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April 29, 2005


Things in Mysore remain calm.


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what, no flintstone-tattooed men here?

They should put an update on their (not there or they're) page about how this blog always checks to see if there are no (not know) updates, but then there would be an update, and Dave wouldn't have to Blog it, so then there would be no update about Dave blogging it, but then Dave would Blog it... hmmm, this is why Time Travel frightens me.

Did anyone ever see the Futurama where Fry went back in time and litterally became his own Grandpa?

love that episode. and how the fact that he's his own grandfather causes him to save the world later on from those brain-things.

Forewhen presooning returningwenta retrohome.

Fry saves the world regularly because he is an idiot.
Idiocy is a powerful thing.

That reminds me of the trailer for the movie "The Stupids" with Tom Arnold that has a song titled "I'm my own grandpa".

Now that is teh funnay.


A question for the ladies, is this a good trade or what?

That reminds me of the trailer for the movie "The Stupids" with Tom Arnold that has a song titled "I'm my own grandpa".

Now that is teh funnay.



knitted helmets for men? Not so good. How bout a knitted uterus?

I think something is going on in Mysore.

I know we've seen that "no updates" post before, but something about it this time made me sense something roiling beneath the surface, just out of sight, but definitely there.

No wait, I just need to use the restroom.

::contemplates commenting on the idiocy comment, but remembers that one should never discuss religion or politics...::

MKJ, thats how they make chain-mail for movies.

Truth is, I went to mysore first thing this morning. It has become my daily barometer. Nothing happenin in mysore so I knew all was right with the world today and this would be a good day....not like a couple days ago, jeez, that was a horrible day, what with those evil party birds and all.

Where I come from, the word 'Updates' is spelled a little differently.

But then again, you never know. People on the cutting edge of journalism might know something we backwoods folk don't.

exciting place. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

'Artagnan! That's it! Someone stole the 's from Mysore.

Man, I hope it oesn't sprea !

C'bol - sorry to hear something is going on in your sore. I recommend antibiotics.

Casey - you're very wise to check your sore first thing in the morning. Just make sure to put the bandage back on so as to keep dirt (and party birds) out and speed the healing process.

I think I'll go knit my dog a helmet.

Farmgirl, while you are at it, can you knit one for my pet turtle? She's a red-eared slider but I heard red wasnt "in" this season.

farmgirl - hmmm...let's see...the helmet pattern is for men...you're knitting for a dog...hmmmm...

Nope,nope, nope! Not gonna go there.

Casey - I would be happy to knit your turtle a helmet if I have enough yarn left. Rottweilers have large craniums.

I'm such a knitwit!

The least they could do is give updates: "Indira Gandhi still dead"

Yeah, you'd think if someone is going in there, every day, just to type in, "There are no updates today," maybe, they could just throw in an "It's raining," or "I stubbed my toe."

However, I do rather admire going to such lengths to report that nothing is going on. I dare say it might even take MORE courage to do this kind of reporting.

Mysore, I SALUTE YOU!!!

I apologize in advance for the shouting, Jason.

Here's a picture of Santa Claus as a younger man, when he was still honing his technique . . .

Must be a slow blogging day.






On the other hand, today is the birthday of Tommy James. Let's all sing "Hanky Panky".

An important item on the Mysore website that should have been listed as an update:

Mysore, Apr. 29 (KCU)- Unable to bear the torture of his drunkard father, a young boy left Koppal in Hyderabad-Karnataka, landed in Mysore and was earning a living by exhibiting few feats through his pet monkey.

***yawn II*****

Someone should tell rita about the knit helmuts - could be a winner!

No up_ates fro su.so.ca. today.

That does it! I am moving to Mysore. Despite it's unfortunate name, it seems like a good place to take a nap.

Wait! Stop the presses. I went back to check the Mysore update and noticed that the update is for tomorrow! There is nothing happening there then.

Mysore is oozing pus.

Kookie, it's already tomorrow in Mysore. They're way ahead of us.

