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April 26, 2005


Now they're using buffalo.


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Apparantly the place they are singing about in Home on the Range is in Maryland. Who knew?

A tennis court, huh....looked like buffalo running a 100 meter high hurdle.

The picture says 9 buffalo, but the article says roughly 10 buffalo. Did the journalist have a minimum word limit and was one word short at the end? Why not (not knot) just say 9?

The buffalo on the left apparently won the tennis game.


Now there's a good burger!


Man, good thing there were no rollerskaters around...

A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo, much like the brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells.

The slowest buffalo are the sick and weak so they die off first, making it possible for the herd to move at a faster pace. Like the buffalo, the weak, slow brain cells are the ones that are killed off by excessive beer drinking and socializing, making the brain operate faster.

The moral of the story: Drink more beer, it will make you smarter.

Dave, you won't believe this (but it is true): I had a buffalo burger for lunch today at "Tuxie's" in Riverside, CA.

According to either Dan Quayle or the University of Colorado, the correct (?) spelling of the plural would be "Buffaloes" ...

... yeah, right ...

You can't rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd, and you can't play tennis either.
Why are there Buffalo in Maryland? I thought we had limited there numbers. Maybe they have secret hideouts across the country. ...And shop at Home Depot.

CORRECTION: their (not there, or they're for that matter)

does anyone else have a sudden craving for buffalo wings?

I like the fact that they used the old fashioned native American method of herding the buffalo – a helicopter.

jamie, Jessica Simpson said buffalo (los? loes? li?) don't have wings, so that's a trick question.

You don't fool me. Ha!

ACTUALLY they are American Bison.
And they are tasty.
So are wings, Jamie

Eat your heart out (literally) you vegans.

Buffalo, NY has wings - that's where they were invented, hence the name

i'm a member of PETA...people for the eating of tasty animals. har har har! betcha never heard that one before. (sorry.)

Jamie - I had buffolo wings for lunch. They weren't as good as the ones I make, and they were too expensive. But they weren't bad and they did satiate me.

mmmm. i think i need to go to wild wings tonight instead of studying for my exam tomorrow...

buffolo? What the hell is a buffolo? I think I meant buffalo.

From the photo it is clear that buffalo are very confused about how to play limbo...

I can't believe it's been well over an hour and a half (nineteen decaliters in blog time) and no one has even mentioned anything about giving them a home. Sheesh. What's this blog coming too?

wow, that hatemail was cracking me up. i especially liked this quote: "You are trying to make meat eating some big macho thing that you can be respected for."

man, i eat meat all the time. i didn't realize i was trying to be a macho chick or anything. maybe they have a support group for star wars nerds with macho complexes?

Where does a herd of buffalo sleep?

Anywhere they darn well please.

How about "where they roam" for a home, you know, where the deer and the antelope play?

Anyone care for some jerky?
*hands out free samples*
The hickory-smoked is particularly good, but the teriyaki is the best!

yesssss, this support group has jerky instead of coffee.

That peta site hasn't been updated in 9 years.

A buffolo is a gigolo with a bouffant.

Yeah Jamie, I've had a PETA T-shirt for years ... the meat-eaters' kind ... It's a great joke, but the Wackos of the other opinion are so full of their ownselfs they don't even have a sense of humor ...

They think it's all right for them to break the law, but they don't want NEone to even consider criticizing them for felonies or misdemeanors ...

LOL, Crash!

Tell me Doug, did the buffalo burger in Riverside ( a garden spot in so.ca.!) taste like chicken? :)


U.O. -
i knew two vegans, and they never tried to force their PETA thing on me, but they DID make me try tofu. and their sense of humor was pretty lacking, although they did laugh at my reaction to tasting tofu. disgusting.

tofu, that is. disgusting, i mean.

People who mock vegetarians are the same people who don't believe in global warming. My, that Rush is a bright man for a drug addict, isn't he?

> Buffalo in Joisey??? Don't make me laugh. North Dakota is where the Buffalo roam.....and, a major cause of Traffic Jams. Of all the six people here, that is.

Excuse me, that was Maryland. Same difference....

I'm surprised an armed robber didn't shoot them, or a Sniper Idiot, as the case may be...

i mock vegetarians and i still believe in global warming. how are the two related though?

silly vegetarian.


Uh huh..

SoCalGirl: Not so much as plain old beef. I frankly was quite disappointed, having spent $4.50 on it when I could've had the "regular" burger PLUS fries and a drink for that price. I'll send you an unflattering picture.

What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?

A salad shooter!!

BTW - crash - you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you've a mind to.

Hey, what's that little yellow swimming pool doing there? Hopefully, they don't think that will break the buffalo's fall when he jumps over the net.

SoCalGirl; a "garden spot" in this area? I dunno,.. it would be hard to best the view of the plastic tarp covered hills of San Diego.

Slyeyes; on the video I watched the cop said the herd was sweaty and needed a drink but even if they weren't thirsty (I am not making this up) it contributed to their "fung shui" Swear!

Thanks Judi !!

why not just give them rackets and tennis balls and let them play for God's sake!!!!

Jamie -

My mother was a vegetarian ... just chose to never eat meat ... tho she cooked meat products well enuf for the men in her life (Pa & moi ownself)
... and after I'd known her for 40+ years, she shocked us (and put two of her sisters into speechlessness, which was quite an accomplishment in and of its ownself) when she responded to taunts of "You could not ... [eat meat]" by cutting off a slice of Filet Mignon and eating it ... after we reacted, it was pretty funny ...

EB --
Careful with the Nodak references ... there's actually 12 people there ... and yes, we do have a fairly large number of buffalo, most raised on ranches for the growing "healthier food" trade ...

U.O., your mom rocks. it might be worth waiting that long without meat just to see peoples' reactions to you eating it.

i don't eat a whole lot of red meat, but i love chicken, and i would die if i had to go without it. plus you need protein in your diet, and chicken's a less gassy way of getting it than eating beans all the time...

Jamie -

Yeah, she ate a lot of peanut butter, popcorn, and pasta -- with butter and salt only ... still one of my favorite dishes, but the real pisghetti, lasagna and such is even more preferred ...

Another trick of hers was that when they'd go out for dinner, my dad would order a tenderloin or T-bone or filet, and she'd order the same thing, dine on the side dishes, and take the steak home for him to enjoy the next day ...

hey didnt the french revolution start on a tennis court? this could be something!!

Those Williams Girls are starting to let themselves go.


Just sayin'.......

if it weren't for those wacky vegetarians, there wouldn't BE any of this global warming nonsense.

because they don't eat meat, the vegetarian's brain doesn't fully develop, causing irreversible logic imairment.

just sayin'.


Stupid Buffalo.

They're really more suited for ping pong.

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