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April 29, 2005


Now that this man has been picked up apprehended.

(Thanks to numerous people)


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A picture of a booger is worth a thousand words.

A picture of a booger is worth a thousand words.

how did you happen to pick this article?


Good name for the Denver prosecutor Ken Laff.

And still some try to claim we're not winning the war on terror.

...had an unfortunate juxtaposition of his finger and nose," Laff said.


Excuse me while I go juxtapose my foot and my mouth.

Lots of holes in that story... What did he do with the offending booger? Wipe it on the counter and they cracked the case through DNA?

You may think it's a steal, but it's snot.

I'm pickin'!

'n' I'm grinnin'!

Ah don' see anythin' funny about this story.

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't... well you know the rest.

looks like he didn't find a goldmine in there, though.

I'm sure the Booger Bandit was able to breathe easier too, after releiving himself of the offending nasal blockage.

I wonder what kind of sentence he will get if convicted. It would seem that being known as the Booger Bandit for the rest of your life is cruel punishment indeed.

And I too, would like to know what he did with said booger. Wipe it on the counter? On the check? Wad it up and stick it behind his ear for later inspection? Flick it? This article simply does not give enough info. It needs more investigative journalism.

'snot easy. Being the mastermind behind a widespread criminal conspiracy I mean. A little respect, please!

The reference to the SNL sketch with Dan Ackroyd i think? About picking your friend's nose. Not sure i know the Cowboy reference.

97 count indictment for picking your nose?

Man! They were tough in Colorado.

It wasn't a pick -- It was a SCRATCH!!

When I read the headline, the first thought that came into my head was who was stashing boogers and who in their right mind would want to steal them.

He's not actually stuck with that nickname forever.

He could sh!t his pants during the trial.

I want to comment on the title that Dave picked (heh, heh) for this blog. An alternate subtitle could have been "And apparently, so can this man."

D'oh... i missed casey's note, and the joke was made already. My appologies.

Well jeezly!

All the good lines (that I thot of) have already been tooken ...


What's the difference between dental floss and a toothbrush?

You can't pick your nose with dental floss ...

thank you, thank you, I'm here all thru the weekend ... try the veal ...

how did you happen to pick this article?


Slyeyes, we have to be tough with snot-wielding micreants here in Colorado. Due to our exceedingly dry climate, a Colorado booger can actually be used as a weapon (think Chinese throwing stars).

If the clerk had refused the check, s/he might well have had an armed robbery take place instead. Or would that have been a fingered robbery?

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