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April 27, 2005


(Thanks to Sondra Anderson)


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I often throw away jewelery because it's just a bunch of pretty rocks.

Wow, am I first?

Now we know why Bangi hangs out on this blog... she was probably part of the ring.

Shm on u,Bangi!

Yes, you are!

*gives you a cookie and a pat on the back*

It's not nice to befool Bangladeshi Mother Nature.

*congrats, Sondra*
P.S. Nice to see you again, Fed. Duck!

I hate it when people befool me.

Somewhere - Do you think it besmirched their plan?

Befooling always leads to besmirching generally immediately followed by bebombing or becrushing of cars.

What Mr. T would say if he were a Bangladeshi:

I pity Befool! I pity Befool!

That Khairuzzaman Chowdhury is one tough guy.

I know this sounds mean, but I think the guy who smuggled that stuff in got exactly what he deserved, except for one thing - he needs a swift kick in the keester from a steel toed boot. I'm glad that Khair-whatever-his-name-is IS a tough guy.

Where's Bangi when you need her? I'm curious what the local folks thought of this.
I personally thought it was great. Let the punishment fit the customs declaration.


I can tell you that her response will not contain the following:


Cash-strapped Bangladesh is trying hard to increase domestic revenue ahead of announcing the budget for the 2005-06 fiscal year, beginning next July.

Maybe if the goverment merely confiscated it, then sold it in an auction or some-such, they'd be less cash-strapped.

Homer (acting as Mr. Burns' assistant):" Here are your messages: You have 30 minutes to move your car. You have 10 minutes to move your car. Your car has been crushed and is now a cube. You have 30 minutes to move your cube."

Mike "Mad's Dork" Weasel,

My thoughts, exactly!

Next time they do something like that, they should talk to me first. I'd gladly trade the scrap metal of mine that's sitting out front for the scrap metal they found.

"Now...It's garbage." Walter Matthau as Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple.

"Time to Take out the TRASH!" Homer Simpson, The Simpsons.

All I wanted to do when I read that article was cry.... you can't just scrap a Mercedes... WAHHH

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