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April 28, 2005


Calm has returned to Mysore.


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This was in the FAQ:

"How may I get involved with Charlie the Hamster Evangelistic Ministry?"

Yeah, I bet he gets that all the time.

What about the separation of Church and Hamster?

I bet this too is a riot at parties.

Sometimes it works in mysterious ways.

Yeah, and it's still a mystery to me!

Wait -- something funny (strange, not ha ha) happened. The thread changed, but the comments remain.

* cues Twilight Zone music *

They are just waiting for the answer to 42.

Not goin' there ... not when my granddaughter has a couple of ferrets (Bob -- a girl ferret -- and ... Max? No, Max is the hamster ... so how can I recall the name of the other ferret ...?) and a hamster (gerbil?) for pets ...

I see too much of these furry critters when I'm home ... not gonna look on the blog ...

Addicted to 24: The answer is 42. What the world is waiting for is the question.


MKH/MKJ ... SEE?!?!?!

Look at the post time ... !!! And it's OBVIOUSLY (note emphasis) about the hamsters, not about the non-events of Mysore ...


If it weren't for that crazy Daveness messin' with my brain ... well, nevermind ... it added a little excitement to another day of sitting around the motel room ...

MOTW - Okay, so it's not just me.

Anyone else: My comment applies to the next blog post with the hamster, if you're looking for context.

Penicillin will cure that.


you'd think they'd at least upate us on the public executions of the party birds.


The question is "What do you get when you multiply six by eight?" And if you think the math is wrong, well then you really have no idea why there are no more dolphins on earth, and what they said just before they left.

Why do we need an update from your sore?

Darth: That would be six by nine

What dolphins?

Is it six by nine? It's been awhile since i've read it, but i knew it wasn't seven as you would think it would be. The dolphins... the ones that flee the earth, and thank us for the fish.

Darth - get out your calculator - 8 x 6 = 48

7x6=42, but that has been discussed and was deemed to simple of a question.

Class dismissed.

But seeing as Arthur was on earth moments before it was demolished, his brain had the question implanted, and then when playing scrabble with the cave men, he pulled out the tile pieces one by one, and the tiles came out "what you get when you multiply six by eight" (or nine... but i was pretty sure it was eight). It's Douglas Adams and it doesn't have to make sense.

Darth: Oh - I thought you meant that there were still dolphins. My mistake.

Eleanor: See - everything got messed up by the Golgafrinchams (sp?).

I'm really not sure how i get so off topic on these threads... i'm sorry. To get back on topic... Don't these people ever have updates?

Actually, Eleanor, multiplying 6 by 9 does give you 42 if you multiply in base 13!

*Ooh, I'm correctly Eleanor. Am I safe? (After all, I'm insane Diego.)*

"There once was a man from Mysore . . . "

Doug - Man, I don't get it. The Blog Post filter won't let me link to imdb,com (internet movie database), but it lets your link's URL through just fine.

Perhaps IMDB just isn't suspicious enough.

Darth --

It's sorta difficult to update when nothing happens ... not their fault, but they're not very interesting over there ...

(whew! made it! Three homonyms in one sentence ... no misteaks ...)

Corey Ford did a story kind of using this tone/style over 40 years ago ... The Day Nothing Happened and it kinda set things up for later bits or skits on SNL, SCTV and such ... not otherworldly as Twilight Zone-ish or such ... very low key ... the humor of his tale was in the very mundanity of everyday life ... and that's somewhat what this whole premise of Updates on ... a very unexciting place ... is based upon ... and the Mysoreans [wanna be careful to spell that one correctly] cooperate by saying so on their website ...

Sorry, I sorta got off-thread there ...


Not a porpoise, Dude. Check the colors - it's a Sperm whale.

(=I Won't Look At That And You Can't Make Me!!)

MKJ :) I did put a warning up!!!

It is a killer whale.
And thus is a porpoise!


Is that a harpoon in your pool, or are you just glad to see me?

Is that a harpoon in your pool, or are you just glad to see me?

heh heh heh

Sondra said "sperm"

heh heh heh...

Darn! Darn!

I thot I had that thing ... um ... er ... problem solved ...

I thot I had that thing ... um ... er ... problem solved ...

Double posting in a single post? What would you call that if it had actually double posted?


Darth -

W-w-w-w-w-el-l-l-l, it m-m-m-m-u-s-s-t-ta b-b-b-een a-a-a f-f-f-ing-er-er s-s-s-t-tu-t-tt-t-er-er ...

Wanna see mysore?

Great my 'humorous comment' was finally appreciated, and it's by a random street lunatic.

Dude, cool name.


wolphin: *snork*

I ll never use water anymore;-)

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