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May 24, 2005


Keep "up" the good work.

(Thanks to Rayne from the message board)


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That looks like a sixth grader's drawing.

Oh, those Brazilians....

And the guy eating the sausage is just bizarre...

"Do you think that logo looks vaguely suggestive?"

"No, it looks exactly like a big d--k"

"Ah. I was going to say pickle, but whatever toots your bugle."

as an adolescent mind trapped in a twenty-something body, I just have to say



I've always wondered, what does "OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G" stand for?

Funny stuff!

And I second SealMan's request for translation.

Is this the sort of thing they teach our children in advertising school? If so, we need to take a penetrating look at what passes for education in our country.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Weiner Logo WBAGNFARB.

Clearly, these designers were aiming for deep market penetration.

Thank you, good night, I'll be here all week. . . try the veal sausage!

Oh man, I missed the warning and opened it at work. Now my eyes are watering from trying not to laugh, (and a snort may have escaped) and I'm forwarding the link to selected people at work.

Sealman - Or if you don't want your mother to thing you're (not your) gay. NTTAWWT.

"How do you like our new logo?"

"Not very dicky, is it?"

Crabby's link

Thanks, Judi, that was a classic. But I doubt that Big Spurting Penis WBAGNFARB. Cream of the Cocks, maybe.

Crabby, you might try this or this if you want to learn how to link.

Practice makes perfect.


Or Idiots You Don't Want Yelling Might Tattle Tale
to Your (Not You're) Govenor.

(sorry, best I could come up with I don't know what it means either.)

nurse - try reading my comment at 4:07, you wouldn't have had to guess.

OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G Or If You Don't Want Your Mother To Think You're (Not Your) Gay
NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
WBAGNFARB Would Be a Good Name For A Rock Band

Any more questions?

DJT - some people just don't pay attention.

That's total phallic madness.
This is totally rediculous.
I've lost my core ability to spell because i'm so dumbfounded.

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but isn't a cucumber that small called a gerkin?

Lego my eggo, weiner.

Hey, Yeah, I got a questions guys.

What are these again?

( o )( o )

Now, they're stuck in my head for some weird reason, or I want my weird head stuck in them for some reason.

boobs, Mr. Fishair, boobs!!!!!

Hard for me to believe that someone of your caliber would have to ask!!

*hee, hee, I said hard*

Once I was working in a quick-copy place and a lady brought in some drawings she wanted xeroxed for her daycare kids to color.
I hadda leave room awhile to keep from laughing *snork* ...lucky kids!!!

What does this mean ?

Oops - did not read entire blog - thanks for the translation !
Newbie mistake !

Thanks for the translation guys! I feel so much better now!

Warning: Geezer post --

They have no reference to the "flower" design that was on a certaqin brand of deodorizer spray (mebbe Glade?) a long time ago BTI -- (Before The Internet) --

... a very accurate depiction of a male human organ ("hidden" in a flower) ... anyone else recall this?


That's close, but not the one I was thinking of ...

Trillian -

That's close, but not the one I was remembering ...

aunt nancy: **snork**


Practicing Linky thingy


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