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April 27, 2005


(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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It’s possible that some of Marwan’s henchmen did not make it out of the sewer lines. Home Depot sells snakes(!) which can take care of problems like fleshy terrorist clogs.

Maybe it's chunks of the RSS alligator, he hasn't been heard of around these parts, and so could be hanging out in the sewer system.

Key quote: "Krauel said drinking water was not affected by the blockages and is safe to drink."

When asked if he would take a drink of city water, Krauel said "No!". Asked why not, he responded, "I'm just not thirsty is all!"

When we tried to pour some on his shoe, he ran away.

Blame Wendy's immediately!

Those aren't flesh chunks. They're pieces of canadian bean curd.

Kind of makes you want to blow chunks yourself...

Some communities put flouride in thier water supply...Some communities put chunks of flesh in thier water supply..I think its an Iowa thing ..Beef is big in Iowa..I mean real popular..To them its probably the equivalant of a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

Flesh Chunks wbagnfaheavymetalband

"The Flesh Chunks" probably already is AGNFA Scandanavian Death Metal Band.

Maybe that's why they're running this public service ad in Iowa...

"When you take a bath, do you find that large chunks of your body remain in the water after you have left the tub and are drying off? Has one or more of your legs clogged the drain over the last couple weeks? If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be experiencing the early warning signs of leprosy. Please see a doctor today, before it becomes serious. Also, please see that your tub has a strainer that complies with Iowa Reg 4.208B to avoid costly fines."

dang, Higgy wins.

Should never have stopped to spellcheck "Scandanavian."

Yo moma's so fat shes even in the water supply

*zips in carrying bottle of Evian*

No thanks, I'm fine here.

*zips out*

What? I looovvve my chunky water!

... That's not to say THIS IS NOT TOTALLY GROSS!

bllleeeeecccchhhhhhhhh (ach)...bluuhhhhhgaacckkkk!

fatty-meaty substance
fatty ball

""Been drinking it all along," said Joni Bock , a front desk worker at the Super 8 Motel in Carroll. "No one's been sick."

Hey Joni, try drinking water that has a FATTY MEATY BALL in it (w/ Hair) next time you are hungover. We'll see who ain't been sick.

I think the lobsters are getting us back for making them eat hair hide which, as we all know, causes hairballs.

Or maybe it's those Atkins fanatics...get your 8 to 10 glasses of water and all your daily protien needs from one convenient source.

Q: "Want some water?"

A: "Yeah, twist me off a glass."

We all know that e-mail Spam is a real problem. It's just spreading to the water system, that's all. Spam filters should take care of the problem.

Now Iowans think we're effete
If we don't like our water with meat
"If it gets really nasty
An angioplasty
Will flush out that flesh in the street."

New Iowan-Mexican entree: 'Agua con carne'

So, slow news (not gnus) day in Washington, huh?

They hadda resort to a story from (of all places) Iowa ... for their daily "If it bleeds, it leads" story above the fold ...

Wassamatta, couldn't they find any spotted owls or toilet boas in toilet bowls out there?

the icky thought that keeps scratching at the door of my consciousness tho, is remembering the punch line (pun intended, always) of this .

OMG thats gross!

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