? If its the former, good. The last noob we had was SSA. Now look how 'experienced' she is! Anyway, if you're new, I'm Adonis. I am the king of escapa, and often blog overnight. Sadly, I can't think of more to say about myself. If you're not new, oh well. You will by now know how often I make mistakes of this caliber.

So what's new gang? Just fill me in if you could, I'll check it later. Peace peoples.

P.S. Alfred, thanks for the Dr. McNinja addiction. Now every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have to go check the newest page. I will say that I am looking forward to the guest comics now that Frans is gone. Do they have methidone for web comics?

Man, I need to check in more often. Is cloverleaf new or is this another cookie thing? If its the former, good. The last noob we had was SSA. Now look how 'experienced' she is! Anyway, if you're new, I'm Adonis. I am the king of escapa, and often blog overnight. Sadly, I can't think of more to say about myself. If you're not new, oh well. You will by now know how often I make mistakes of this caliber.

So what's new gang? Just fill me in if you could, I'll check it later. Peace peoples.

P.S. Alfred, thanks for the Dr. McNinja addiction. Now every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have to go check the newest page. I will say that I am looking forward to the guest comics now that Frans is gone. Do they have methidone for web comics?

Stupid robot. You'd think that with all the experience I've had I should be able to handle a little PypeTad robot, but noooooooo.

morning kilties

*waves to adonis, who's probably already gone*

i'm off to work, but i brought breakfast.

Ack! I missed breakfast! Oh, well, thanks S-G.

Mucho busy the last coupla days (wah!), as well as today; and tomorrow and Friday I get to spend at a conference in DC. The conference is at a major hotel, and I hope to put their wireless capabilities to the test so that I might keep myself awake by Kilting 'n' blogging.

Pip, pip, cheerio and all that rot.

rotten pips and cheerios? I think I'll pass on breakfast, thanks.

Jolly good, then. Mind if I have your bangers?

Hi Adonis! Thanks for the welcome. :)

*zips in*


Good morning Kilties!

I brought treats!

Hmmm. Must be pie day. Thank you, Sarah.


daughter #1 and the guy i liked (though i remained non commital, as advised) have broken up

he apparently said she's "not serious enough"

i'm a little sad that they broke up (cuz i liked him, and i never got to drive his truck), but i'm not at all sad that she's not serious enough

she's 17 for crap's sake

she can be serious when she's 30

Just as y'all and I are/were at 30 ... (40? 50? ...) right, T' ?

It's a good thing, Toto.

Probably *excellent* translation of what cool truck guy meant:
She wouldn't sleep with him.

please substitute "e" for "y".


serious? hell i got serious enough at 19 (just barely 19) to get married

aint gonna happen to my little girl tho, not if i got anything to say about it

shotgun wedding? only if it'll chase the groom off

El, i read it the same way you do

i remember bein a 17 year old guy - it wasnt that long ago

well, geologically speaking

we never forget *those* years Toto. They're burned in our memory forever, the good more than the bad, hopefully. :)

my "those years" were pretty damn good

me too

*zips in*

FIRST to say Good Morning Kilties!

(assuming any Kilties are even here)

If by here you mean a conference room in a hotel, then, yes, I'm here.

tc, I think you and the young lady got a decent outcome there. She'll get over it, surprisingly quickly.

whoa. it sure is quiet around here.

*waves to blue*

hey blue, you want us to come over and start some trouble at your hotel?

c'mon, we've got nuthin better to do, and it would be so much fun!

*peeks in*


BUT! Some very cool stuff to follow soon. More later.


Capital Hilton, Washington DC, trouble needed STAT!!

Here I come!

Excellent. We'll start here, with a fillup.

I'm going out to drop off my water bill payment at the water bill place, since I just noticed that it was due on the FOURTH of this month.

I'm lucky I have any water at all.

*hopes sharon's news is here when she gets back*

*Waters El*

*Dries El*

(She was getting all pruny)

*snork* at blue :)

Greetings from yawnville. Who needs?

Sorry. I hate waking up and not knowing who I am.

happens to the best of us...um, whoever you are.

but i'll still accept some coffee. :)

ok, a beer then...

