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May 27, 2005


Go to the bathroom before you leave.

Update: Whoops. judi blogged this already. I keep saying this, but one of these days I am going to start actually reading this blog.

Update update: I am struck by the eerie similarity between judi's wording and mine. This makes me wonder: Are we actually the same person?


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Dave, when are you going to start noticing the fine work Judi does around here?

Yeah! I second that! Keep it up, Judi! :)

Time to use the restroom...

His Daveness may do whatever he wishes. Since he and I are both in our late 50's (and probably still living in the late 50's), we sometimes forget what day it is and can be confused as to exactly why we got up this morning. Somedays, and I'm sure His Daveness has similar feelings,
I wake up and have little or no connection to what happened the previous day.
Then again, Dave may be all that good a reader.

yeah, evey time I read this it gets funnier and funnier.

See what I mean. While His Daveness may not be all that good of a reader, I am not that good of a typist.

pay parity for judi, now.

judi! judi! judi!

(Chanted vigorously, a la "Springer.")

Judi is not Dave, and Dave is not Judi.....

They're actually BOTH Claire Martin.

The walrus was Dave. Oooh, coo, caa, choo.

i'm the one with all the buttons.

I seriously hope Dave and Judi are not the same person. if so, I would have to look in a whole new way at the occasional outrageous beefcake post from "judi". (NTTAWWT)

Trystan, That would be....


And Dave,
As similar as your (not you're) headlines are, you said "leave," judi said, "go." Which might actually mean that judi is actually funnier than you. Or at least more adolescent.

"Helsinki, Finland" = "Fill Nikes, hand in"

THERE IT IS AGAIN! The same sidebar topic that was on the Sperm Bank thread: "Why Do Some Viagra Users Go Blind?" Apparently this is a world-wide problem...

I have noticed that Dave and Judi are never in the same room together...and I've never even seen a picture of Judi, although I *did* receive a lovely postcard from her about that thing I sent to Dave's office...seems a little too coincidental, if you ask me.

Re: valium blindness -

As I said when I was a kid - "I'll just do it until I need glasses" (really thick glasses)

I hope you and Judi are not the same person, Dave, because I don't think you would look good in a dress!

...unless it's a blue dress.

Are Dave and judi the same person?
Nonsense! Judi is the cute one.

Are Dave and judi the same person?
Nonsense! Judi is the cute one.

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