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April 29, 2005


There are ribbits of joy down there.

(Yes, we are aware that "The Ribbits of Joy" WBAGNFARB)


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Frog Cocktail would also BAGNFARB

I've noticed that the last few times they've shown pictures of frogs on the news pages, the frogs have been romantically entangled. What is it with frog sex that these people like?

While a blended frog may be considered an aphrodisiac in certain locales, I find that strawberry daiquiris lead to better results in this particular hemisphere.

D'Art - I'll have one of those strawberry things if you can spell it correctly!

The spelling police chief makes a spelling error - HAH!

In Peruvian stores, frogs have died
who have had their 'assets' liquefied
These slimy confections
Might give you erections
But only when all else has been tried!

they have to have an abbatoir [slaughterhouse] just for frogs? cant they just run them over? despite that - a frog cocktail sounds dizz-gusting. ribbit.

ha-ha! I blogged this earlier and Mike Weasel (yes, THE Mike Weasel) found this link.

If it doesn't take you straight to frog blender, click on cartoons, top ten, then frog blender 2000. Worth it, well, considering you don't have anything better to do.

re: frog cocktails - I believe that Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe of "Friends" fame) said it best:

Ewww! Ew ew ew ew eeeeewwwww!

Geezer went a courtin'
So the frog just died mmm-hmmmm

Geezer went a courtin'
So the frog just died mmm-hmmmm

Geezer went a courtin' and a gal he spied
Pill's are too expensive and the frog din't hide
Oh Geezer went a courtin'
So the frog just died mmm-hmmmm

Save electricity. Order your amphibian cocktails in Germany, where they mix themselves.

Frog cocktails are popular in Peru
Officials in Peru have saved about 5,000 frogs from being liquidised and turned into a popular drink with supposed aphrodisiac qualities

"Well bartender, pour me a drink"
"What'll you have?"
"Do you have anything with some supposed 'special' qualities?"
"See these frogs here?"
"Well, I can liquefy them in a blender and if you drink them, there's a chance of an aphrodisiac quality"
"Isn't it the women that I want to get horny?"
"Yeah, but if you drink it, they'll probably order one too"
"But I'm already horny enough to bone a Whorpoise"
"Do you mean a Wholphin?"
"I'll take one of those too!"
"You gonna drink the frog or not?"
"What else do you have?"
"I can put one of these wombats in the blender and you'll get a supposed 'fresh like one of those on the beach douche and/or tampon commercials'"
"I am getting that not so fresh feeling"
"Sorry, the last wombat just escaped from the cooler. Would you like a blended Democrat?"
"No, I really had my heart set on a wombat, but what supposed feeling does a blended Democrat give you?"
"Its like the elation you get when there's one less Democrat"
"You got Republicans too?"
"Sure! They're half price as long as you're a member of a wealthy special interest group"
"What supposed feeling does it give you?"
"It makes you want to 'drill for oil' in virgin territory... if you know what I mean"
"What else do you have thats not political?"
"Supposed effect?"
"Makes you feel like a nut"
"What else?"
"Well, since you're American, you might want a blended copy of the NAFTA agreement"
"What supposed feeling does that give you?"
"Its not really supposed. Your job goes to Mexico or China and you feel enormously screwed, but not in a good way"
"I think I'll have a frog"
"Good choice"

*zips in to check spelling*

*still can't spell it*

*tries the best defense is a good offense*

*doesn't work*

*zips out*

Wow - something else to use my old Bass-O-Matic for!

Frog cocktails are popular in Peru.

Jeez, and my family thinks I have a drinking problem.

so.....I just wanna know . Does the drink work?

ps. the exploding toad thing- I saw somewhere that they exploded after the crows pecked out their livers...so...umm...lunch anyone?

So, pulling out a toads liver is like pulling the pin of a grenade? That's pretty cool. Is there anyone out there that would like to experiment on this hypothesis?

this is why you're "darth" curt and not "jedi master" curt.

Back when I was a youngin, we didn't have no fancy blenders for frog frappe. We simply caught 'em, licked 'em, and released... and we liked it!

Jamie the SWNG - Yes... i suppose that is why. Sith Lords just have way more fun than stuffy Jedi Knights. I've often thought, if a Jedi were to teach me the ways of the Force, i would probably go dark as soon as i could pick him up and drop him off a cliff using nothing but the force. In fact, I do that all the time playing Jedi Academy. But that's exactly why a Jedi has not shown up at my door wanting to teach me to use the Force. That's my story and i'm sticking to it.

Thanks Sondra, I'll take your advice and not red it.

*goes to throw up just from Sondra's description*

not read it.

That is all.

Carry on.

If I was with a guy who needed a froggy frappe to stand at attention, I would take my blender and go home.

*Stupendous Man, in flight to the Pyramid of Gizeh (not {not knot or naught} geezer) recalls a song from his stupendous youth*

"Do you remember in the fairytale
How the wicked witch's spell
Turned the handsome prince to a toad?
Thru the power of a potion
She handed him the notion
He was lower than the dirt in the road.
'Tho he was green and warted,
Her evil plan was thwarted
When there chanced to happen by a young miss,
Who, in spite of his complection,
Offered her affection
And turned it all around with a kiss."


"That's the power of frog kissin'.
You don't know what you've been missin'.
So bend down, turn around
And kiss you a frog."

D'art' -

I'm surely (not Shirley) glad ewe (not yew) said that to (not too, or two or tu) us (not US) ... and not (not knot) to (see above) a certain FCDA ...

If you (Ibid) hadn't've, I'da hadta ... (hee hee hee)

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