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May 25, 2005


Talk about man's inhumanity to man!

(Thanks to A. Mackid)


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Where'd this happen? Gawkland?

This shouldn't have even made the news. This should have gone down more like this:

Dude A: "What happened to the game?"

Dude B: "I don't know, but look at that..."

Dude A: "...What was I saying?"

Dude B: "I don't know, was I listening?"

**Geezer Knowledge required**

I see that the producer responsible for the infamous Heidi game has relocated to New Zeland.

And then this curious notation, tagged onto the very end of the article: "Sapa-dpa".

I think it's going to replace "Hakuna Metata" as my mantra for when things are going poorly...

That just proves what we've suspected all along... all New Zealanders (indeed all UK men) are gay....

sigh. i just chalk it up to testosterone poisoning....

You know people take their soccer (football) seriously when it takes precedence over watching beautiful bikini clad women. This sort of thing would never have happened in America.

The last comment is deserving of a penalty shot, with Mr. Meyerson's hands tied behind his back.

I think you forgot to add that the 7 people viewing soccer(football, futbol, and other made up names), includes the team, coaches and officials.

Apparently my server thinks this link is an errorist-tay ot-play because I got the Access Denied screen. Somebody wanna do a little color commentary for a geezerette??

Hold on. Keep in mind that the alleged event supposedly occurred in New Zealand, where the news is routinely presented naked.

As such, women in bathing suits refusing to disrobe is hardly exciting.

Besides, as Punky mentioned, they're all gay.

And you know the saying: Madder than a gay New Zealander whose soccer coverage was interrupted by a swimsuit program oh and also he has a hornet in his pants and I don't mean that metaphorically.

Durn, all this time I thought Hineys were Germans.

I guess I should keep my mouth shut and not mention that, not only do I watch soccer, I have been following the World Cup since February of 2004. That's not a typo. The World Cup doesn't take place until summer of 2006. Again, that is not a typo.

In the USA, a pizza delivery person woulda/coulda/shoulda prevented the complaint problem ...

Lab, that makes two of us. Let's go find the other five!

I halfheartedly tried to care about World Cup several years back (I've an uncle from Honduras who bleeds soccer), even though scoring is illegal.

Then they settled the championship game by penalty kicks.

Check please.

Gets on the Geezer buss with Igloo and Jeff.

Awrite Jeff! OK I get the picture (bet the Aucklanders wish they had!)
Does anybody else remember a blooper tape that featured an American announcer calling it "World Cop Sucker" ???

There's noplace anything like this place NEwhere near this place, so this must be the place ... eh?

*waves to O the U*

looks like we'll have to start the party...

*loves O the U the drink of his choice*

*cracks open a beer*

I'll take a Guinness, please ...

Waves back @ SG ...

(merely finished my laundry chores in time to start the commercials on TV ...)


*wanders off regretfully to start on the mountain of homework awaiting*


i'm in n out. son just helped GR set up the new desk top, and they're trying frantically to connect the cox hi-def box to the new wide screen before kick off. *rolls eyes* at least the babies are offa our laptops! WooHoo!

Happy Game Day y'all!

checks in.

*checks in from not Denver*

Boulder then? Or Aspen?

*waves to sharon, who's not in denver*

*also waves to Sharon who's not in Denver*


*waves to people in Denver, none of whom are Sharon*

*hopes Sharon is having a wonderful weekend in not Denver*

*Notices that not Cookie, who's also not Sharon, is not here in not Denver*

Good really early mornin', folks! Sorry to have missed you here and at all other blog hideaways on Super Sunday. It was a not laptop day nearly all day and evening. Man, Dave was a posting fiend yesterday, wasn't he? It's gonna take me forever to not catch up!

*Is not warm*

*zips in*

Where am I?

OK, don't tell me, see if I care.

This was open last night and now with the awful IE7 I have tabbed browsing, so it opened this morning.

This Kiltie wants to know

Where In The World is Carmen Electra Sharon?

*Not tellin'*

morning kilties.

how y'all doin?

Mooo! It's my sister's birthday. This is relevant because she really likes cows, thinks they're oh so cute (even up close) No one knows why.

cows are great

specially cooked medium rare

or with ketchup n fries :)

Don't be dissin' them cows. As I recall, Alfred endowed me with a nuclear cow some time ago. I'm sure it's around here somewhere...

