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May 26, 2005


If you're going to Helsinki, go now.

(Thanks to MOTW and queensbee)


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King Wingbipeekaboo is not planning on going to Helsinki.

King Wingbipeekaboo never goes anywhere without
the KingWing, does he???

"Our suppiles are wiped out."

And make sure to take the Indipod with you. That way when there's no more tp there, you can take it on the run.
*ducks to avoid flying rolls*

There is a definite opportunity here for black marketeers (assuming they talk like this in Finland):

Buyer: So, what have you got for goods?
Seller: I got some bootleg whiskey, a couple Beretta 9-mils, and a dozen packages of Charmin triple roll.
Buyer: How much for the Charmin?
Seller: $100 a package.
Buyer: What, are you trying to wipe me out or something? That's alot of money for paper!
Seller: You could use your paper money to wipe with.
Buyer: I'll take the Charmin.

Hmmm...the potential to move in on a prime market and rake in the dough, hand over fist, so to peak...(I make toilet paper, if I didn't mention it elsewhere)

That's the only logical way for these threads to go, Stupendous Man, as they always start out in the toilet. Well, except for the ones in the gutter...

...and when you get there, don't go at all.

That is sure to put the "Hel" in Helsinki

So, Big Mur, Do conversations at parties tend to go...

Guest: So, what do you do for a living?
Big Mur: I make toilet paper.
Guest: Oh...uhm...hmmm. Oh! There's my friend!

NTTAWWT. I mean, where would we be without you?

I always get "stopped up" on trips anyways, and my shelter is well stocked with two-ply just in case. I may suffer horribly from radiation poisoning, but I'll be squeaky clean otherwise.

..becaause you certainly cant go when you get there.....[sorry]

and might i add that i am flushed with pride that you posted my submission...

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