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April 27, 2005


...only made it tougher for the truly-gross-fast-food-finger-ingredient sufferer.

(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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Geez, I thought Hooters was the only chain that gave their customers plenty of skin...

Here we go again
Finger Lickin' Good!

Regular Roast Beef, hold the skin please.

That's not right! In fact... it's just plain wrong.

He thought the customer said, "Large Diet Coke, chicken sandwich value meal, and slip me some skin with dat, wouldja please."

They obviously did everything they could at the restaurant...why is the cannibal being so thin-skinned?

This is another reason why Arby's dropped the line "What are you eating today"

Can we still mock Jason and the RRSanuats in this thread?

Old McDonald’s had a lawsuit EIEIO
And Wendy’s joined those being sued EIEIO
With a soup mouse here
And a chili finger there
Here a suit, there a suit
Everywhere a lawsuit
Old McDonald’s had a lawsuit EIEIO.

Go away from us, Jason, or we will taunt you a second time!

That Khairuzzaman Chowdhury is one tough guy.

Yo mama's so fat the RSS obfuscator can't download her.

Geez, this is still hard.

Gentlemen, please leave your RSS's alone. This is a family blog so put your toy away. This being a family blog we are discussing cannibals who eat julienned finger flesh.

Its the new Dermis Melt Sandwich...

Haha, did anyone notice this happened in Tipp? As in Tipp o yo finguh.

...is befooled by the posts that should be elsewhere?

well, anyone else want to go out for some burger king? i'm sure we can find something to sue them for, too.

I'mma venture a guess and say that da murkin public jus' skin pass on an opertunity to sue dem big food chains 'n stuff.

Taco Bell is about due for a lawsuit too...

mmm...taco bell. well, now i need to have a steak gordita, with no cheese or fingers.

ew, ew, ew!!!!

I dunno, Guin. 'Chowdhury' sounds kinda like he chowed (in a) hurry.

I don't know why, as a society, we need be so litigious. After all, it's no skin off my nose...

Perhaps all it was were flesh chunks from Iowa, from rinsing the letttuce.

The first time I clicked on the link, there was a McDonalds ad next to the story which advertised "The Everything Bagel". Kinda gives new meaning to that ad line!
I'd have sworn I could see a bit of finger or something sticking out, but when I went back, it was a different ad.

It's Always's Something!

(credit to Gilda Radner, RIP)

Anyone notice the link to the story about the guy who owned the freedom-loving buffalo? He is planning to slaughter them (slaughter is such an ugly word!). Sounds pretty vindictive to me. Where is PETA (not people eating tasty animals) when you need them???

BTW, I really like buffalo jerky.

Speaking of jerky. When you are eating jerky, how do you know you aren't getting a little skin, or finger portions with it?
Question 2: Would it really matter, as long as it tasted good?

OK, I'm quitting now.

Just don't try their Turd Salad.





French Soldier - LOL thank you (I love John Cleese)

Eleanor - I believe it was Rosanna Rosanadanna's father you quoted (I miss Gilda)

and DougDoots - (love the new name) that is a literal translation, that's how they were slaughtered

And everybody can k!ss my a$$ - cuz I got Two postings in a row!!! Bow before me, mortals!

*Head Explodes Due to Excess Swelling*


Jeez, that was fun.


The question I still have is that, since the finger didn't come from Wendy's, where the hell did that woman find a detached finger?! Ewww...

It's also a bad sign when "finger food" comes right before "food processor/blender" in a title. So is "finger food" referring to a finger as food now?

When using the slicer don't fidget
'Cause customers won't eat McDigit
And if you're so dumb
As to shorten your thumb
Don't serve up the scrap, refridge it!

Someday my prints will come.

Sondra, "It's Always Something" was the name of the book Gilda wrote when she became ill.

Geez, Sondra ... a DOUBLE! (No, I'm not shouting ... well, yes I am ... to CONGRATULATE YOU!!!)

Sondra ... of course yew gnu I meant a double THREAD, not a double POST ...

... and when I saw the double listing of you as a source, I immediately scrolled to the post a comment area, even before I saw your own reaction ...

Once again ... great!

And now for a comment on this thread:

I've decided to sue Taco Bell because they cut off my phone service.

I followed Alex's link, saw a Guacemole recipe, followed it, the author's Texan, living in Thailand, and went to his Blog.

There were a dozen ads for creating your own blog, so I did.

Now how do I find it?

I'm not an idiot. What makes you think that?

Just cuz I can't find my own weblog? LOL LMAO


I feel so Stupid! I own that book! I'd just forgotten the title.


Thank you!

I just want to know where it is safe to eat !!!!

DougDoots: I do not find the name you are using funny at all. Please rename yourself "MickJaggerDoots," if you would be so kind.

DougDoots -

Just be sure you don't SHOUT when you do it ...

I used to work in the food-service industry, and I, too, was often tempted to give problem customers my finger. I mean the finger. The finger.

I worked at an Arby's (back when Star Wars was the only movie in town.) The guy is lucky that skin is all that was on the sandwich.

crap.............I was try'n sign with b.....how'd I get a box? ig?

Any truth to the rumor that Wendy's is adding "Chick Fingers" to their menu? Just wondering.

DIATH. OK I deserve the square.......now where'd the muical thingy go? ♪

♪ ♫ nevermind

somebody starts this and the next thing you know, everybody wants to sue for body parts in their fast food..... no originality

This little digit went to market.
This little digit stayed home.
This one was shaved into roast beef.
This little digit had none.
And this little plaintiff went Whee Whee Whee all the way to the bank.