Oh, and good morning, all!

i wasnt dissin cows - i said they were good, didnt i?

i might even go so far as to say they're tastey :)

morning, betsy!

i agree that cows are great, but i prefer mine cooked well done.

and i don't wanna hear anything from you men out there gripin about that.

OK, i wouldnt of said anything, but then ya practically dared me to...

well done? jeez, why dont ya just chew on my boot? it's gotta taste about the same


I'm with Toto on the "chewing on boot" thing.

How can you even taste it if it's not at least medium rare? (rhetorical)

tc, thanks for the offer, but i'll have to pass on the offer to chew on your boot. ;)

and if the steak is cooked correctly, and topped with some A-1 bold & spicy, it tastes just fine, tyvm!

OK (he said reluctantly)

if you say so....

but ya dont know what yer missin out on

Sweet Baby Rays for me.
Love that stuff.

I eat Chicken Nuggets with it. Oh man that is tasty stuff.


ok, next time you're in south la, stop on by, and i'll cook ya a steak. i'll even make sure it's medium rare. but mine is still gonna be well done. :)

it's a deal :)

i'll bring the beer

well, unless i drink it all on the way....

might wanna keep a few in the fridge, just in case

that goes without sayin'. ;)

"chewing on your boot" HAS to be a euphemism for something!

ya know neo, i thought the same thing

i was kinda surprised nobody went there

well, till now at least :)


i thought the same thing, neo!

but i decided to behave, and not go there. ;)

I was just waiting for someone to comment.:)

*Goes there.

*Wonders what a certain non-Denver-visiting boot-wearer would make of TCK's remark*

This just in ===> *

*squints at tiny little asterisk*

*wonders what it's just in*

Behave?! What for?!

*nibbles on the laces*

*thinks blue might be actin pervy*



i dont have laces

*pauses* Uh-oh. Um.... then what am I nibbling on?

neo, it might be best if you didn't ask that, cuz ya might not really wanna know...;)


psst...neo...ignore that last comment...(mine, not tc's)...linky didn't work at first, but now i've got it.


*blushes* I see I started nibbling the wrong laces. Not that I'm complaining. But I always pictured you as more of a boxer man, Tarragon. Or commando. Not that I've spent a lot of time picturing you commando. *turns beet red and stammers* Well... I mean... that is...

Ok, so maybe I have.

neo and Toto
sittin' in a tree..

Good lord.

I'm gone for one weekend and there's plotting and boot-chewing nibbling and people not in Denver! What has the Kilt come to????

......Ooohhhh, right. It's always been this way.


I'm home (yes, I just beamed home), which is ALSO not in Denver.

*inspects boots*

No tooth marks...whew!

neo, i've got pictures...wanna see em? ;)

Hiya Kilties!

I'm only here for a minute, but had to stop in to say that I love you people.

Just sayin'. :)

*writes an essay about the consequences of the tilt of the Earth's axis of rotation*

*contemplates the consequences of not writing it*

I'm glad you stopped in to just say that, KDF, and I hope you will continue to just say it. But shouldn't you be just saying that more widely? Wouldn't your family, your neighbors, your friends, perhaps even total strangers appreciate just knowing of this?

Just a thought, and just thanks!

Southern girl: YES!!

Wait. Pictures of what, exactly? ;)

*tiptoes over to neo*

*shorts sheets*

*rubs crimson lipstick on the end of neo's nose*

*snaps pictures*

*posts pics on Kiltie bulletin board*

Tee hee!!

*hates grading*
*wishes the students had more imagination/creativity*

The assignment was to answer a bunch of questions about their/their families' food/eating habits, then plan two days of meals for a family of 4, one for under $20. Out of 184 students, so far 6 haven't planned spaghetti for the dinner, and maybe 2/3 have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch (the other 1/3 have tuna sandwiches) I suppose that's why they're in a cooking class, right?

Any student who doesn't put spaghetti gets the following comment :
YAY! for not having spaghetti! YAY! for being creative!!

[with legs cramping from NO room in the bed, Neo gets up and stumbles into the bathroom. While washing her hands, she happens to glance in the mirror]


Great. Whiskers AND a red nose. I'm a walking catastrophe.

*hacks up hair ball*

*is belatedly relieved that Sharon only shorted her sheets, and didn't sheet her shorts*

Anyone have any extra degrees? We're really short on degrees here.... I'm not talking about baccalaureates or masters; I'm not talking about doctorates. I don't mean separation, nor difficulty.

