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April 25, 2005


(Thanks to Dan Means)


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I'm sure you could make great waffles on this . . .

I can't believe someone paid money to post this on ebay. I will have to move to a different planet if someone actually bids on it.


Oh, c'mon... the phrase "image superimposed from photoshop to better show what Charleston Heston looks like in a frying pan" is just awesome.

Virgin Mary Waffles: Mmm... Sacrilicious

Exceptionally ironic quote:

All advertisements must be in good taste ie; no foul language or explicit pictures.

Yo mama's ramparts are so beautiful . . . i forgot what i was gonna say.

Am I the only one who noticed that the sellers of the frying pans and the "ad space" have less than perfect feedback ratings? The woman with the Virgin Mary grilled cheese pan won't even let you SEE her feedback rating - it's marked "private"!!

Hmm...what is she hiding?

More than the "ad space" seller, obviously...

Obviously someone with too much time on his hands.

And what a bargain!

I am going to bid on this, and if I win, am sending it to Judi at the Herald.
So, congratulations in advance on receiving this piece of history, no matter how trivial OR stupid.

Someone bid on it. But like so many Hollywood Democrats who promised to leave the US if Dubya won the election, and then didn't... i don't think i will be leaving planet earth (I don't have $85,000 to buy an x-wing.)

That is FUNNY!!!!! LOL! (The non-virgin Mary frying pan) ...

I know (not no) ... it doesn't take much to amuse some people ... but it's been a boring day ...

That other one, well I just gotta say that from the glimpse of the ad space, she looks like a rather large Mother ... if not a really Big Mother ...

Re: Democrats who promised to leave the US if Dubya won the election

Why do you think I live in Guatemala?

(Okay, that's not the ONLY reason, but it's the ONLY reason I haven't moved back.)

Somone could make a gift of this for Dubya, he's pretty good at waffles ...

Sondra, I knew I liked you!

Brett, veerry interesting. good links from from the bloglits. TNX

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