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May 27, 2005


You will be pleased to learn that it is not your fault.


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First again?

Well DUH! Why do you think they call it A Birth Control PILL? It takes two to tango, if you know what I mean.

If you will look in the rule book Section XII, subsection. F.2.03.g.xii, then you will see that one must actually read the article prior to posting. Failure to follow this rule, requires the offending party to use the same Hairstylilst as Ted *****-****.

Dave, not to get persnickity or anything like that, but do you know on the main page the 'posted by Dave' is a link too? Gives you a nifty blue blop next to your name instead of the orange one though.

Btw.. it soooo is the guys fault. This research was obviously done by men.

Yes, it IS my husband's fault. The wuss refuses to get a vasectomy, so I'm stuck taking these stupid libido-killing synthetic hormones every day. THANKS BABE!!! X(

I think His Daveness is feeling Frisky(NTTAWWT) this morning and he's just trying to p*ss off the Aggregators.

no dear, not your fault. now stop drooling and farting, and hogging the remote. smooch.

Igloo, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I used to have a mullet like Ted except with straight hair. Also, I did read the article. I just couldn't think of anything funnier than, I'm glad my wife is not on the pill anymore but she is pregnant! (Which is true.)

In high school I had one date with a guy named Jerome PILL. He smelled like salad dressing and DEFINITELY ruined MY sex drive.


Yes, of course...

This research is true. When I was on the pill I was irritable, mean, always blaming my husband for everything and short tempered.

Now that I'm not on the pill, I am no longer short tempered.

As this blog proves over and over, funny is not a prerequisite to posting. I am living proof of that concept as well as testament to the theory regarding monkeys, typewriters (a primitive device for recording one's thoughts with out spell checker and requiring copuious litres of White Out to produce a letter) and William Shakespeare.

If you give enough monkeys enough birth control pills, eventually they will suffer enough of a decline in sex drive that they will decide to start building typewriters, or read at most one of the works of Shakespeare.

igloo, is that how the saying goes?

So medicine has targeted just about the only female demographic that has sex on purpose (as opposed to shower related accidents) and finds a way to make them disinterested in sex.

Way to go.

igloo - good idea.

just be aware that if Marwan offers to measure for you, his hands are abnormally chilly.

No Problemo C'bol. I always wear a mink-lined condum just in case I see a comely Meter Maid.

Gotta go make some more loans.

They should invent a birth control pill for men then we would be even.

I really want to ask C-bol how he knows that, but I'm skerrid of punky. She's speedy with that clothesline.

There is a birth control pill for men. It's just that women have to take it.

Annie - I know because I have this "friend" who lives in, uh, Niagara Falls, and she told me.

Oh, she also mentioned that you should not opt for the "hands-free" measurement.

But that's probably only in London, y'know....

PFM: What flavor?

no dear, not your fault. now stop drooling and farting, and hogging the remote.

HA HA HA HA HA - Good one! And may I add...and for the love of God go take a shower.

I had a dream, and it might have came true, because my dad lost his sex drive! He's always running away from mom, but she catches him, because she has big feet.

When my mom sings, which don't sound too good, dad says it's her mating call, but he's not going!

Maybe dad needs to take driving lessons again, to get his sex drive back!

Re: Pill for men

They have one, yeah, but it hurts when you shove it in.

Oh, no wait. That's the male IUD (or was that IPD).

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