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April 22, 2005


Maybe now his mom'll want to, too.

(Thanks to golfwidow)


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You Rock Judi

I live in Seattle and trust me for Skyline this is nothing

You Rock Judi

Who buys their teenage son a BMW? Have parents completely lost their minds? A teenage BOY with a car that does 250mph. Maybe she really, really wanted him dead/jailed. He just found a creative way to get arrested.

Buster you are SO grounded! No golf for a week!

who has an EXTRA bmw for gods sake?

can someone say he's got too much time on his hands?? he sounds like a real brat, his mother should trade him in for a better model

Another example of how kids are negatively affected by the pop culture. The teen is obviously misguided: the Bentley may be expensive, but a German car has much better handling...

BMW? H*ll, I would have been happy with anything over the '92 Mercury Tracer STATION WAGON that I had to drive. Yeah, I can totally see why he was upset.

judi: His mom does want to trade up, but now that the article's out, she doesn't think she'll get a good price for her son.

Yo mama's so poor, she can't even afford to upgrade the M3 to a Bentley.

Sweet. I got Claired.

Hey Lobster... that's nothing. I drove a 1976 Audi Fox Station Wagon (I graduated in 1992). My parents bought it used in 78 for my Sister, and then it got handed down thru my other 3 siblings until it got to me. I had to start it like a Cesna. The key no longer worked the ignition at all. I loved that car.

Man you people are spoiled ... I didn't have a car AT ALL until I bought my first (a $400 '73 Pontiac LeMans, aka "the land yacht") in 1988 at the age of 27.

'sall relative I guess ...

Man you people are spoiled ... I didn't have a car AT ALL until I bought my first (a $400 '73 Pontiac LeMans, aka "the land yacht") in 1988 at the age of 27.

'sall relative I guess ...

I had a car. But it didn't run. Had to push it to school. Uphill. Both ways.

Car? Sure, it was just a box of razor blades with marbles glued to the bottom, but it was a car to me.

I don't get this. "police are CONSIDERING charges?" How about insurance fraud? How does that sound?

Baby Blue '79 Ford Fairmont (in 1994). Heck yes, it was a babe magnet.



I do have to admit, though, it was always fun trying to merge onto the parkway, only picking up enough speed to putter along after turning off the radio and heater. Plus, I never had to worry about speeding b/c the car really couldn't go much over 50.

'55 Ford Crown Vic (the original Crown Vic)in 1965. Her name was Rocinante. (Check your literary references there.) Many "firsts" occured in that car. Wish I still had it.

Dark blue '67 Ford Fairlane 500 (in '85). Heck yes, it was a babe magnet (polarity reversed).

Polarity Reversed

*snork* me too c'bol, me too.

"Yo mama's so poor, she has to take the trash IN."

"Yo moma's so poor, she drives a BM"

(man, somebody's moma's gonna kick my a@@)

"Yo mama's so poor, she drives the Continental GT instead of the Arnage sedan, which is, like $80K more, you know."

Yo mama's so fat, poor, and stupid she sits in an RV on her front lawn nursing a monkey and hanging out with a bunch of reptiles.


Also, she's on a hunger strike.

That is all.

Poverty sucks.

Apparently, so does the Monkey.

pogo -- COOL car ... Her? name ... I thot Rosinante was male? ... been a long time since I discovered him/her/it ... mebbe Rocinante is the feminine spelling ... (Dang! Did not mean (not knot mein) to get into spell-check mode ... )

It is certainly big-hearted of this kid's mother to let her son have a fancy car ... does that make her a Big Mother? (Or merely a Dumb Mother ...?)

First car - in 1973, a 1968 MG B, Brittish racing green - weighed 1,200 lbs, I could push start it by myself - guess how I know?

A '68 Dodge Dart. Rust. And I do mean rust. In the winter I had to let it warm up for 20 minutes or it wouldn't make it off the street.

Brainy Jello, I had a B210 (station wagon) too! Only it was my second car (my first being a beat-up Honda that was more bondo than red) and I called it The Burgandy Bomber. The driver's seat was just springs; I had to put a towel over it in the summer so I wouldn't burn the backs of my thighs. When I wore shorts the short-leg would get caught on one of the springs and go SPROINNNNNG! everytime I would get out of it.

Awesome site - gotta love yo momma!

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