*pops in for a beer with s-girl*


*pops back out and will be back with more stuff to talk about later*

What the heck is wrong with this thing? *thwacks the Kilt-o-vision on the side* Somebody needs to call the repairman; the Kilt is broken.

Umm... there was no post here. So I posted, simulling with Sharon. And now my post is gone.

*sigh* and now it's back. Go figure.

oh, geez, thanks you guys!

i thought i was in some sort of alternate "kilt-less" universe or somethin, and you'd all disappeared..

and i was scared and lonely...

There is Kilt, or there is not Kilt. You are the Kilt. Be the Kilt. Feel the Kilt.

Heh, heh.

*feels Yoda's kilt*

*Experiences Force like never before*


irish words of wisdom:

why worry?

there are only two things in life to worry about. either you are sick, or you are well. if you're well, you've got nothing to worry about. if you're sick, you've got two things to worry about. either you will live, or you will die. if you live, you've got nothing to worry about. if you die, you have two things to worry about. either you're going to go to heaven, or you're going to go to hell. if you go to heaven, you've got nothing to worry about. if you go to hell, you'll be so damn busy greeting friends that you won't have time to worry!

Jeezely, sg!

I'm sure glad you showed up ... I thot I kilt the kilt ...

Gotta go pack up ... Movin' Day in Punkin' Center (not Punkin' Poo) again ... back in several hours ...

Hey, where is everybody? Happy St. P'day! ANybody here Irish? I think I had some Irish from a grandparent (named Derry).

*waves to daisy*

i'm a mixture of all kinds of stuff - french, german, italian...probly got some irish in there somewhere, too. :)

me blessed mother's maiden name is kennedy...does that count?

and for st. paddy's day...John Belushi 'Luck of the Irish' rant

uh-huh, daisy' ... with a name like Derry, I'd be a bit surprised if you didn't have some Irish heritage ...

altho ... a full-Irish relative of MB(RH?) once said to me ... "Irish is a state of mind ..."

I couldn't refute that premise, but the actual blood ties prolly help a bit ...

(Near as I can figger, I have at least 5/8 Irish heritage ... could be a bit more, if I'd do the genealogical study a bit more thoroughly ... NBD ... I'm comfortable with my "state of mind" ...)


that is all :)

later kilties

Re John's rant...spoken like a true Armenian!

*waves to southerngirl*

Not much activity on the blog...must be the nice weather.

Where's Bumble and Adonis? Did they find someplace else to play?

*sweeps up blog floor*

*stocks blog frig with beer & wine*

*sets coffeemaker for morning coffee*

*tiptoes out*

*peeks in*

*sees that everyone has gone to bed*


I'll be back home tomorrow and will regale you all with wondrous tales of hilarity and absurdities. Here's a preview....

KDF likes sticky buns!

Tee hee!

*smooches sleeping kilties and tiptoes out*

damn. almost a simul with my dragon sistah. :)

*smooches sharon*

*and a couple others* ;)

thanks for the coffee, daisy, i'll be lookin forward to it in the mornin...g'nite! :)

and...last, but certainly not least...


*peeks in*

*sips blog coffee*

Morning everyone. Time to rise and shine!

My son left THursday for a new job in New YOrk city. I'm excited for him (it's a big adventure for a Florida boy who's never lived outside of Florida), and I miss him. He lived with me for the past 10 months with his dog Reece (black lab - 2 yrs old). I wasn't sorry to see Reece go, but my cat Boom is bereft! He pines for somebody to play with him, and he expects me to fill the gap. Any suggestions that don't involve getting another animal. I may be forced to get another cat - I can see that now.

Ah, and Happy St..... um, er, St. ..... St. Cyril Day!

For a 100% non-Irish person, I had one exhausting day yesterday. My wife and I run a swing dance at our church every year, and this one happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day as well as on the day after a wet and heavy snow had fallen thru the overnight. Many of our volunteers were snowed in or spent from shoveling, and we ended up with less than half a crew.

Invest in Adv!l, now.

BTW, Daisy, Bumble is in Germany, returning today, I believe. Adonis is just a sporadic presence of late.

