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April 30, 2005


Beware of the Hooch Menace.


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I got nuthin. It's my brain's day off.

Gmarnin, Dave!

WTF is a Hooch???

julietin..whew..thot it was just me...

Hooch: an illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor

Yeah, I looked it up...

Man! We are such sweet & innocent lil things, aren't we, Julietine?!

Not just a Hooch Menace. Also Spots for Dharnas.

Christobol called it yesterday, with his sense that things were roiling beneath the surface.

LOL! You're right, qetzal, he did!!

WTF is a dharnas??

I'm guessing here, but I'd say dharnas are sometimes caused by hooch ...

Maybe the 'D' in 'DTs' stands for Dharnas?

Tamara, it's also possible that Christobol was just picking up the potential subsurface roiling of the 30-inch burrito.

Is it possible that the fine folks of Mysore have a *different* definition for the word "hooch?" Like maybe it's an insect or something.

If they mean booze why wouldn't they SAY booze, alcohol or whatever.


Trystan, hooch is illicit alcohol sold in India. But it is packaged to appear legitimate. The problem is, the hooch is dangerous and deadly. It is a menace

Is it possible that the fine folks of Mysore have a *different* definition for the word "hooch?" Like maybe it's an insect or something.

If they mean booze why wouldn't they SAY booze, alcohol or whatever.


Oops, my link got gobbled up in that split double post.


OMG... this is just awful....But HOOTCH?!?

heheheh the funny thing is, I have family in Mysore, and my family is from India, and reading that I wasn't sure what hooch or dharnas are.... the wonders of the internet, I get caucasian people tellin me bout Indian things... then again, I dont know much about India, so..


That was a very sad link sly.
Key quote, IMO:
While some died late last night, others succumbed to the hooch today.

If this wasn't so sad, Succumbing To The Hooch WBAGNFACWB!




How would you like to put "Laxminarasimhaiah" on the back of a baseball jersey?

Matt, that's enough stitching to make a whole 'nother jersey.

EL,..I just caught the CWb... *Snork*

Am I the only person who only sees "No updates today." whenever I click on any links to Mysore???

southerngrace - in the time since Dave posted, a new (uneventful) day has dawned in Mysore, so the hooch story is now yesterday's news.

D'ye think he's compensatin' for somethin'?

Actually, killy, I think YOU are the one compensating for something, considering that you just left the same comment on every post.

Having googled on "hooch" amd "menace", and reading some of the results, I think that there is an unspoken ideological and possibly religious component to these stories, and an element of intellectual dishonesty in the way they are reported. The deaths and poisonings reported, which sound like classical methanol poisoning symptoms, (blindness, numbness, etc.) are attributed simply to "alcohol". In the stories I read, no mention is made of product adulteration or wood alcohol. No distinction is made between methanol and ethanol, because, in the view of those with this particular view, both are "alcohol" and both are equally evil.

In India, hooch is pretty much assumed to mean illicit or locally made moonshine. In 22 years of living there, I have not been made aware of any idealogical or religious connotations to the preparation, consumption or condemnation of it.

"In India, hooch is pretty much assumed to mean illicit or locally made moonshine."

My point exactly. As part of the publicity campaign against illegal hooch, no distinction is made between locally made genuine moonshine (a violation of liquor laws), and the diversion of industrial solvents to human consumption (reckless indifference to human life; tantamount to murder). Perhaps the ignorance is so profound that the people doing it are unaware of the difference.

Privately distilled alcohol has a long history in this country, for example the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. People may get drunk, and have wicked hangovers from drinking moonshine, but they don't go blind or drop dead from doing so.

Nope, I was not aware of the distinction. Almost all the hooch in India is, as you call it, "the diversion of industrial solvents to human consumption." There are probably 10-20 incidents of the same sort country-wide in India any given year. While I was growing up, two of the ingredients I heard of defied belief: rat poison and battery acid. I mean, come on!!??

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