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May 27, 2005


Have a nice long weekend. I'm talking 10-15 days.


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Cheers, Dave! As long as we still have judi we should be most of the way okay . . .

I plan to party like it's 1899!

I might take a few year's sick leave, too.


See y'all on Tuesday.

Isn't that the same length of time for committing a violent crime in America these days?

There's a place on the web
Where Judi posts almost naked men
But the guys still cheer
Cuz she also posts links about beer

Dave- I was really looking forward to this week's 24 post. Lots of loose ends left loose that need tightening before they get any more loose.

Dave, how will you find the will to live without blogging about how you miss Marwan for 10-15 days?!?

Who you're talking to for 10 to 15 days? I hope not yourself!

Sounds like you're gona be really tired when you come back.

Take care, Dave!

P.S. If you talk low for those 10 to 15 days, you wont be so tired, or sore.

See, but Dave can still phlog, and we've got proof, so he has no excuses for neglecting us now (unless, of course, he wants us to get lives).

A-hem: Proof... of phlogging capabilities.

Okay, links have been disabled for this thread. I quit.


Time to start my weekend.

What about Judi? Doesn't she get some time off? We authorize her to take time off as well.

M.C.'s link

If that works, M.C., I demand...an IOU for a demand at a later time.

Thanks, Marv. Never had trouble before...

Call me out on the IOU next week. Perhaps I can dig up a firmware upgrade to ease your paranoia.

Hey, it worked! Okay, I'm still quitting though. It's 88 degrees in Seattle!

No thanks, M.C., I'm all set with my current firmware. I mean, seriously, the new version of myself never got chicks in bikinis...

And I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that 'firmware' sounds....you know

Also, bye Dave, see you later. I'm sure we can find something to amuse ourselves with in the meantime (and by 'we' I mean judi)

Alright then, Marv, software it is. ;-)


*zips in*

*snif* *pout*

*zips out*

*zips back in*

*looks around*

Hey judi, is Dave gone already???
Let's party!!!!

keep us posted, have a good time at, uh, whatever.

10-15?? So if the first 10 are sucky, we'll see you back on Day 11?

Dave, don't forget -- DO NOT take any Viagra while you're away! ...the blindness thing...

Candy - Dave has a plan. He's only going to take the Viagra until he needs glasses.

10 - 15 days? Does that include the community service? What about good behavior?


*combusts, spontaneously*

C'bol - Riiiiight....I for one am monitoring the news for additional reports of abnormal hair growth in the palm area . Inquiring minds and all...

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