BTW no. 2: Today is also an important anniversary among this crowd.

BTW no. 3: Yes, there is a three.


It's been a year?

Time sure flies when you're havin' fun ...

Slick Irishification, there, O'theU.

When ya got it, flaunt it ...

merry kiltiversary!

Awwwwwww....Kiltie smooches. Luv them!

I'm back home after a wild, amazing, and absurdly raucous weekend with my sistah KDF, and we did so many scintillating and outrageously sexy things that I just can't begin to describe them all.

*hears teeth gnashing in frustration from various Kiltie corners of the country*

Oh, okay....maybe I can describe a few. Like how KDF rubbed a slippery substance onto my skin?*

Or how I took off my shirt in front of judi, the SB herself?**

Or how at dinner one night we pinched and sucked to our little hearts' content (and there may have been blowing in there too, now that I think about it)???***

Heh heh....that should hold ya for a while!

*smooch!* I'm glad to be back, tho.


*Tattoo goo I got from the tattoo place where I got my beautiful new tattoo!!! (Pics to come soon)

**In order to show her the aforementioned new tattoo...and YES she is AWESOME!!!

***Get s-girl to explain this one to you.

Ah... erm... ummm....


And all I can say is that -- it's all true. Right down to the freakin' sticky buns.

pssst, I heard Sharon moan!



Okay, that's true, too. But you really should know that there was a gay man in the room at the time.


And judi didn't want my tentacles when I offered her one. *siiiggghhhhhhhhhh* But we had lots of fun anyway!

*hears various and sundry brains exploding all across the Kiltie landscape*

*full story to come soon!*

Tee hee! I said....ah, you know.

Still. All. True.

Just about what I'd expected. Except maybe the tentacles - I'd have thought Judi was a tentacle loving type.

Nice to have more sistahs back on the now-toddling Kilt.

Wow, has it really been a year?? I'd forgotten how the Kilthread got it's name.


Every time we move I save the site to my *Favorites* and type the name New Kilt at the start. Then I delete the old one. Currently the bookmark is called "New Kilt FASCISTS@&%^&%!" But I'd forgotten where the name Kilt came from.

I never throw NEthin' away ... I've got ALL the moves on my bookmark directory ... yeah, it's kinda long (?) but I sorta sort it (not sordid)out, once in a (very great) while ... merely ... crowded ...

*goes to bookmarks to "organize* ,,, not THAT way ... sure a good deal those pervs can't read my thots ...*

Can only add that crabs were also involved.

Okay, I could add more, but that would be ungentlemanly of me.

But, damn.

Merely sayin'.

and if I had offered, I am sure judi would have taken a ...oh, you said tentacle.


happy kiltiversary all!

(sg, they pinched, sucked, rubbed, moaned, and tentacled without us... should there be punishment?;) (are there pictures?)

*smooches n hugs, Kilties!*

3/18/07 11:55pm

Be it ever so Bumble, there's no place like comb.

Some idiot left my bag in the rain in Frankfurt. My beautiful scrapbook fodder postcards got wet, as well as my copy of All Creatures Great and Small. Grr.

Deutschland ist ausgezeichnet, aber ich bin müde. Ich gehe jetzt ins Bett.

Willkommen in den USA, Fräulein Bumble.

Willkommen in den USA, Fräulein Bumble.

Ich hasse das Bot!

Welcome home, Bumble! The jet lag'll get ya every time. That, plus of course, the excitement from the trip. I hope it was incredible, memorable, and all together a wonderful experience.

Welcome home, Bumble! Sorry about your soggy belongings, but glad you're home safe. :)

sharon, whatever makes you think that I would know anything at all about pinching, and sucking, and possibly even blowing, hmmmm?

hey bumble, look...somethin shiny!

*steals borrows bumble's halo whilst she's distracted*

*innocent look*

psst...cyn...YES ;)

We'll take that as a YES to both of Cyn's questions, SG.

*zips in*

Were you part of the errant, misbehaving, meeting judi group too, s'girl, or did you just secretly hook up a videocam somewhere? :)

Good morning, Kilties!

