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May 26, 2005


The Enraged Biologists.

(Thanks to Master Chief)


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A leatherback turtle for a leathered interior mercedes? Sounds like a good deal to me...

"When you have a fish this old, this heavy, that has lived in zero gravity its whole life, it just won't tolerate a lot of handling."

The exact same reason my wife won't give me sex.


Oops. Wrong giant aquatic creature.

Almost the right thread, Sabu. Good try...

"Xhemali said he was immediately approached by an Italian fish trader"

Why are there Italian fish traders lurking near the shores of Albanian seas?

"..reconsidered when offered a "nearly new" Mercedes"

The exact same reason my wife gave me sex last night.


I think the real reason he gave up the turtle was simply because he likes enraging biologists.

I know I do...

Why didn't he just take it to the local Sea Turtle-Mercedes Exchange Bank? You give them a turtle, they give you a Mercedes. And vice-versa.

Woo-hoo, a shout out! Thanks, judi.

Anyway, I thought about this a little more and I think I'd rather have the car, too, really. I mean, what would anyone even do with a 1-ton turtle? Drive to work? Teach it to fly? Hunt for large rabbits to race against, and win?

gives whole new meaning to E-BAY, bwaahaa. actually, look on a map, you'll see where albany....wait. oh, albania. i live in albany. i thought, well never mind.

that would explain "Hysni Xhemali" the vowel-challenged name mentioned.

I wonder if this is the same turtle that hides under a bridge in the Florida Keys and attacks scuba divers...

What am I offered for my son's African Frog?

An endangered leatherback turtle ought to get you at least a diesel. Anything 1995 or newer requires a live sixth-grader-sized catfish. You want A/C and new tires, forget it, man, it's Paris Hilton.

Except as a deal 'tween friendses
You shouldn't trade tutrles for Benzes
And, no, it's not legal
To swap a bald eagle
For the latest new clothes from Lands Endses!

Nice one, Insomniac.

Mind if I try too?

"If you're fishing for cod in Tirana,
And you swear you just hooked a piano,
Don't throw it back
That's a rare Leatherback!
Trade it in for an S-Class Sedan-a"


Haikus vs. Lymrics . . ?

What's that turtle worth,
So unique and gigantic?
Will this used Benz do?

That's awesome, Chief!

I am at complete serenity now.

...Except that last line should probalby 'use the force' a little more, and be like "This used Benz WILL do." ;-)

"Dermochelys coriacea" is what you get when you swim in Butrint and can be successfully treated by penicillin.

Those crazy Greeks...

are you people not paying attention!
the turtle Eats Jellyfish!!
put em baack
put em baack.

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