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April 26, 2005


Things are pretty quiet.


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Bummer. I was looking forward to another mind-grabbing news sparkler from those wonderful folks of Mysore.


no news is good news?

What? No Michael Jackson?

Ooooo! Even better is that hillarious cartoon, "Babu's Banter"

"Jack, this piece you did on slugs is really something."


"And by really something I mean it's garbage."

"You don't like it?"

"You didn't use any verbs, again."

"It's a style."

"It's crap. We're running nothing in its place."

Steve: trout.

No updated post today

I'll have you know, Mr. Smartytrousers, that this piece is a brilliant insight into the void and nothingness experienced by the lower middle class citizens of Mysore due to the postmodernist slump and the onset of shows like 24, not to mention the Britney Spears pregnancy, which is the most important cultural event in the entire history of mankind including the invention of nasal spray.

I nominate it for the Pullet Surprise.

These are the same folks who provide phone support for my computer.

An earlier News Sparkler:

"A prayer to the Goddess before war, a puja to the Goddess for blessings before war! What is wrong in it?"

You would have thought they'd at least recycle an old Dave column or something, but no.

Did I really open that page for nothing? That's 1.5 seconds I'll never get back.

Mr. Kutcher is a distant cousin.

no news sparkler updates, but this was on the news link:

"Ayyo, we may or may not need them. It makes no difference. At the stench of our clothes, they would go away. They will not come near."

all the news that fits, they print. or not.

Fed - do you write regulations for the IRS?

i don't know about you, but mysore is itchy ... NTTAWWT.

from the "Teaser" - this thigh-slapper:

"Mine day shift and my wife goes for night shift - only our ends meet, but not we"

Fed - do you write regulations for the IRS?

my language go for english so I make, but not sense.

from "Lafline", this caption under a cartoon about gov. corruption....

"Actually we are ignoring all such corrupt practices being done under our nose. At present we are concentrating on the corrupt practices done in the regime of previous Govt."


I find this lack of sparkling news alarming. Perhaps Bauer should investigate. It might have something to do with a nuclear football.

Mysore what?

After sitting all day....

After playing golf....

After 19 hours of vigorous sex....

19 holes of vigorous golf? What, what?

19 holes?

Vigorous sex?

I thought this was a family blog?

Now that's what I call news!

19 holes?

Vigorous sex?

I thought this was a family blog?

Finally - a website with the journalistic integrity to report, "We ain't got diddly!"

Yeah, sure DI.

You direct attention to Higgy and D'rampArt, while you quietly let me split your posts. (might be my new favorite euphemism)

Family blog, huh?



Why Mr. Fishair, me? Quiet?

I thought "MySore Tourism" was something, then I saw "Festivals of MySore".

Make up your own joke!

Mysore is oozing.

Sure is quiet out there ...

Yup. Too quiet ...

It's apparently a slow news day elsewhere as well.

The "news" page on my ISP has the following:

Under "money": Andersen pays $65M
Under "tech": Andersen pays $65M

There is some hope, however ...

Under "sports": White Sox whip A's

[Close to an exciting "sparkler", but no cigar ...]

When the news is a bore and slow as a slug
That's Mysore
When the blog's on the mend and I break too much wind
That's Mysore

I stopped reading the Star of Mysore after they cancelled Marmaduke.

No Comment.

AUTHOR: Latest from Mysore
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 04/26/2005 01:07:14 PM
AUTHOR: Latest from Mysore
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 04/26/2005 01:07:14 PM

I went looking around the paper's website, and came upon a sad bit of news: Swami Ranganathanandaji has passed away.

I love that paper! I wish our papers had no news... now that'd be something.

"star of Mysore" = "foamy resorts"

Dear Latest, me likey. Igloo, how'ed ya get the musical thingy?

use bs4; for ♪
use ♫ for ♫

Thus ends the lesson.

Well, that lesson wasn't so hot.
Try this.
use the numerals 9834 preceeded by the &# and ending with a semicolon for the ♪
use the numerals 9835 preceeded by the &# and ending with a semicolon for the ♫

Federal Duck: I nominate the Putzpuller Prize.


igloo - i tried it and see my post above - the 4 disappeared and.....

igloo you are my hero!!!!!

Are there a whole bunch of those?
Sometime when you have absolutely nothing productive to do, or that you want to do, could you please e-mail me some!!!?????



My turn!

♪ ♫



Too Cool!

Thanks Igloo



U.O - it's worded funny

ampersand number sign 9834 semicolon

Apparently it doesn't work on a Mac ... whatever ...

Tah Dah!!!


There's a one word name for a number sign, but I can't remember it and can't think of how to look up something like that.

Got a clue?




('Cuz she took the time to coach a really old dog thru the steps ...)

(I know there's a bunch of those code numbers for that stuff, but I don't have that software on the mac, just on the desktop @ home, and I could write some of those down when I go home in 3 weeks, and check them out ... COOL ... )



SONDRA RULES!!! (# = pound ... ???)