Fahrenheits, folks. Celcii. Even a couple, a small handful, of Kelvins would be warmly welcomed.

Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

I will return them in good condition, promise.

I belatedly realized that my conversation with Tarragon sounded a bit more racy than lacy. I'm not sure what got into me. I'm normally quite straight-laced.

Blue, you can have some of my degrees. We'll be at a balmy 15 today, up from 4 yesterday. And the wind chill today is -9, which is also a big improvement over yesterday.

DAng it, I did that wrong again!

Blue, you can have some of MY degrees. Current temp is down to 101.4, but I'd still gladly give up a couple of degrees, entirely for your benefit, of course.

*loves neo some chicken soup and more "special" meds*

*Gratefully grabs 2.8 degrees from Neo, and stuffs them in his socks, after removing a few nickels*

we're supposed to get up to 40° today, and tomorrow, but thursday we have a storm coming in and expect to get cold and snow for about a week. Yesterday I walked to and from school without a coat/jacket, just wore pants and a 3/4 sleeve (lightweight) sweater! I would have worn flip-flops but I was working in the cooking lab and was worried about students dropping knives, etc.

Sarah J, one of the guys in my spin class showed up in a cast a few weeks ago, because he had pierced his foot with a knife while loading the dishwasher. He severed a tendon, and had to have surgery, and is in a cast for 6 weeks. He was wearing steel-toed boots when it happened!

So there's a moral in there somewhere, which I thought had to do with wearing protective footwear in the kitchen, but now I think it's just DON'T LOAD THE DISHWASHER. Ever.

or maybe just don't load sharp knives in the dishwasher, unless you want to get hurt or damage the knives

neo - if you really wanna know:

boxers - never commando (well, except under certain circumstances i wont get into here)

preferably cotton boxers - never, never licorice boxers

mid-40's predicted for here today too - that's 40 ABOVE ZERO!!


no licorice?


Cotton? *scratches "licorice boxers" off possible stalkerish gifts to send Tarragon* Got it. *takes mental picture*

And I'd like to inform you all that you reside deep in the recesses of my mind. My fever "enhanced" brain just provided me with a kiltie meet, of sorts. We met at a gas station in Salina, Kansas. It started out just me running into KDF there, by accident. Pretty soon the dream involved Angie (a girl who moved away in third grade), Connie (my best friend from school) Southerngirl, Sharon, El, my ex and some friend of his, and my children. The understanding was that the tables (yes there were tables at this gas station) were filled with other kilties, but I never got far enough to see everybody.

I wanted food, but everybody kept telling me gas station food wasn't fit to eat, except the ice cream. But I didn't want ice cream; they had a cafeteria line going, and I wanted scrambled eggs. But there were now so many of us filling the place that I couldn't get in line. And then my daughter won several million dollars, so I decided I could have the eggs after all.

"i'll have what neo's having"

Thanks, sweetie! I'm tired of it, so you can have it now!

*loves insomniac the flu*
*with a side of gas station scrambled eggs*

I'm kidding! I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy!

*twirls mustache in an evil way, considering*
Nope, not even my worst enemy.
And certainly not to a sweetheart like insomniac!!

Gas station eggs can KILL you.

*zips in*

I'm really sick too.

*goes back to bed*

*wants some of whatever neo is takin*

OK, when i posted that last comment, there were no comments after neo's dream sequence...

which might BAGNFARB

Kilt Fever would also BAGNFARB.

Greetings, denizens of the Kilt.

I have been blurking for a few days, here and there. Found a reference elsewhere to "other blog hideaways" and with some creative googling, found you here - as well as a few other such places that seem far less interesting. Doesn't seem too private a party, mind if I crash once in a while? I'm not much at puns, but I am a pretty good bartender - as long as you just want a beer or a shot.

kilt fever sounds like a scottish disco band

wow - has anyone ever found us before?

either way, if my opinion counts, i think anyone that goes to all the trouble of tracking us down can hang out here, specially if they learn to mix a mojito

howdy bozo

Welcome to KiltWorld, KNBC. Benign unblurkers are always welcome. I think I know where you got that reference, and who left it there ;)

Did you say a beer OR a shot, or a beer AND a shot?

a shot is always best when chased with a beer, IMO

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