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April 28, 2005


We bet this guy is a riot at parties.


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Bomb, fine! Just so long as it isn't snakes.

Dave! Nice of you to join the party!

Aw, jeezly ...

If I hadn't been fooling with a link on another thread, and if I'd have read my home state papers ... I'd've been here sooner ...


I did read my home state papers ... this guy did all the stupid stuff last summer!

Oh well, we have so much more excitement in Nodak, we just got around to it now ...

(ACKshully, it looks as if Dave found this one for his ownself ... but it's a Knight-Ridder paper, so that's why he din't see it sooner ... being from a town 300 miles away from the "scene of the crime" ...)

Also, sorta makes me wonder about my "peers" who serve on jury duty ... the dude had the snakes ... guilty, guilty, guilty ...

At least he doesn't use ALL CAPS in his email. No telling what the penalty is for that.

Just so long as the snakes had nothing to do with the pipe bomb. That could have fallen into the "Those Terrorist Bastards" column.

Dartful, not First, but Feist. *sorry* This guy is a Darwin Award wannabe.

They are just a couple of....


What did you think i was going to say?

I've actually had a fantasy for many years about moving to Bismark, but now.....not so much.

Nice of you to blog, Dave. Rough night?

In re to the snake/bomb guy, just add alcohol and chicken wings, and I'm there.

MKJ --

I'm glad you mentioned Darwin Awards ... I think this guy was nominated ... last summer, when it happened ... but he lost out 'cuz he hasn't (yet) removed hisself from the gene pool ...

I apologize in advance:

Quite a Feist-y fellow.


Cal gal --


As if anyone can be serious, in this environment ... except JASON, of course ... and any others who are humor-challenged ...)

Hey, it's not (not "it snot") as bad as that ... hey, he's off the streets now ... besides which, most of the snakes live west of the river, and the stagecoach runs three times a week now ... and the buffalo herd is well-behaved lately ... and ...

Nah, if you wanna actually know somethin' about Bismarck ... (sorry, gotta mention it, you misspelled the name of our state capital ... with the "c" is the city, without the "c" is a jelly donut), just ask ...

oh yeah... so funny I forgot to laugh..

Snake Bomb sounds like a name for a mixed drink.

queensbee=pee wee


**ah** the lovely City of Bismarck actually has SOMETHING to make it NewsWorthy!!

Glad I'm moving away -- too close to Dangerous Snake Action.....only........

I'll be working a the State Nutty Bin, where thye will prolly send Mr. Fiest....aaaarrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

California Girl -- lose the Fantasy. I've been there, done that, YOU don't have to....really Evil, the Baroness (of nothing, BTW)

So, EB ... moving 100 miles east, huh?

I could say a lot about that town ... nothing really bad, just ... nothing ... they're halfway between Fargo and Bismarck, and people don't seem to wanna have much to do with them ... IMHO, it seems as if folks would rather drive the extra 100 miles to a bigger town ...

Got a good college there, and good people -- as all of Nodak -- but a few dingbats as well, and not just up at the South Hill Estates -- 'course, every town's got some of them ...

Should be quieter there ... of course if you want to dine at Peacock Alley or Fiesta Villa, you'll have a commute ... I don't really recall a decent (non-chain) hash house over there ... not that chain-type greasy spoon restaurants are necessarily anything to write home about ... they din't have an Outback or Olive Garden last time I looked ... mebbe Applebees?

Enjoy ... I hope ... --- honestly, hope it works out okay for you -- I'll wave the next time I drive by on I-94 ...

Thank you so much to sharing this post.

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