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May 27, 2005


Next on the agenda: tiny toad iPods.


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"Tiny toad iPods" anagrams, of course, to "ditsy potion ad."

The tiny backpacks are nice but it's very hard to get the tiny books out of them.

"Drinking Through Your Pelvic Region? A Pretty Good Trick Developed By Terrestrial Adapted Toads (August 27, 2002) -- Most terrestrial amphibians..."
Now that's something I would pay to see.


Is that little gray mass on the toad's rear supposed to be his backpack? Doesn't look like one. I wouldn't want anything attached to that part of my anatomy with surgical tubing, much less a backpack.

More relevantly, it anagrams to "I post an oddity".

So, the species is in decline and they go and strap a backpack on them? Are they trying to speed things up?

Well I, for one, think this is a GREAT idea! The poor widdle toads were probably dying out because they had no pckets, indeed, no way at all to carry their "toady essentials"...I know I'D die without my purse!!

Maybe the species is in decline because it's difficult to mate with that backpack attached.

Uh oh. I think Dave just agitated an aggravated RSS alligator. I say its appetite is what got rid of the toads.

Where else is the frog supposed to carry his Bud?

toads- she has it easy! Try strapping back packs on viruses so you can track their preferred habitat.

Maybe they've gone blind from too much Viagra...

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