There are, in fact, pictures, which we promise to share, really.


Ooo, and I forgot to mention that we were showered with gifts of not-available-in-stores, unavailable-to-anyone-but-us-so-far "24" J0lt™ gum.

AND... after dinner, we got to take a ride in the SB's personal automobile, even though judi wouldn't stay out with us to experience additional, post-dinner nighttime fun, because she had to go home and prepare for another day of stealth sainthood.

However, there was a fully-costumed, minimally-dressed belly dancer at dinner, so really, how much raucous entertainment could we reasonably expect to subject the SB to in one evening?

Fun fact: she (judi, not the belly dancer) keeps a swimsuit and change of clothing in her trunk at all times.

*snickers because southerngirl doesn't know I was bestowed with a permanent halo whilst touring Wieskirche, and her attempts to snatch it will be fruitless*

*dashes off to shower*

*wishes she didn't have to go to school*

I'll tell you all about my trip tonight, and I'll even post a few pics if I have the energy. :-)

Bis später!

Pictures of Kilties and the SB? Showers? YAYY!!

*Clears schedule, gets magnifier, gathers blank disks*

Bumble, we visited that Church too on an earlier trip. It's astonishing for all its gilded splendor, but also a bit disturbing for its very graphic painted and sculpted representations of the suffering Jesus.

We had an amusing experience there as well. The surrounding countryside is very pretty farmland with mountains in the distance, and made a great setting for taking pictures of my two daughters in the matching dirndls that they wore that day (gifts from a very enthusiastic aunt and uncle). As they posed along a fence, holding truly giant pretzels from the nearby vendor, about a dozen foreign tourists lined up with us to snap photos of the smiling blond "German" girls. My wife and I were laughing hysterically, and nobody else had a clue why.


Yeah, Wieskirche was pretty, but a little overdone for my taste. And the story behind it was weird.

*dashes off to get dressed*

funny story, blue!

Oh lordy.

And yes, I DO have pics of the said belly dancer and judi....I'll post 'em as soon as I download 'em, they're pretty cute!

Welcome back, Bumble! We missed you!!


I'm glad your trip was a good one, though I'm sorry about the rain.

Nothing seems to be too badly damaged. It could have been worse. My parents' bags got left out in the rain once, and they could practically wring out their clothes when they got them back.

*dashes off to cram for a managerial accounting quiz*

*peeks in*

*leaves earworm*

♫ someone left their bags out, in the rain... ♫

*runs away*

Blue (& y'all) ... I know a guy who had a somewhut similar experience when he wuz shootin' pix @ the Lillehammer (sp?) Olympics ... he werks for the St. Paul Pioneer Press ... and he sees somethin' (I fergit whut) that he thinks might be of interest back home ... some fans, dressed ... how? Well ... mebbe some sorta USA regalia ... ?

So he goes over to them, and asks 'em where they're from ...

The lady says (in a somewhut Fargo movie accent), "Ap-ple Val-ley, Min-ne-so-ta ..."

Of all the ones he could've spoken to, he picked a couple who lived within 50 miles or so of his newspaper ... kinda cute, but not as good as your story, really ...

That's one of my all time favorite songs, s'girl, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

Fortunately I lucked out with my cramming method. I'm three chapters behind on my managerial accounting homework, but it takes forever, so I usually don't try to do it to study for the quizzes b/c my time is limited; I usually just review the prof's PowerPoints and hope for the best (sometimes it works, sometimes not), but today I worked on a couple of the homework problems, and then when we got in there, he gave us the problem I'd worked 20 minutes before as our entire quiz! So I aced it. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I thought I recognized you, Bumble.

pssst! photo alert over at the Y!

Please bring your own melted butter. And I'm deeply sorry, but we're out of sticky buns.

*is sad, but still glowing in the sweet brown sugar afterglow*

*but may become surly if a cab doesn't show up soon*

Cool shots, Ms. KDF (which stands for Kiltie Dragon Feet?).

Damn! My secret identity, torn to shreds!

Glad you liked the pics, Blue. :)

*wanders in*

*finds "identity shreds" all over the kilt floor*

um, Blue?

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