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April 27, 2005


The Canadian results are in!

Key Quote: Crane has a VIP Flush that moves 725 grams, but a change in the bowl from another model moves it down to 350 grams. One Eljer Patriot flushes 425 grams, another 150. One American Standard Cadet moves 750 grams, but two others flush 125 and 150 grams.


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I knew it.

Tofu tastes like sh!t.

At least they didn't use golf balls.

Ah-HUH! Now you know what Marwan was doing at Home Depot.

250 grams for the average male!

Doesn't that convert to like a ¼ mile.

would Logs of Curd bagnfarb?

VIP Flush?
Very Important Poop?

Myself and MOTW already knew this.

**adds 25th golfball to toilet and flushes**

Now there's a man who we can all idolize.

Bill Gauley: Too much time (and fake poop) on his hands

"A prodigious load both for toilet and user"

I have to figure out a way to work this into a conversation.

750 gms = 1 lb 12 oz. rough(age)ly.

So 'VIP' flush must stand for Very Impacted Person.

I spewed coffee all over my computer. Great observation.

Glad to help, rufus. My daughter is a devout (and annoying) vegetarian. So, in my passive-aggressive way, the comment was aimed at her. Really passive-aggressive, since she doesn't read this blog.

Quote: "The test protocol for the MaP tests is to flush soybean curd formed into 50-gram “logs”...

Ewwwwwwww......Way too much information.

The saddest thing is that I read the whole story....

Wonder what that says about me?

Toilets for breakfast Again!?!

I'm going out for breakfast!

Words fail me.

... they are undone by the enormity of the task ...

Is that another way of saying, "It was too big a job ..." ???

250 grams is average for adult male ... deposits ...

So, using Doug and Bob McKenzie's metric/English conversion formula -- in reverse -- we find:

250 minus 30 = 220 divided by 2 = 110 ... ounces of "byproduct" ...

that's ... six pounds, 14 ounces, tuppence!!!

Now that's overloading !!!

Is there any truth to the rumor the testing headquarters served bean curd for lunch that day?

I got one of those golfball flushing toilets about a year ago and I'm pleased to report that I haven't had a single golfball related plug up since.

OK, Dave, I think a Mansfield Quantum should be on your shopping list.

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