MOTW - I can't believe no one else thought of that!

you people scare me. seriously. even more than the woman who planted the finger in the chili to sue Wendy's (my question is: where the did she get the finger???!!!???)

VERY light blogging today folks.
My employee productivity will be quite good today.



Me!?! You're the one who said EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW in all caps! :-b

Madness, that's been a question plaguing many these past few weeks. This was a possible answer.

Sondra, since you obviously are now Judi's Pet (ha!, so there Claire Martin), please send a new thread to her so we'll have something else to comment on today. Thank you.

This guy will probably be suing the makers of vodka, or flames, or something.

C-bol, my gut reaction is "Holy Smokes!", but that would sound like I'm forcing a pun.

Punk on Fire WBAGNFARB

Back in the 80s there was a huge billboard in our neighborhood. It was Jack in the Box's followup ad for the Rodney Allen Rippy commercial, and all it said was, "What ever happened to Rodney Allen Rippy?" Interesting, yes, but much better after someone climbed up there with a can of spray paint and added : "CHECK YOUR JUMBO JACK..."

Candy, that's TOO funny! Thanks for sharing.
Seriously, here's Rodney Allen Rippy now.

C-bol - Ahhhh, the reward of the equation:
(bad idea + low impulse control) x alcohol = Fun for observers.

Brainy - that hurt my head. Plus that site wouldn't let me navigate back here, so I am suing the Swiss.


Y'all are not seeing the obvious answer to the question of "where she got the *item* she put in the chili ...

Obviously, she used that standby of all practiced and accomplished shoppers everywhere ...

Five-finger discount ...

MOTW: chunks in the water, eh? and it's safe to drink, with only a slight increase in chlorine. -ponders this- -hugs her natural spring tightly-

Mystery Finger WBAGNFARB, definitely.

I really would like someone to determine the origin of the finger. It's been on my mind. Very distracting while trying to 'work.'

Probably the reason there are no updates yet today is because every lifeform on the planet that can operate a computer, plus tobacco industry lawyers, have sent in the article about the exploding toads in Hamburg. "Dave, you have 925,385,223 new mail messages."
Now the bastards are using toads!

Targetgirl - the finger belonged to Frodo.

Please don't tell Sauron.

Please attempt to detach the text variable when running this blog on RSS. If using XML, then be sure you use the following code:
HTTP info is inserted into the "" if you are a computer moron like 95% of people out there online.
Remember, original AGP cards were "1x" versions that ran at 66MHz, offering 266MB/second throughput; but now AGP supports up to 8X data transfer speeds.
I am also having trouble on Dave's blog with Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). See that you fix this please.

Is everyone else as bored as I am since there are no entries to the Blog?

Hey Tim-
As such an apparently intelligent and wonderful person, go RTFM.


Thanks! Fixed on this end. Try it now. Oh, 95% of the morons don't know this, but if you staple your tongue to your eye you can get 16X transfter speeds on the AGP ACPI channel.


As to the origin of the mystery finger, one possibility (I'm taking this from a story presented on the Daily Show) is that a woman has come forward claiming that a "leopard" bit off her finger a few weeks ago, and the finger was apparently never recovered. How the finger may have travelled from the "leopard"'s mouth (or other parts) into the possession of the Woman-Who-Cried-Finger is anyone's guess.

First for Thread the Second

Flesh Finger WBAGNFARB . . .

oops. I mean wbagnfarb. Sorry JASON.

Thanks DougDoots. Just what the bloggers ordered.

Two words.
Coke & Poprocks

DougDoots - I think you've got your thread sewn up. Is it, or is it not too bad that the burglar was not in the trunk of one of the cars the Pakistanis crushed?

Eeww, ick.

wondering, Whooo YES. Tho the posts of late have sure helped me stay on muh diet.:)

How's Dave? Sleeping in?

I think your thread would have had more play if you had signed in as Claire Martin or New Blog Pet Sondra.
Regarding RTFM, where is the Manual on Brown nosing judi. Claire and Sondra seemed to have memorized it.

Sondra!!....Life keeps butting in and keeping me "out&bout" so am catching up HOURS later..Congrats from yesterday!!...Cbol....OMG..is that kid OK?..

I'm tellin' ya, I got it on good authority ...

she kiped the mystery digit on five-finger discount ... c'mon, the evidence is overwhelmed ...

... er ... inaconvertible ...

DougDoots --

There musta been a tread on the spare tire in the trunk ... is that enuf to get started?


It was fairly easy. I went to Fark.com and sent about 50 of their articles as suggestions for fodder on this blog. Judi liked 2 of them.

Not related, but:
Today, in environmental sci., I showed the kid sitting next to me the first illustration in Dave Barry Talks Back, which features one picture of Richard Nixon wearing a tie, and one of him wearing a weasel instead of a tie. He laughed for a full minute, seriously. Like a high pitched squeaking laugh, and he kept saying, "Neck weasel! NECK WEASEL!" while the rest of the class just stared.

Check out this quote from MSNBC.com. THIS is where she got the finger I'll betcha!

Nope,Nope....finger was a her. It's the NATIONAL MYSTERY....

I think alot of Wendy's stockholders gave her the finger.

What's Up Dave!
Just wanted to say a quick hello and to drop you a tip. I just knocked out an interview with E! Entertainment and the piece is set to air in November. Hope All is well.
Rodney Allen Rippy

Just knocked out an interview with E! Entertainment and its set to air in November 05! Also I'm making my move as a director and I have 3 projects on deck Hormone Tuesday (A female comedy, Ying & Yang (An urban comedy) and Every Move You Make (Action Thriller)
Rock on Dave!
Rodney Allen Rippy

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