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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Yes, "gaul" is of course the olde english spelling of "gall."

*pinches self for being a doofus*

You have a Gaul??

Where? Is he cute? Will you introduce me?

....oooooooh. Heh heh....nevermind.



The simul-sistahs strike again.

psssst, Sharon, I stuck him in a ziploc and mailed him to you


Thank you, insom. That's exactly what I was trying to say. ;)

Wasn't Gaul part of the Holy Roman Empire? Could be a little old(e) for you sharon. ;)


Well...since we've been speaking Latin and all.....!! It seems fitting, somehow.

psst...KDF....OOOOOOOOOH, I WISH!!! :p

all Gauls are provided with three parts...where they are I'll leave to you'all...

Ooof. I'm full of yummy, yummy food. I like it when friends take me out for dinner.

And I'm meeting another group of friends tomorrow for dinner as well...I won't need to eat for a week.

Happy B-Day, ssa ...

(Did I get the correct date?)

morning kilties

anybody have any exciting plans for today?

i don't, (other than possibly getting together with my sister for birthday drinks) so i'll just have to live vicariously thru you guys. :)

and sharon...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


OHMIGAWD....that cake is perfect, s-girl! Thank you! You are truly the linky-queen.

Thanks, guys!


Happy Birthday to he who ASKs, and to the maid who breatheth fire!

*zips in*

Happy Birthdays to ASK and sharon.
s'girl, what excellent choices!

sharon, I left something for you on the message board. :)

*draws in breath to blow out candles on cakes......*


Umm....ooops. Hold on a sec...lemme get the Kilt fire extinguisher......

*rushes post-haste to the message board to find the "something" El left*


Anyone who wants Pooh cake, there's some on the message board.

What....? It's POOH CAKE!! Who doesn't like Pooh cake?? I'd eat Pooh cake every day if there were Pooh cake to be eaten. In fact, Pooh cake may be my very favorite cake of all, so come and share my Pooh cake with me!

*is glad she baked the right cake*


Oooooooooo... cake!!!


Hope you're both having good, happy days.

*snarfs a corner piece... extra frosting!!!*

*"accidentally" smooshes cake into cloverleaf's face while she's eating it*


Extra frosting has it's dangers too, ya know!

Well, since the dragon cake is well done (crispy, even) and the Pooh Cake has been cut...

...Let them eat cake!

*ducks before she can be beheaded*

Good job, El! Now just don't let THIS happen to it.

*beheads Pooh cake*

*chucks a hunk at Sharon*

*wonders if El's gonna be mad*

*acts natural*

*covers the "*" key for the rest of the day*

Nah, I'm not mad, my cake has already been maligned, purloined and any other loins you could think of.

I've emotionally detached myself from the cake. ;)

OOOOOOOO! First a Gaul and now a hunk!! WHATTA GREAT B-DAY!

*hunks a chuck at KDF who appears to be au naturale*

she chucked a hunk o' burnin cake?

happy birthday, ssa, and ask!

*snork* @ insom (of course!)


Happy Birthday to all, et al!

*helps self to cake*

Happy Birthday, Al! (Jeez, speak up, dude. Only Daisy knew.)

*snork* at daisy!

maybe ASK's non-appearance has to do with the bottle of tequila i left for him early this morning.

maybe i should have waited?

Am I too late to give birthday wishes? Happy, happy birthday, and may the next year be your best one yet!

Never too late, Neo! Thanks! And yes, it was a very happy birthday.

And here's hopin' for the year to come...

*waddles off to fall into a food coma, full of filet mignon and creme brulee*

Dang ... fergot about ASK ... H-B, ASK ... LTTG, but I've been drivin' all day ...

Good morning, Kilties! My kids are still asleep! WOO HOO!!!

Oops, but the blog clock has not been reset yet!

I'm very happy that it will not be dark at dinnertime tonight.

*zips in*

But it's dark right now Kathy, here in su.so.ca. :(

What have we learned from all this: Time Is Artificial.
It's any time the government wants to tell us it is!

Sorry for the outburst, in the past two days I've watched Syriana and The Constant Gardener.

*testing blog clock*

It's 10:43 on my computer.

Oops, blog clock not reset.

Morning all. I hate spring forward. I like getting up to the sunshine not going to bed with it. I also hate losing my hour of sleep. OTOH, I love fall back. One night a year, I get an extra hour to sleep.

(end rant)

*sips coffee*

sharon...I always celebrate my birthday for a week, so it's never too late. Happy Birthday, again.

morning kilties

it's another beautiful day here.

and...i'm cooking today. anybody wanna come over?

OO, that sounds like more fun than grading. Whatchoo cooking, s-girl?

*smooch*--thanks, Daisy! Here, have some crispy Pooh cake!

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

ROFL, sharon!

sharon, chicken fettucine.

and i'm making lots of it - plenty for all!


Hmm....couldn't open your linky, s-girl, but.....I'd travel halfway across the country for homemade chicken fettucini!

*picks El up off the floor and dusts her off*


Oooo, that one worked, though. Yummy!

Thanks a lot, s'girl.
Now I'm hungry and I ate too much yesterday and I wasn't going to eat at all today. ;)


Sorry, just had a bowl of cereal. I'll come later.

Woo!....I'll have what Daisy's havin'!

pssst....Daisy....how MUCH later??


Am I too late? I always enjoy ..... arrivals.