('Cuz she took the time to coach a really old dog thru the steps ...)

(I know there's a bunch of those code numbers for that stuff, but I don't have that software on the mac, just on the desktop @ home, and I could write some of those down when I go home in 3 weeks, and check them out ... COOL ... )

Your Welcome

and I made a snide remark or funny comment, depending on how you look at it, on the end of the snail thread

Well, we're certainly managing to stretch this thread out, aren't we?

(That first "COOL" one din't post the first time, so I added the bold and then they both posted ... whatever ...)

yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh, but... it's along those lines, maybe Latin based - libra something?

Funny remark ... never tooken it as anything else ...

and ...

not that I'd expect you to be counting, but (not "counting butts) I have been, and since I've stayed pretty strictly within those guidelines of yours, I've only had one double all day ...

It's a little clumsy, but I'd rather do an extra half-dozen keystrokes and take an extra 30 seconds (it's not as if we consider this a true chatroom, NEway, is it?) and just get single posts, than wait it out and provide further proof of what a computer doofus I really am ...

BTW there's no need to explain, it's happened to me and I've seen several posts where the same thing must have happened to others.

I'm at a loss to understand why people act the way they do about typos and double posts and such. When humans and the internet are perfect, I'll expect explanations, until then, Hell's Bells, who's perfect?


I haven't googled the word yet, but the Lb. abbreviation for "pound" is from the Latin root for ... ??? ... and so that's the connection ...

Libra is Spanish and Latin for pound

Yahoo can only think in terms of horoscopes, apparently

Yup, again ...

I'd go nuts if I got excited about typos and such on the blog ...

what does burn my hide is the "professional word person" who supposedly knows better ... and those are not of the blogsters, they are in the stories linked, and therefore (theoretically) written by "professionals" ...

Librum (?) ... from Latin for "Scales" (the zodiac sign), or "weighing" or such (this is memory, not google ...) ... and the transfer to "pound" is an easy jump

Ah, well. I remember seeing the word a couple of years ago. Great the way my memory works, I remember seeing the word, being excited to find it again, thinking "How could I have looked this up if I had wanted to?" but the word itself is gone. It'll come to me in a year or two, and I'll wonder why for days.

Libra, -ae is another word for scales, which gave rise to librum, -i, pound, and thus the abbreviation lb. for pound, and the symbol £ for the pound sterling. It is the name of a zodiacal constellation, which in classical times was known instead as iugum ...

(Above from Google)


The old memory banks still work ... sometimes ...

I'm such a stickler about grammer (except an occasional dangling preposition) that I won't read past the second one in anything, magazine article, novel, biography...

Is "octothorpe" the word you're looking for for the # sign?

Gawd, I dunno ... you tell us ...

My Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English language with over 300,000 entries does not list octothorpe. Octo is eight in Latin based languages and the # sign has eight points, but....I don't think so...

Yeah, Sondra ...

I know exactly what you mean about the turnoff in sloppy writing (in those places) ...

I quit reading a particular author (whom I had enjoyed muchly, up to that point) when I found a glaring error (using the metric system, and his bio was constantly pointing out that he was a "man of science") in a novel ...

When those things happen, it just destroys the credibility of the writer for me ... if they're that sloppy/careless/stupid, then how can I trust what they write?

HOWever, to be fair, I also wrote in the newspaper bidness for over 17 years, and I realize how easy it is for mistakes to creep into the text ... but that's what editors and proofreaders are for ...

Octothorpe is telco jargon for the # sign. Just thought it might be what was in the back of someone's mind.

::resumes lurking::

Asimov or Heinlein?

a.l. -
That's cool ... neat-o to learn another word ... tnx

Sondra -
I also should p'haps clarify my own neologisms and creative usages ... most of the aberrations seen when I post are similar to what I used as the common vernacular whilst writing my personal column those years in journalism ... more relaxed, more fun ...

Hey! Come Back Here! What's "telco jargon?"

Great! Now there's something else I don't know how to look up.

Nope, I still re-read Asimov and Heinlein when I get the time ... some old favorites there ... as with many of my favorite writers ...

I'll send you an email on this i.d. ... dunno if I wanna put that out here in front of the world (he's still alive, and could be [apparently still is, his books keep selling] the fave of people here) ... too long a tale, also, for this space ...

I like typing in my Texas accent, occasionally.

Well, we have used this as a chat room, so I feel like I should say 'bye' before powering down.


::comes back just for Sondra::

Telco = telephone companies

Another lurker,

Thank you. I suspected as much, thanks for confirming.

Tsk......I was gone all day and y'all had FUN. (y'all being Sondra, U.O. & Elenor) now I gotta figure out musical thingy w/o help. Grrr. (no I can't reed, I can bearly right)



♪ ♪ ♫ ♫ I sorta got it. Tnx igloo.

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