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April 26, 2005


Somebody needs to hold some kind of Worm-Farm-Aid concert. Feel free to organize it yourself. We are pretty busy.

Key Quote: "All I could do was stand there and see 200 million worms go to an honorable death."


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Mmmmmmmmmmm...roast worms!

Mmm, crispy critters!

first....couldn't resist

a haiku

hellish barbeque
unimaginable stench
the blazing vermin

Maybe he could try canning the remains.

campfire bright, toasty
twin crackers and hershey bars
worm smores, anyone?

* cue Mel Torme Christmas Carol classic *

Bait worms roasting on an open fire
Billy Bob nippin' at your nose
Fuel tide bellows, set aflame by a torch
This fire's brought Winters' family close ...

Phil, that looks somewhat suspicious.... Shouldn't that be a helicopter??

Great, now the US is once again totally dependant on foreign worm production.

It's working out so well with oil...

Oh, the wormanity !!!!

Another key quote: "a spark from the torch might have ignited dried Canadian peat moss stored in the 15,000-square-foot building."

Canadian peat moss? Does the nationality of the peat moss matter?

He lost 300,000 after insurance? I really hate that me and Pa sold the old farm. We could be millionaires by now at that rate.

are worms considered "vermin"?

cubie: I hope not, I have millions of them in my compost heap, they're great for the garden!

cubie - etymologically, yes.

* the old name for the appendix was the 'vermiform appendix' literally 'the wormy looking thing hanging off of that other thing'*

LOL I had no idea...

cubie: hang around this blog and you'll learn all kinds of things.

Sometimes things you wish you didn't know.

Curiouser: It just goes to show you what can happen when you outsource your peat moss.

Yes, "nationality" of peat moss does matter, at least to some peat moss users ... besides which, it's prolly cheaper ...

The specific botanical family of the vegetation may vary according to geography, and while some think that peat moss from northern Minnesnowta or UP Michigan is better, others feel that the p.m. from north of 60 degrees latitude provides a better foundation for potted plants, and so on ...

Don't ask me for specifics, I'm just going on general knowledge here ... My Bride and one of my cousins are the gardeners in the family ...

Okay Dave!

I've got the RBR scheduled to play at my house this Saturday, 7pm - 10pm, with after concert party (well, during too, actually). I'm pretty sure several bloglits will show up, and that they'll each be willing to pitch in a couple bucks. If you could just tell the rest of the band, that'd be great.

What? You said to go ahead and organize it, since you're busy and all...

I see that (in Sondra's link) they apparently do not (not dew knot or due naught) teach usage/spelling at Emory University, just as most other institutions of "higher learning" are wont to do ...

I'd say the fireflies started it.

"it isn’t every day you take a $300,000 hit"

Too true, Jonah. Too true. For the most part, only celebrities and athletes have the kind of money to shell out $300,000 for one hit.

Okay, I've just got to know: What does a worm consider a dishonorable death?

daisyj -

Gosh! All Fishhooks?

I once tried worm ranching, but none of the livestock survived the branding. What the hey, they were almost impossible to drive to market anyway.

daisyj - Hey! - lost track of your blog & was looking forward to seeing "my" south thru young eyes. Gawd..Nawlins.. CG's muffalotta, mornings at Cafe du Monde. *sigh* Must try; Spin,Crash & Burn. Makes Hurricane seem like small squall. Isn't Florida beautimous. *sniff,wannagohome* Heading back to your site to steep in more memories. OH...to answer your ?....On a hook in a pike!

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