I'm back. Where are all of you guys?

I just bought 3 (that's right THREE) pairs of shoes. I just LOVE DSW. For me to find three different pairs of shoes that look good and feel good is a miracle.

Now I just have to decide which to wear tomorrow. Happy dilemma!

p.s. I have almost completed filing and organizing every piece of paper that's been stacked, piled, thrown or stuffed on tables, chairs, tops of bookshelves, etc. That's another miracle.

Damn. Blue arrived before I did. I hate it when that happens.

Ooooo, Daisy! That sounds great. Congrats on your great shopping coup and your mad organizational skillz.

*Waits for Sharon to catch up*
*Turns page*

*notices that daisy quite conveniently changed the subject*

You know...I noticed that too, s-girl.

Hmmmmm....whatchoo reading, Blue?


*Turns page*

been there, done that...

Hmmm...Blue arrived *before* you after you posted?

I'm confused (and sorry for changing the subject).

Obits, Sharon. Just checking to make sure I'm not there.

Daisy, it was the time change thing.

Oh, Blue...I've been saying you're not all there for nearly a year now. You can trust me on this one!

But....we like you that way.

I would mention how Sharon can always be counted on, but I know how much she hates when people do that, so I'm not going to.

*Checks "there". Phew!*

*counts Sharon's toes*

*counts Sharon's fingers*

*counts Sharon's tattoos*

Whaddya mean, Blue? She doesn't mind.

hee hee, I said "fingers"


Hee hee....that tickles, KDF!

Actually, it's just when you call them "widdew piggies" that she starts getting all dragony and stuff. Especially if you aren't careful about how you do the "whee-whee-whee" part, cuz (and not many people know this) dragons have a very sensitive D-spot.


*hides under couch*

Dragons are known to hang out under couches. Just sayin'.....



*accidentally lets loose a jet of flame that sets the couch on fire*

Erm.....OOPS! Sorry, sistah!

(dragons also have good senses of humor...fortunately for their friends!)

My mom sent me this joke from Jay Leno (it's one of those non-offensive Mormon jokes)

"Here's my take on the 2008 presidential race. There's no doubt history is in the making.
We may have either the first Black president, the first Woman president or the first Mormon president. Why not kill three birds with one stone and elect Gladys Knight and call it a day?"

pssst, Blue... I ain't afraid of dragons :)

Good morning, Kilties!

Greetings, all. Especially to you, St. George KDF.

*no zipping today*

Good morning everyone, from your sick su.so.ca. Kiltie. :(

Get better well, El.

Good morning Kilties!!
I should have more free time in the next little while, now that midterms are over. YAY! for midterms being over!!


*nyup nyup nyup*



*gives up and goes back to bed*

which of the pips would be vice-pres.?

Does anyone even know their names, insom? :)

But I can answer anyway. The one in the middle. ;)

Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Pippi.

Nobody ever remembers me. :(

You're the fourth Stooge, right?
Or was it the fifth Marx brother?
Darryl, Darryl and Bashful?

Help me out here....

"....On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Bashful..."

No, that ain't it ....

Weren't there only three pips?

Manny, Mo and Jack, or Pete. I can never remember the third one.

Pete and RePeat

Tippiecanoe and Tyler too.

OK, I'll stop now.

Please keep in mind that I'm sick, so not at my best.

ooops, forgot the name change.

Carry on.

No no...there were four I think.....John, Paul, George and Ringo....

OH! Those pips. Yes.

And only two are left. :(

*eats and orange*

*spits out the pips*

*removes superfluous "d" and puts it in its own special "spot"*

y'all are the pips.

Actually I went and read all the definitions o pips, here.

y'all ain't a non-specific ailment or a poultry disease marked with a thick, crusty, mucus discharge. You're not even "to kill by firing a missle."

So maybe you aren't so pippi after all.

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

I'm off to read the 24 thread. Great show last night.

I'm surprised the definitions don't include the meaning of pip as you were using it, Neo. It may be slangy, but, we are pips, dang it!

There used to be a restaurant in Kansas City (likely one of the suburbs) called Pippins. I think they were known for their pie. But it was their cornbread that was so incredible. I didn't have access to a car then, but whenever I could bum a ride into KC, I would just hoping we could get to Pippins. MMMMMMMMMM Pippins!

Thank you for your indulgence as I took a trip in my nostalgia machine.

*takes turn in Neo's Nostalgia Machine*

When I was a kid, I called the pulp in orange juice "pipples." Pipples were icky, so I asked mom to strain them.

I do love cornbread, though.


The first Broadway play I ever did see was "Pippin".

Please pass the cornbread. Thanks.

I don't like cornbread, but I love Mary Poppins.

That's the best I can do. :)


Hey! My brother played Pippin in his high school musical.

He also enjoys cornbread.

Mary Poppins rocks.

Poppin' Fresh Bread, eh, not so much.

Popcorn's good.


Oh, I don't like pipples, either. Pickles are good though.

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poup0n?

Don't talk about PoupOn to me. Brings back the whole Pooh b-day cake incident. :)or should that be :( ?

*rolls eyes*

*rolls eyes*

Which makes me think of dice, which makes me think of the spots on dice, which I learned today are called pips. Full circle. (Full circle is not to be confused with full monte, by the way.)

*rolls poop*


sharon, you know I love you, right? :)

Yes, sweetie, I know.


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