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May 31, 2005


You are not going to believe who it is.


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So he WAS Lola

If Manilow were in politics, would he sing "I write the laws the whole world follows..."?

That was NOT funny. Sheeeesh! Three day weekend and this is what I come back to.

Blast! I pride myself on not falling for the Barrynet joke, and you got me.


Now when are we going to find out the secret that the POPE was going to tell us in 1960?

Wait! I thought it was somebody called Felt Marker.

He got me too! We've been lulled into a false sense of 'Dave is bored and SO over the whole Manilow thing' and have failed to check before clicking.

Ok, so for the blogally challenged of us, what's the Barrynet joke?

Oh, Woodward, I came and I blabbed about Nixon
In a dark parking lot!
Oh, Bernstein, I told you to follow the money
So you'd uncover the plot!

*swoons and drools*

Mmmmm, Barry...

Thanks Dave!

All those Republicans can sleep easy knowing it's a bureaucrat,and not a political appointee.For years they thought it was Dean,or his wife,or Martha Mitchell,or somebody important,when it was simply the man with the files. Isn't that the way. Lenin was replaced by Stalin,the man with the files,the Party Secretary.As J.Edgar Hoover knew,if you have the file cabinet,you have the power.

*swoons and drools*

Mmmmm, Barry...

Thanks Dave!

Ok, I don't like him that much... Sheesh!

*hangs head in shame*

Not surprised, but a disturbing thought nonetheless.

Gary - Dave sneaks in a link to Barry Manilow once in a while and you're a sucker if you actually click on the link. Today, I'm a sucker.

At first, I thought you were just being silly or even mean spirited, Dave. Now I know better.

Aaaaaugh! Dammit, you got me, too!

Somebody call Mrs. Barry and tell her Dave doesn't have enough to do. When was the last time the pool was cleaned, smart guy? At the very least I bet it has bugs in it that could stand to be scooped out . . . .

Dodged that bullet - thank you, Mr Status Bar!

Aaaugh, I fell for it too. Next time, I'm going to read the comments first!

And here I thought it was Jack!

good one dave! tomorrow this Felt fella will be on all the chat shows describing... etc. ugh. i'm gonna have to go back to watching barney.

hmmm, i thought it was gonna be cher.

Episode Sixty of DeepT Impossible

Recorded Voice: So, Mr. Felt, IF you decide to take this assignment, and should you fail, The Agency will disavowel any acknwledg yu, or any mmber of yur tem.

Mr. Felt: Er, ok

Recorded Voice: This cigar will self destruct in twent

Mr. Felt: CRAP!

I'm glad to have your sympathy, Marie. If I had space, and if I wasn't afraid of boring you to death, I could go into gruesome detail about what a pathetic slob my ex was. Suffice to say that my ex makes my husband of 18 years look like a perfect saint.

Oh, and BTW, Marie, my husband looks upon Barely Man-enough with total contempt.

Count me as another victim of the barrynet joke. I've gotten sloppy.

Thanks Dave, good job

I thought that was something he did, not who he was.

Not that there is anything wrong with that

No,no, Deep Throat was some FBI guy. Barry is Deep Snout.

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