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May 02, 2005


Cher says she's done.


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Don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out.

$200 million!?!

Someone please shoot me.

Can't do that, Fed'. It's not Duck Season.

So when does the mechanical elephant go up for sale on eBay. That thing rocks!

Keep an eye out for it MJK.

$200 million in ticket sales for the tour!

Sure, that sounds like a lot, but when you figure in roadies, spam sculptures of Elvis riding a centaur, eleven hip replacements, and the t-shirt police, I bet she didn't net more than $90 million.

She'll be back.

So when does the mechanical elephant go up for sale on eBay. That thing rocks!

Keep an eye out for it MJK.

Still, I'd say she didn't look a day over 243 for that last show

C-bol, it looks like her liposurgeon went a tad too far, don't you think?

C-bol, it looks like her liposurgeon went a tad too far, don't you think?

She did say she wanted to look more angular, MOTW. It's all a matter of taste, and the lack thereof.

Cher is done? Really? Someone stick her with a fork (or a Botox needle) and make SURE she's done.

Yea, I think her liposergeon went WAY too far but that's just my opinion. If I had that kind of money would I have done that? Maybe.

Say it ain't so babe . . .

Coming this summer: the Cher "Ha HA! Just Kidding!" Reunion tour!

Not even worthy of comment, except a comment stating that it's not even worthy of comment.

elle, you crack me up.

you think she REALLy means it? I hope so.... i read that neil diamond is going out on tour this summer. if it ISNT a farewell tour, this could be tough.

first dave retires.

now cher.



Oh, come on. Cher's got so much plastic in her now that she's not even biodegradable anymore. She could wait and do a comeback tour when we're all geezers and the young 'uns don't know about her.

I'll believe she's really, really retiring when flying pigs bring me a death certificate.

cher will never retire. we'll see her again in the 'i'm not dead yet' tour, 20 years from now... and she'll be wearing that outfit she had on in the If I Could Turn Back Time video scaring the crap out of all of us. i'm looking forward to it *grins*

Truly the end of an era.



We need to set up a blog pool, not dissimilar to the "Ghoul Pool," to guess when Cher makes her "comback."

I mean, she must be in withdrawal right about now. No hotel rooms, no sound checks, no 3,297 costume changes per show - no nothing!

I say she'll be back within a calendar year. What do y'all think?

I don't believe it, and neither should you guys! It's those damn terrorist bastards again trying to trick us into believing she's retiring...

*runs away to the underground bunker*

this means she's run out of virgin's blood to bathe in! hide your sons and daughters!


Look on the bright side, you can subscribe to the 'Cher News'!! It says so right there at the end of the article.
Let's see, what would be some good news? "New pictures of Cher's natural hair color" "Cher tours with daughter Destiny, donates proceeds to GLBT center" "Cher with new companion, 3 years her senior" ...

Isn't this about the 937th farewell tour for Cher? Pack up, honey, Branson's calling.

Gee, I wish I'd known about Cher News before I squandered all my money donating to NPR.

Will the "Cher News" site look like the Mysore site?
"no new update."


LizO'sTM - Real Lizard Bits!

Liz’Os – Real Lizard Bits!TM

Liz’Os – Real Lizard Bits!TM

this is a test

yay it worked

Nice test, peridot. ;-)

Is he gone yet?

Yeah, dern you, cg!

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