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April 25, 2005


We have received this exclusive preview of tonight's episode, and it is a shocker.

(Thanks to Ken and Carrie Cook)


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What's shocking is that I am not Authorized to view this page. I want someone shot over this travesty, and i mean NOW!

I'm working on my new series "42", based on HGGTG.

And HGTTG as well.

Holy Sh*t!

What kinda 'outfit' are those last 2 guys wearing? It looks like their balls are strapped to their necks.

DAMN PLUGin won't work!
(breaks off keyboard keys one by one)_

I hear ya Sondra. I was thinkin' ambitious marble sacks. And when did TVJapan buy Sesame Street?

With matching helmets it looked like their balls were strapped to their heads. The matching gloves really make the outfit, don't ya think?

I am now convinced that getting rid of my cable connection was a very good thing.




Our brilliant minds are thinking alike again - I was planning to say something about educational programming, PBS, etc., just haven't formulated it yet.

I noticed that thar link ya posted was suma dat Karma Zutra stuff, and , well I hear that stuffs kinda nasty.
Jus wanted ta let ya'll no about it.
(I don't bend right good anymore, neither).

Sondra, Just ask `em why Cookie Monster's RED.

WHOOOO-HOOOOOOO! It's my link! I have been graced by the Dave and Judi Angels! I must go buy a pan!

I got the addresses by left-clicking on the video and then clicking properties. I can't get that first one on yahoo, but the second one got me there.

Wow, that Jack Bauer can just do everything; kayak, mountain climb(with help), waterski, four wheel, and even karate! He's soooo cool! That must be that Marwan dressed in red, oooooohhhh, that Marwan is so bad with his bike riding and not wearing a helmet.

*I must watch tonight, hopefully there will be subtitles.

The question(s) remains, then, Melissa. Whose wet noodle? And lashing where?

scat- OMGWTFBBQ! I didn't know there was a japanese version of the backstreet boys. Isn't Yatta a soft drink?

Love the theme song! I'd pay for a translation of the lyrics.

Has anyone ever seen the translation of the original Japanese lyrics to the "Speed Racer" theme. None of that "runnin' down the track...never lookin' back" stuff. But something about if he doesn't win he will bring dishonor to his family. Heavy stuff.

[sigh] more useless info. I need to have my brain reformatted.

Fed Duck - Brilliant!

And then we should get the Japanese to do a promo. The mind boggles...

(And Sakefused, that's not Cookie Monster, that's an overgrown Elmo)

Elmo!? WHAT have they done to you? Hey Bubba, Mensa!?....REALLY?...whatcha doin' here?.......just sayin'

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