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April 27, 2005


If you do: Do NOT read this story.

(Thanks to Mike Leone, who will pay)


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*scratch scratch* Uh oh, I think I uncovered the first one...

I was buying it until I got to the bottom:
The Nation

ewwwww! take a bath!

When my daughter came home from school with lice, I gave her the nickname "Flick"

Coming home with maggots? She'd get the nickname "Maggie"?

And you thought Copacabana was a bad earworm..Uh oh..sorry..

Apparently, when you work for The Nation, you can just throw a "Phuket" down anywhere you want in your writing. Though it does make a nice closing.


i am happy to have something, better than nothing.

i am happy to have something, better than nothing.

Maybe this guy could hook up with Jonah White, bait farmer and inventor of " Billy Bob Teeth " whose worm farm went up in smoke ..Maybe we'll see " Temtan's Ear " as the next gag novelty..

Bugs, lice, squirming fly larvae - no. Nice sexy human tongue (still attached to a living, breathing, preferrably hot, human body) - yes.


It's really a sad comment on the state of this blog that I have to clearly indicate I'm not referring to, for instance, a cow's tongue fresh from the butcher shop or my dog's tongue fresh from those places dogs often put their tongues, lest someone immediately jump to such a conclusion. I suppose it's (not "its") a small price to pay.


What is the state of this blog? Florida?

Brings to mind Funkadelic's " Maggot Brain "

Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew.

That is all.

Ear Maggots

Boo - we would never think such things...well, about you we might... good thing you clarified!

Now I have to go remove my ears with the BBQ tongs....


A total gross out!

I will not be returning to this thread today.

That is all.

Crap! Now I can't stop scratching my head OR my ears!

He should stick his head in "one of the versions of the Mansfield Quantum" That oughtta clean out his ears.

He should stick his head in "one of the versions of the Mansfield Quantum" and flush several times.

That oughtta clean out his ears.


Damn! Damn! Damn! I KNOW better than to ignore judi's warnings! I KNOW better!!!!!!!!!!

"We believe flies might have gone inside his ears to lay eggs, which hatched into larvae,causing the itching."

MIGHT? What what other plausible theories are there? He put them in himself?

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