No need (not kneed) to appologize Stupendous Man. Most refer (not {not [not knot] knot} reefer) to me as Darth, and that's ok with me. Anyways, can you sing the Studpendous Man mantra in which every letter of your name stands for something? I would quite enjoy that. (and it should be the official one created by (not bye or buy) Bill W that doesn't actually get finished and Calvin starts spelling it wrong anyways before Miss Wormwood hauls (not halls) Calvin (not Kelvin) to the principal's (not principles) office.) Whew.

Darth - type that again but without cut/copy and paste :)

I don't take orders from someone with a 'coo' at the end of their (not there or even they're) name (not (not knot) that there's anything wrong with that). :P

Oh, and Stupendous Man? To help you out the 'U' stands for "Underwear - red" if i remember correctly.

Hey, at least they aren't calling themselves Sore of MyStar.

*sends a smooch to Witchiecoo*

*Stupendous Man, sensing bloggers getting curt and coo-t, vows to commit Stupendous Man theme to mammary...uh, memory (Stupendous Man is in too many threads). Will report back after solving the mystery of the "helmet knit bra" found at the Great Pyramid
(and apparently holding two replicas of the Great Pyramid). Wouldn't Helmut Knit bagnf a German?*

A.A. -- not to be critical, just FYI ... the song I'm My Own Grandpa is over 50 years old ... us geezers know that ... and whomever included it as part of the sound track in "The Stupids" had their reasons ... being a geezer may be one of those reasons ...

Speaking of reasons ... no ... that story is too long ... mebbe later ...

TBFKADC -- Put your (not yore, or you're) hands (not feet, or inches) in the air (not heir, or Eire) and step away (not aweigh) from the bracket (not B-raquet, or briquette) keys (not ... um ...) !!!

Sheesh! You (not ewe, or yew) are (not R) almost (not all most) as (not a$$, or az) bad as (not adz, or a$$) me (not mi)!!!

Good work!

U.O, glad to see I'm not the only geezer who has a memory powerful enough to recall a song from 50 years ago (but of course I remember going to a picnic with Dad and coming home with Mom). I first heard that tune by the late Grandpa Jones, 'tho it's probably older than that. I even remember all the words, although I can't remember all the words to the Stupendous Man mantra (darn that Darth Curt) as requested in the Peru thread.

Stupendous Man
the blogger formerly known as Dartful Codger, but keeps getting id'ed as Dartful Codger in this thread. WTF!


Yeah, ain't memories wonderful? But nostalgia isn't what it used to be ...

Lonzo and Oscar prolly got the biggest hit out of that song, Grandpa Jones covered it, as did Ray Stevens ... I think mebbe Roy Clark, too ... and of course Heinlein used it as a backdrop in one of the first Lazarus Long stories ...

Some of those other oldies from that era ... All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Don't Fence Me In, Mairzy Doats, Love Letters in the Sand (which was a remake/cover by Pat Boone, it actually came out before the war ...)

... ah, Muriel ...

My name is Grace!

[Trivia time: tell me where those lines come from ... anyone?]

You know, I can't help wondering if Mysore is pronounced anything like Missouri . . .

Okay ... and how is that?

When I talk with the state residents, or those who live along the river (as I do, close by, anyway) and I've heard a minimum of four different ways to pronounce it ...

But that's an excellent question ...

Just how IS Mysore supposed to be pronounced ... (I'm lucky I can spell it ... let alone say it ...)

Mysore is pronounced Mysuur.

Have we ever actually determined where Mysore is?

Mysore is located in Karnataka, India. It is about a 3 or 4 hour-drive from Bangalore, it's more famous siter city. Mysore has some amazingly beautiful gardens and multi-thousand year history. Used to be the capital of several ginormous (and rich) kingdoms back in the day. Has a bunch of interesting ruins too!

Thanks Sunbomb. I figured it was in India, but, honestly, was too lazy to look it up.

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