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April 01, 2005


It's about time.

(Via Gizmodo)

Update: This is also a huge advance.


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TOO MUCH BASS! I got a nasty nic.

free their stubble whilst listening to their favourite music

And it comes in His and Hers models! What more could a consumer ask for?

I'm waiting for the iPod Toothbrush and the iPod Navel Fuzz Zapper, myself.

My only complaint is that if the "Her" needs a shaver so she can shave at any point in the day, whenever that stubble gets too long, there's something a little wrong here.

I am teaching Creative Writing students how to use a blog. Please comment.

Liz Randall

as long as they dont shave whilst listening to tunes whilst riding on public transportation.....

Thanks for seeing me, Doc. I also suffer from an ear hair malady. Is this the product for me?

"Hey Baby, wanna shave my back hair?"
"Ewwwwww. No!"
"You can listen to Chumba Wumba while you do it."
"Oh, okay! Mind if I take of my shirt?"

So now I need my cell phone, pager, IPod, IPoo and IShaverPod. Unfortunately my belt can't hold up that many accessories so I am forced to drag my pants behind me as I walk....

A great gift idea!

Re: iPoo. In some places, your nose serves as a GPS device for finding the nearest facility.

Products by iFools?

I'm singin' whilst I shave
Just singin' whilst I shave!
What a glorious feeling,
I'm so happy, I rave
Not a cell in my brain
I belt out my refrain
I'm singin', just singin' whilst I shave.

Latest hit song by Barry Manilow

Now, sly, what an excellent idea.

iGloo - tent building kit for those frequent polar cap expeditions.
iDo - electronic calming device for those suffering from wedding day jeebies.
iBlew - reassurance device for those needing to apologize to someone.

iI - for the sailor with a sore throat who can't voice his assent to an order.

MOTW- ay yi yi!

*lame math joke*

ii = -1

*the nickname for Illinois Institute of Technology
(IIT) is 'minus T'*

Daylight Shaving Time

Well, I never.......

You know a blog lacks class when every other thread involves candid discussion about excretory functions.

Cue Music...

Just Get Your Nicks...On Route 66...

excuse me while iVomit

People, People. Notice the date? Although, after having seen many of the sites posted on this blog, this could be an actual for real product as opposed to an April 1 product. I'm personally waiting on the I-Clip attachment for my toe nails.

You know, Judith, if you've never, you should try it. Might relieve some of the tension.

Oh, and all your shavings are belong to us.

Where's the iBooger? Can't I listen to my tunes while doing that?


I might consider it, if you'll send me a picture of you naked.

I always keep my iToot with me.

You guys do know it's April Fools, right?

Stupid is as stupid does, Mr. Cook.

Every day is April Fools here at the Dave Barry (not Berry) Blog.

It would seem that the possibilities are endless for IPOD attachments. How about a vibrator attachment so you can listen to music and.. well you know. they could call it the i-OHHHH.

What a nifty little idea. I think we could all use an express shave every now and then.

Dave, this post is an April Fool's joke, right?
It is, isn't it?
Is it?
I feel helpless.

I was dissapointed by the "Pocket Party" at the bottom of the page.

Apparently this was posted on the Apple Japan site for the first half of April 1...

Isn't IO the really volcanic moon of Jupiter? Well, I guess it's appropriate then...

As a card-carrying member, and president of the itty bitty bladder club, I thought the ipoo was a GREAT idea.

Thank God, because, you know, trying to operate a radio and a razor seperately was so confusing.

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