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April 27, 2005


...take it to the streets.

(NOTE: The video is on the lower half of the page, and does not involve semi-naked women.)

(Thanks to M. Powell and, possibly, Cheryl Howard)


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Sorry, Dave - that guy has rhythm....

Sorry, Dave - that guy has rhythm....

That's some skeleton you have in your closet!

Elvis The Pelvis.

That rocked! I'll never think of James Brown the same way again.

That must be where those chunks of flesh in the "Headline of the Day" story came from.

"...and does not involve semi-naked women."

Does it involve totally naked women? 'Cause if it does...

Keith Richards joined the Remainders?


How did they get one of the Olsen twins to perform?

There's a video?

Cool! a 12 inch boner!!!

Seriously tho, I think Sara, Macarena & Naveire should be offered positions in The Remainders.

There must be something that they could do to, I mean,for, I mean in the band?

*snork* 12...*snork*...12...*gasp*snork*gasp*...12...inch...*snork*...*gasp*wheeze*snork*...12 inch boner. rotfltmgcu. Wheeewww! Tnx, Sondra

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